ISIS Thugs Kill Young Boy, Rape Women While Crowds Watch+Pray

ISIS Thugs Kill Young Boy, Rape Women While Crowds Watch+Pray

ISIS Militants (Via Wikipedia)

ISIS thugs viciously murdered a young boy in front of his father, reports say. The vile terror group also raped women while crowds watched and prayed.

According to The Mirror:

“ISIS savages cut off a Christian boy’s fingertips in front of his preacher father before crucifying the pair of them, it has been reported.

The terror group were trying to force Syrian Christians in a village near Aleppo to convert to their twisted interpretation of Islam.

The boy, 12, was the son of a Syrian ministry team leader who set up nine churches in the war-ravaged country.

“In front of the team leader and relatives in the crowd, the Islamic extremists cut off the fingertips of the boy and severely beat him, telling his father they would stop the torture only if he, the father, returned to Islam,” Christian Aid Mission reported.”

The article notes the boy was then crucified. Others were later raped while crowds actually watched while praying.

““When the team leader refused, relatives said, the ISIS militants also tortured and beat him and the two other ministry workers. The three men and the boy then met their deaths in crucifixion.”

Eight other aid workers, including two women, were also executed for bravely standing up to the brutal militants, according to charity, which supports persecuted Christians world-wide.

The eight were taken to a separate site in the village and asked if they would return to Islam.

Horrifyingly, the women, 29 and 33, were raped before the crowd summoned to watch – continuing to pray during their harrowing ordeal.

Afterwards all eight were beheaded for refusing to turn away from their religion.”



  1. Obama trained the rebels who eventually became ISIS. He armed them. And now they are slaughtering Christians.
    All we can hope for now is that Putin cleans up Obama’s mess.

  2. These sick twisted ISIS monsters need to be targeted and wiped from the face of the eart, just as Hitler was.

  3. Time to wipe Islam off the face of the map. Nuke Mecca and Medina to start with. Those idiots think they are worshipping god well their god is Satan.

      • Please send Obama, Biden, Kerry and Hillary to negotiate face to face with these thugs. Or maybe just leave them there permanently.

        • Cutting the finger tips off of children in order to force their parents into accepting Islam! Imagine! If this is what you have to resort to in order to procure followers for Allah, you might be practicing the wrong religion.

          Christianity, on the other hand, PROMISES us a life of hardship and persecution. And yet people flock to it in droves! With the assurance that the God we serve will see us through our trials and transform and develop our lives into refined examples of discipline, self control and endurance. While we respectfully and lovingly do unto others how we would have them do unto us. But Christianity is the religion the world loathes and despises today. Go figure.

          IN another article about this story it was reported that “The martyrs were faithful to the very end; right before one woman was beheaded by the terror group, she appeared to be smiling slightly as she said, “Jesus!”

          Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.
          Bravo, brothers and sisters in Christ! Bravo!
          You have fought the good fight. You have finished the race. And you have kept the faith. “Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.”
          2 Timothy 4:7

          • I’m not an especially religious person, but I find myself increasingly wondering if what the Bible says is coming true. Homosexuality is the vogue; children being killed in utero; gangs roaming and killing at will; religious zealots beheading and crucifying children; these same miscreants slowly roasting people over fires, or gathering them in cages and drowning them, slowly. I understand much of this is for the camera, but perhaps not as much as we think. This is Islam 1400 years ago; it has changed little in that time. I am unable to fathom the lesson lost in that period. I personally listen when someone is making threats, particularly in my direction, as these folks are doing. I wonder why our leaders are so tone deaf. Could it be because MAXIMKA is one of them?
            To me, that seems reasonable. He stated years ago if push comes to shove re the muslims, he’ll back the muslims. He said it, not me. He’s on tape saying it. It’s been recorded for posterity, for all the ages. He’ll deny it now, but, 100 years from now, when he can’t lie about it? This is where we all make the mistake, in NOT listening to what people actually have to say, AT THE TIME.

        • I think Hillary won’t have to worry about being raped. Even a demon has his limits to what he can handle. They can just cut to the chase and behead her. And her little hubby too.

