Liberal Elites Call Dr. Ben Carson “Ignorant” In Vicious Op/Ed

Liberal Elites Call Dr. Ben Carson “Ignorant” In Vicious Op/Ed

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Liberal elites at The New Yorker aren’t big fans of renowned neurosurgeon and 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson,

A recent article implies he’s delusional, also calling him “ignorant” and “disingenuous.”

“It is hard to find a single detailed claim in his diatribe that is physically sensible or that reflects accurate knowledge about science,” part of the piece reads.

According to a recent op/ed from The New Yorker:

“It is one thing to simply assert that you don’t choose to believe the science, in spite of a mountain of data supporting it. It’s another to mask your ignorance in such a disingenuous way, by using pseudo-scientific, emotion-laden arguments and trading on your professional credentials. Surely this quality, which reflects either self-delusion or, worse still, a willingness to intentionally deceive others, is of great concern when someone is vying for control of the nuclear red button…

What Carson doesn’t seem to recognize is that there is a fundamental difference between facts and faith. An inability to separate religious beliefs from an assessment of physical reality runs counter to the very basis of our society—the separation of church and state.

By his own admission, Carson’s remarkable hand-eye coördination allowed him to soar as a surgeon, and he used that success to build a lucrative reputation as a purveyor of advice for young and old. His book for young people is titled “You Have a Brain.” As numerous religious scientists have quipped, God wouldn’t have given us a brain if he hadn’t intended for us to use it.

While many may debate whether his lack of public-service experience disqualifies him from serious consideration in this race, Carson’s ideas about religion, science, and public office, as revealed in the past week, suggest that there are far deeper reasons to be concerned about his candidacy for the highest office in the land.”

Looks like Carson has a few people worried about him winning…


  1. We are not supposed to be concerned about arrogant liberals who believe lying to the masses is OK because they are too stupid to understand the issues, or who believe slaughtering millions of unborn people is a fundamental and unquestionable right, or whop believe that destroying the meaning of marriage is progress, but we are supposed to worry about a man of integrity who believes in Jesus Christ? My only fears are a) he won’t be elected and b) he will be neutered by all the liberal self-interests entrenched in government and media if he wins.

    • Dr Carson a man of integrity would never be so embarrassing as to laugh at another dignitaries funeral let alone take selfies ??

      • His character and behaviour has been formed by the company he has kept, God-fearing people (and i trust Christ himself through prayer), Medics who care about life. Those who require and deliver real excellence not image and hype. I hope he can stay the course. Perhaps he and Carly could be PotUS and VP (or vice versa and they cover each other’s back as they gain experience of the snake-pit of Washington,

          • he’s not a democrat, and not Tea Party either, both are extremists but the former are so smugly sure that they know what is best that they will lie, scheme and intimidate to impose it on everyone

  2. It always amazes me that the liberals, whose only solution to everything is to steal more money from the working people and throw it away on the ones who show no inclination to do anything, can call anyone else stupid or mentally challenged. They have heard about mirrors, haven’t they?

  3. Leave up to liberals to suggest that a brain surgeon isn’t smart. They’re just mad because he refuses to live on the liberal plantation, and if elected, it scares the crap out of them that he will take more African Americans with him.

    • We can only hope he ushers in a new era of civility to the “American Political Nightmare” in which we are currently living. May he win with a large majority of ALL races – because ALL RACES/LIVES matter – don’t WE ALL?

      Or are you from some other race besides the Human Race?

      No ill intent here; just a humble opinion from one who has been badly beaten by my black brethren [in my sleep no less, by people who didn’t even know me] just for being a white NCO in the transit barracks in the PI during the end of the Vietnam War – where does that “Privilege” come from? I’m curious…

    • “Leave up to liberals to suggest that a brain surgeon isn’t smart”

      He’s not unintelligent. He’s astoundingly ignorant. Of Economics, Science, History and most other things that don’t relate to brain surgery.

      • No. He just doesn’t accept the presuppositions, many irrational, that govern liberal thinking. A long time ago we realised that the legal profession doesn’t fight for justice. It’s time we realized that many intellectuals aren’t as idealistic as they claim or we wish they were

    • Clearly he is ungrateful to the “massas” who liberated him. He owes it to them to support abortion, same-sex marriage etc etc – or maybe he is a backward black after all (irony alert!)

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