      • Just FYI, it was the Bush administration that invaded Iraq, got rid of Saddam and put Maliki in power. Maliki is the one who helped create the situation with the Sunnis that led to ISIS growing in power. Just because the truth doesn’t align with your political views doesn’t mean you have to lie about it.

        • heres a truth for you – sure, bush messed up, but obama promised if he was elected he knew what to do in the middle east. he said he could fix everything. Dems said he is one of the smartest people ever. They said he knew what to do.
          Must have just been another campaign lie conveniently told to get elected.

          • Invading Iraq was a mistake, no doubt. But it ended with a cleaned up victory for us and its new government. It was Obungler who decided to knock over the dominoes by pulling out US troops just to say he “ended the war in Iraq.”

          • Obama inherited a calm and trending democratic Iraq. His foolish withdrawal was one of the worst foreign policy mistakes ever. But being what he is, Obama learned nothing and doubles down on idiocy almost daily. America deserves much better than him.

          • One of the worst foreign policy mistakes besides Bush/Cheney invasion with no exit strategy you mean?

          • True. However it’s been obama for 7 years, now. He owns this. Looking to the past does not cancel the present…or the future, as the present is setting it.

          • What was our “exit strategy” for WWII? We win, we rebuild, we exit. Simple. We just won too quickly, so we didn’t have the infrastructure on the ground to manage the rebuild part.

          • Islam needs to be wiped off the map and you spout off about Bush and Cheney?

            You’re in the wrong century.

            Try living in the present. Try caring about your nation if you are an American.

          • Oh, yes- the old “exit strategy” nonsense again. Tell me, how “strategic” is it when you broadcast your departure intentions ahead of its time? And why is such “strategy” required to be broadcast to one and all?

            A perfect example is Obama’s loudly-broadcast intention to abandon Iraq- which he did, and for which Iran and ISIS is eternally grateful.

            “Exit strategy” demands are just an opposition’s delaying tactic, akin to endless appeals of death sentences by capital punishment opponents.

          • Why was removing Saddam Hussein a mistake? Do you think that the world was better off with him in power? Now, the nation-building mission made huge mistakes (such as disarming the Iraqi mlitary), but those don’t justify keeping Saddam in power. He got his due.

          • Was the world better with him on power? Maybe, maybe not. Would it have been better for the United States if we hadn’t invaded Iraq? Probably so. The only reason we invaded Iraq was because Israel wanted him gone. He had nothing to do with us or 9/11.

          • No doubt Saddam needed to go, he made Bashir Asadd in Syria look like a chior boy. Why should we have taken him out? Because we put him in power, he tried to put a “hit” on Bush 41 & we should never let that stand, even for the doofuss in the White House now. Thirdly, we needed a place these troglodytes could get to so we could kill them. Otherwise they (jihadis) would be coming here, some idiot bureaucrat would give them a student visa & we would be having more “9/11’s”. Now doofuss is importing them 200,000 at a time. Anybody see where this is going?

          • Saddam is the only ME leader where the crowds had guns when he appeared and shot them into the air. Think OVOMIT would do that?!!! /;-D

          • Things were better of with him in power for a while…that’s why they left him there in the 90’s. Then they took him out to start draining the swamp I suppose. Isis is going to walk into a buzz saw as Iran is going use them for target practice.

            Jury’s out yet on if it was a mistake or not. Let’s hope it works before someone gets their hands on some real weapons.

        • Well, for that matter, it was Carter who didn’t deal with Iran when he had the chance. STFU with the childish ‘blame Bush’ game. Your boy has been in control for seven VERY long years. Iraq was won and done. Odumbass was the one who made all the decisions since. This mess is all his…

        • Can you say “status of forces agreeement”?

          Obama is messing up Afghanistan too. Kunduz has fallen. Obama likes to announce when he is going to leave. It all has to be intentional – he couldn’t be that dumb, you know, “the smartest person to ever be president”.

          Red lines not crossed in Syria, Looks what’s happening.


          Iran nuke deal, crazy.

          China flexing its muscles in the South China Sea.

          All possible with help from Hillary. She went to Smith and Yale law so she must have done a good job.

        • Clearly it’s Jefferson’s fault for sending US troops to fight the Muslim pirates in Tripoli during the first Barbary War in 1785. Don’t blame the man-child-in-chief for this mess!

        • This is beyond pathetic. Iraq was stable and safer than Detroit after Bush. Obama’s unwise complete desertion of Iraq led to the “power vacuum” that breeds this very thing, and we said as much ad-nausiem while the left mocked us as war-mongers. You leftist d*psh*ts own this lock stock and barrel, and everyone knows it.

        • True, removing Saddam from Iraq was a mistake b/c it destabilized the region. I’m certain that we would not have done it had we known that the people could not self-rule. I think that’s the problem with the west, we think that everyone wants freedom enough to fight for it. We were wrong. Obama made it 1000 times worse by leaving Iraq without a status of forces agreement to let US troops remain. So while Bush may have started the dominos falling, Obama did exactly the opposite of what was necessary to stabilize the region. It’s blood on both their hands IMHO.

        • Iraqis voted Maliki into the presidency. Bush didn’t install him.

          Maliki did lean sectarian against Sunnis, and that was foolish and wrong. He’s not in office now.

          Bush rid the world of Saddam Hussein, and that was no mistake.

          Perhaps, had Clinton addressed terrorism (WTC ’93, perhaps?) early on, none of what followed may have been necessary.

        • Obama 2011
          America’s war in Iraq will be over. Iraq is not a perfect place. It has many challenges ahead. But we’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq with a representative government that was elected by its people.

        • Yemen is stable, Isis is JV, getting rid of Ghadaffi, Supporting terrorists in Syria, Supporting the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, then when they are deposed by the military and the new leader denounces terrorism and reaches out to us Obama snubs him, signing a nuke deal with Iran, shunning Israel…..who’s to blame buddy?

        • There’s no lying here… these are ass-backwards medieval MF’ers.. whose ideology has never contributed to human development and thrives on robbing basic human rights from those who do not subscribe to Islam!

        • Scumbag aka John Doe,

          First – your name sucks, you baby. Second Ron has over 40 thumbs up and you have two (while you hide). Guess whose view resonates, D-bag!



        • Yea Bush kicked out Saddam, & Obama pulled all our troops out of the “stable Iraq” (his words, not mine) & left a vacuum of power. That vacuum will always be filled by the worst humanity has to offer whenever the US just up & leaves. Can’t blame Bush for that, you do know he hasn’t been president for 7 years now??? So when does Obama start to take responsibility for his presidential term???

        • As a Republican, I agree with you, and this goes back nearly 90 years to the beginning of discovering Oil in the Mideast, on top of underlying problems going back 1000+ years. I hope any Millenials out there question everything that’s being said right now and do some homework.

      • Yep, they can criticize Bush but nothing like this happened after 9/11 when he was in office. The admitted muslim and sympatizer pansy Commander in chief gets in there and the whole world erupts on fire domestically and internationally. He seems more interested in putting fellow flamers like himself in top military positions than protecting this nation as the left particularly thrives on chaos and division and one incessant crisis after another. Trump would have made like Eisenhower (both geminis) and bombed ISIS back into the dark ages where they belong! Then when done with them, giving Congress a swift kick in the rear like they deserve! 2017 can’t come fast enough!

    • Yes; truly it is. I don’t know if their god is satan, but I do know it isn’t Christ. if they were to stop slaying innocents and allow people to convert at will, then fine. But that clearly is not the case. I wonder why MAXIMKA, the boy wonder, has forgotten where our B-52’s are.
      I wouldn’t have.

    • Nuke Mecca and Medina but also tear down that Muslim Mosque on the Temple of the Mount in Israel too. Islam is the most intolerant and hateful religion on planet Earth.

  4. “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.” – Tertullian

    And this is why ISIS ultimately will fail and the love of Christ will triumph.

  5. Muslims. Always goin around crucifying, blowin stuff up, hackin people’s heads off, burning people alive, rapin little boys, bombing schools, theatres, train stations, busses, marathons, shooting women while hiding in the trunk of their car, lobbing bombs into Israel, hijacking planes, killing Olympic athletes, flyin planes into skyscrapers, kidnapping girls and enslaving people, gassing kids and whole towns to death, and on and on and on. Beats all I ever seen.

    The Islamic world is dead weight on contemporary humanity. List some of the wonderful things, achieved through concerted Muslim efforts, that have contributed to mankind in the past 50 years. An objective observer would think the people of that region are hundreds of years behind the rest of us in the evolution process and the results are explosive & bloody. I have noticed, stupid always comes with a short fuse, you know, easily frustrated and completely unable to find a resolution?

    The land of Islam is replete with oppression, domestic and exported terror, and an incessant obsession with the destruction of the Jewish state. I know of no Muslim organization that provides any charitable acts for anyone who isn’t down with the fight against the Jews. Should you judge a religion by the impact its concerted efforts have on humanity? Yes, yes you should.

    Christianity exports charity to all and supports liberty for all. (This is what is missing in the Muslim world. Their democracy trumps their liberty and their majority are a bunch of idiots. In my republic, founded by Christians, we made sure our liberty would trump the majority.) People of my faith are often martyred at the hands of Muslims while trying to export charity in, and, to the south of Islamoland. The insanity of the Muslim world costs us a great deal. Idiots. I’d like to line up all 1.6 billion of them and give them a good swift kick in the pants. Get with the program!

    The only thing a non-Muslim can do to address the angry Muslim problem is kill them before they kill us.The only ones who can bring a peaceful change are the good Muslims of the 1.6 billion. So far, they’ve proven feckless, as if they’re not really trying. When you search for their efforts you’ll find some outstanding individuals. But, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any concerted efforts. It doesn’t help that their faith sanctions dishonesty. Muslims don’t value liberty. If enough of them did, they would seize it instead of fleeing to Europe.

    Muslims want you to believe all the bloodshed is about Palestine. If I were a Palestinian living in Israel and was not happy with the Jewish state, I would relocate. It would be like moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, assuming NJ were mostly Jewish and PN were 100% Muslim. The way Palestinians are helped by their fellow Muslims in places like Saudi Arabia is that, if they can manage to relocate there, they will be slaves. That’s how much their fellow Muslims care about them. They care about as much as they care about those kids Assad gassed and the little boys being raped in Afghanistan. They stay busy battling others they deem evil as though have no mirror.

    The leaders of the world don’t have the cojones to state things as they are. Doing so would be the only thing they haven’t tried. So far, nothing else has been successful managing the deadly temper tantrums Muslims continue to have, bless their wittle hearts. Our leaders don’t want to offend the 1.6 billion. That’s nice, if you’re isoated from the wackos and don’t care about those who aren’t.

    • Most Palestinians are either Christian or secular Muslims so they sure as hell don’t want to relocate. Actually you should have a better understanding now as to why they have a death grip on Palestine. The first Palestinian I met told me a tale of his uncle in being imprisoned in Jordan for stepping on a coin in a Post Office to keep it from rolling away. The coin bore the visage of the King of Jordan.

      • I have a better understanding that the Palestinian cause is simply a contrived strawman the wacko Muslims use as their impetus for bloodshed.

    • God forgive my response, but here it is. It’s past time that the vigil people of the world solve the Islanimal problem with genocide. I do realize how ironic that is coming from a Jew. I’d add that not one can be spared, including women and children. When it’s over, ever record of Islam and every Koran must be destroyed. Sadly, violence is the only answer to this problem.

      • I’d rather try humiliation first. It would be a new approach. All we’ve done is coddle and go over-board in our attempts to avoid offending and hurting someone’s feelings. If the majority of the 1.6 billion were ridiculed, maybe they would take action, assuming the majority are good people. So far, I’ve seen no concerted efforts that support that idea, so, it may come to your approach one day. All I know is I would be so embarrassed to be Muslim I would be trying to organize some effort to stop the madness in the motherland of my faith. I would push for a basic bill of rights that enforces liberty for all. I wonder why that’s not being promoted? Isn’t that what America is SUPPOSED to do? -Export liberty?

    • The Muslims haven’t done anything worthwhile since they destroyed their own kingdom of Al-Andalus in the 14th century. Tariq brought in the Berbers because the people were too lax in their practice of Islam. Like ISIS today, they wanted to purify their faithful. Islam remains the abomination it always was and the delusions of a murderous pedophile pretending to be a descendant of Abraham.

  6. Liberals love Islam and condemn Christians and Christianity and call us intolerant terrorists? How insane can barking moonbats get?

    • I think you can see exactly how insane every night on the news. We have our values so back-ass-wards in the U.S. that we have Putin, PUTIN!, defending the Christians of Syria! Who would have ever thought…

  7. such a lovely outing for a sunday afternoon.

    a good time was had by some.

    we should do it again some other time.

      • The fact that if you try to leave the faith, they stone you might be part of it.

        Of course, that applies to the unfortunate people who were born into that faith. Why any woman would voluntarily join it is, I’ll agree with you, a mystery.

  8. These precious people died as martyrs for the cause of Jesus Christ. They will be eternally rewarded in heaven!! This type of brutality and evil hatred should prove to anyone with half a brain that Islam is not a religion of peace at all but a religion of hatred and unimaginable evil. These people are brutal savages!

  9. ISIS is Islam. Islam is ISIS. Our Western “leaders” are either ignorant or know and refuse to act. Either way, many innocent people will die for their betrayal of Western Civilization and they should be held to account when it happens. Treason of this magnitude was once and should be punishable by death.

  10. Where is the Pope on this. Right he was having a conference today at the Vatican about being accepting of gays.

    • The pope is passing a metal lunch tray under the iron bars where Benedict (the real pope) is being held.

      • He has come out quite a few times, and strongly, against the current persecutions of Christians around the globe.

          • Was Kim Davis a Catholic court clerk? I thought she was Protestant – is that who you mean?

            Look, if you want to pick an argument with someone that this Pope has let a lot of people down, pick it with someone else, because I agree with you.

            But if you’re saying he hasn’t come out against the persecution of Christians, then I would disagree. It’s been reported in Breitbart and any number of places – google “Pope Warns of ‘Genocide’ as Persecution of Christians Rises Worldwide” – and that’s only one instance.

          • Kim Davis was born Catholic and visited in the Vatican embassy which was a fiasco, so much so that it took the Vatican 2 days to figure out whether this was an endorsement or whatever. Why bother.

            True the pope has made some strong statements about the extermination of Middle Eastern Christians. Obama has made strong statements about Boko Haram, like on his Twitter account.

            Pope Francis sends confusing and contradictory signals. Not a good time in the history of the world for this.

          • just because someone says they believe in Jesus doesn’t make them christian, as the billions of catholics, protestants, baptists..etc prove.
            Every single politician that says he is a christian, is lying to himself and everyone else. Very very few follow the words of Jesus and actually read/understand the bible..

    • While I know what you mean, it does not fit the definition of a cult. It is instead a world religion, however, it is one based more on jihad and death than on love and compassion as is obvious by their actions in the world today. Why such a religion of death has the support of Western nations to which its beliefs should be a complete anathema is beyond the pale.

  11. Christians as young as 12 are being persecuted, tortured , and then crucified and obama does absolutely NOTHING ! obama condones this evil by doing absolutely NOTHING !

  12. Unlike the totally fictional victimization by Ahmed the Nerd and his innocent brief case, some twelve year old’s are actually dying.

    Someone explain that to Barrack-the-Beatle!

    • Putin is just propping up his trading partner, I doubt he is sincere about “saving Christians” coming from a KGB, U.S.S.R. background, but hey, if he saves Christians and takes out ISIS in the process, so much the better.

  13. You would think if the U.S. had assets on the ground they could call in airstrikes to make these bastards fear the skies overhead.

  14. UN response: “The moment they start crucifying atheists, we’ll get right to work on a sh*tload of sternly worded resolutions.”

  15. The attack on christians by the radicalized left wing media and by this pantie waist administration is what feeds ISIS……..AND… these mentally ill murderers……Oregon is the fault of this nazi media and this administration

  16. Those martyrs will take their place among the many others who have died for the cause of Christ. They have sealed their faith with their blood and righteousness is their reward.

  17. There are ways to help these persecuted Christians first of course by prayer,
    Nazarene Fund

    Knights of Columbus
    Help somewhere and you will be standing with truth and light, don’t allow this to become just another article you have read. DO SOMETHING obama counts on our passivity, he has allowed this to happen and these Christians blood is on his hands . DO SOMETHING !

  18. There is only one solution to the ISIS scourge.Perhaps Putin will have the intestinal fortitude to do what must be done………Obama is a wuss and a gutless coward except when it comes to attacking Americans.

  19. Can you imagine watching as your son is being tortured and crucified and your wife and daughter raped in front of a crowd of people ! These brave Christians put us all to shame and are Saints .

  20. What sickens me even more, the professed Christians right here at home! They really aren’t Christians at all! Most go to church on Sunday, then drink and fornicate the rest of the week. They then read this wicked news, wring their hands, and speak of how vile those SOB’s are “OVER THERE,” but the ones here aren’t like those over there! These ones are the true followers of that “Religion of Peace and Love!” So then their leader say’s, We must bring them all over here to save them. The others over there that really aren’t the bad ones, the ones we are going to bring here will be loving and peaceful to everyone of all faiths and lifestyles. We can have nice campfires on the front lawn of the capital, and sing com by ah all night long!

  21. In other news, (0) zero of the worlds other religions crucified, raped or beheaded anyone last year or last week or yesterday or today because they were exercising there religion of peace.

  22. Obama funds, arms and trains Syrian ‘rebels’. The rebels are a group called the Nusra Front. The commander of the Nusra Front pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda in Syria. Al-Qaeda in Syria agreed to partner with ISIS to overthrow Assad and set up the caliphate. Obama funds terror. Now you know why ISIS has all that money and all that training and all those weapons.

  23. It’s not just Islam. Right now there are many (mostly atheists, gays and other immoralists in the Democrats) who are plotting how they can do that in America too. It will just take a few more years for the Democrats to fully outlaw Christianity before they can start crucifying Christians in America.

  24. ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, … has established its base is around eight miles from the U.S. border.
    ISIS terrorists may enter USA from Mexico 06.10.2015 | Source: Pravda.Ru – See more at:

    – Dear Mr. Putin, please send some of your excellent Russian fighters to remove this ISIS camp and show Obama how it is done. It’s becoming apparent to us that Obama wants ISIS to invade our country as well.
    Thank you,
    American citizen

    ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm … blog/ 2015/ 04/ isis

    (Have you noticed USA MSM covering this ISIS camp for the threat it is and Obama and Kerry making speeches about sending F-16s to destroy it? I didn’t either)

  25. While 0Bola, himself a Muzzie, imports hundreds of thousands of adherents to the “religion of pieces” into the USA.

  26. When Obama was a little boy going to Muslim School he learned about the Levant.
    That is why you never hear him say ISIS. He calls them ISIL.

  27. What bravery by ISIS. Thugs and cowards at the same time. Who are the REAL martyrs? Christians standing up to them, but you’ll never hear it from Imam Obama.

  28. Perfect cold Fusion power (only America can do it) with another Manhattan project, use it to create cheap, clean drinking and irrigation water, and let them in Middle East go back to being poor nomads again.

  29. Gee, I wonder if Hillary and Obummer are going to blame the knives for the beheadings described above? Since the guns are to blame for all the massacres in the USA recently, logic says that the knives are responsible for the beheadings. We need knife control, world-wide. …. Yea, that’s the ticket …

  30. There is an ISIS base 8 miles from the Texas border in Mexico–according to the top watchdog organization Judical Watch, back on April 14, 2015. By the way this invasion will be a US-sanctioned event. The dissolution of the US is part of the plan to create a regional and then a global government. Let’s wake up!

  31. To all of you that think that Putin is going to distroy ISSI for us and for the world, you are very wrong! He is there to save The Serials and cement his ties to Iran, nothing more. He has his own Muslims at home, in the Balkans and the whole area around the Black sea. He is not going to stir them up as he plans on using them to his benefit.

  32. The Nazis were Christians and it was Christian countries who fought them, ISIS are Muslims and it’s Muslim countries who are fighting them. Sure, we’re bombing them, but the guys fighting them on the ground are Muslim soldiers. In Syria, some of the soldiers in the army are Christians.

  33. “… their twisted version of Islam”?

    This doesn’t make any sense. They’re behaving in a manner that is perfectly consistent with explicit directives in the Koran. How is that “twisted”?

    I smell a coward.

  34. “convert to their twisted interpretation of Islam.” There is no twisted interpretation of islam there is only islam and this is what it is. If it’s only a twisted version ,where are all the millions of real practitioners condemning these atrocities ?……..crickets.

  35. Soon or later…this type of Islam will infect the political/ economic environments of white Christians. Remember Constantinople? Letting these people into our political systems is complete insanity.

  36. Yeah well, Christians are against paying for other people’s abortion and birth control, and aren’t crazy about gay marriage either, so they are obviously worse.
    – LibTard

  37. Amazing that it takes an ex-KGB like Putin to show enough ballz to take on ISIS while Jug Ears lets truly innocent people get massacred.

  38. ISIS is a band of beasts and sociopaths. God will have a special place for them in Hell. THey must be hunted down and killed like the rabid animals they are.

  39. Coming to a US City near year thanks to Obama, the Marxist Dems and the spineless GOP. Better arm up so you defend your family, this is going to get real ugly real soon.

  40. This is horrible. People are fleeing Syria because of incidents like this. I pray for these people. I also pray that we will all wake up and pray to God for guidance, then have the courage to do his will. Choose to follow God and Christ.

  41. By their fruits ye shall know them. Obama and Hillary sowed the seeds of this brutal massacre of Christians. May the two of them receive God’s judgement swiftly.

  42. They’re all cave men but these are just the worst of them. Turn all their countries into parking lots and be done with it.

  43. “According to the mirror” lol this is a news website reporting from Jewish controlled media outlets. Great reporting with no footage. This is the new way of reporting to the uneducated. Good job

  44. Obama says this is a complex issue. He’s still working on a strategy. He believes in peace, not war, so John Kerry will negotiate a deal with ISIS, giving them a few hundred billion dollars and a self-inspection deal to monitor reduced beheadings, crucifixons and rapes. Anyone who objects, as Obama & Kerry note, is a warmonger. Most important sticking point is ISIS unwillingness to utilize transsexual and gays in their military, although they appear willing to put a few on the front lines. Kerry has set a deadline for a peace agreement. That scared ISIS so much, it reduced its beheadings of Christians by 0.001 %. Kerry hailed his successful diplomatic skills. The target for next year is a 0.002% reduction in rapes.

  45. A 12 year old boy with more courage than all of them savages put together. American men can learn from this boy!

  46. And President Obama simply watches and has not committed any troops to stopping this ISIS madness. Smart bombs and planes ARE NEVER GOING TO STOP TERRORISM. Bill Clinton proved this.

    I have a bumper sticker on my vehicle that says that I’m proud of my country and ASHAMED of my president. Obama and his minions are a bigger threat to the American people (and all the worlds people) than ISIS and all the other terrorist groups combined, multiplied by infinity.

  47. Thank goodness Putin and the Russians are going to liberate the Christians…………Although we know that Obama will not like Christians being liberated.

  48. look Obola, I don’t want to hear anymore b s, about the Russians bombing the wrong terrorists or flying over Turkish airspace or none of your lies and future lies, these guys are over there going after these evil doers, leave them alone and let them decimate

  49. ISIS is nothing more than a bunch of Islamic Pigs! Raping women, in violation of the Koran. Having sex with little boys and now they are going to get their a– kicked by Putin! I do not believe Putin will order his troops not to fire unless fired upon like our clown did!

    • Sometimes I wish Putin would run for prez of the USA. At least he loves his own country, and looks out for it’s best interests – unlike that kenyan cockroach that hijacked our white house.

  50. Hey Obama, why don’t you fly out THERE and express your disdain for senseless violence. Roseberg sure doesn’t want your grandstanding.

  51. I keep sayin it, but nobody listens.

    1,000 B-52 Clusterbomb Sorties.

    We did it on DAY 1 of the first Gulf War, and the War was over in a week.


  52. There is no other version of Islam. To think there is a civil version is your own twisted thinking.

  53. The religion of peace. We have the ability to kill every last one of them. What the fuck are we waiting for.

  54. Where is the outrage? We hear nothing from Muslims around the world about this nor the daily reports that have become routine just like this one. There is no outrage because they are not outraged. They are not “Islamic thugs.” They are Muslims and that is all they have to be.

    • For Islam, the Crusades never ended. They just withdrew to re-arm, multiply and spread around the world. You think the UN really hates Israel? No, but they ARE terrified of the millions of Muslims they now have in their countries and know full well the clock is ticking for them.

  55. Based on a photograph of a young boy on a beach, the west accepts millions of refugees. WHERE IS THE RESPONSE TO THESE UNSPEAKABLY HORRIBLE ACTS? America has become a paper tiger.

  56. Note: There are NO political parties defining a better ‘right’ or, a ‘worse’ wrong(doing).

    For the world to circle the toilet water in a final flush, all the twisted, time-proven components had to be tied together…the flusher is the devil himself, period.

    To wit, the responsible politicians – complicit in all of this – will face a stronger Judgement. So, blaming one crook over another is a waste of time.

  57. The good news for the numbed liberals in America is that both Biden and Hillary will continue to let these butchers continue to kill children AND ABORTION will still be a great American right. ‘Kill them here, kill them there, kill those children everywhere’!


    Joe and Hillary


  58. Isis scum are sissys. Mooozlim bamboozletry is the devils dung. This White Christian ready for these pig effers

  59. Nuclear annihilation is their future. Sadly, due to mathematical probability it is likely the fate of NYC as well. I am a 9/11 survivor who ran for his life with daughter through the smoke.

    • But probably not under barack obama, Dennis. He is truly an enemy of the USA, himself. I’ve never heard him say he identifies as an American…let alone is proud to be one. Everything he does or has ever done is to the DETRIMENT of this nation, not its safety. Everything he does HARMS this nation, internally and externally.

        • Well, I would hope it won’t take anything that drastic (since that would probably kill untold numbers of the innocent people like we just read about in this article…but who knows what things will come to.

    • That’s right…obama wants this nation to be LESS…WHITE. That is his ultimate goal. He’s intensely embittered against his own mother’s race, and resents the fact that he’s 50% caucasian. He cannot be ‘black’ enough to ever satisfy himself…hence why he goes the extra mile against whites, and against everything good, in general. His ‘presidency’ is little more than a personal revenge mission…which his own targets helped hand to him, out of guilt! It’s sad.

  60. Regardless of Putin’s motives.. If he can stop this, the collateral damage to the US and allies is of no consequence. We, the US are weakly led and sinking fast

  61. I would personally relish capturing these guys, beating the living sense out of them, pulling their pants down, and then sh0 ving a propane-powered blowtorch up their south ends and igniting them (after relieving them of their privates, first). That having been said, I realize that sitting here fuming about it doesn’t change anything. Just do everything you know is right…and keep things in prayer. I wouldn’t mind granting asylum to true, authentic Syrian Christians, since there is no other recourse for them, at times, to PREVENT things like this. I’m not for importing asylum to immigrants in numbers like we’re seeing…but if taking in Christians is the only way to prevent little boys from getting their fingertips cut off and then crucified, I’m all for it. But NO Muslim immigrants, and no non-white immigration, other than that.

  62. ISIS is the Israeli Jews mercenary army. Every crime ISIS commits against Christians is done out of Jew hatred of Christ.

  63. This has been predicted for a long time. Samuel B. Huntington called it with his book “The Clash of Civilizations”.

  64. “Twisted interpretation of Islam”? It is a literal interpretation of Islam. Why are writers unwilling to perform even basic scholarship about the nature of Islam rather than simply repeat the same politically correct bromides so as to not offend anyone with the truth?

  65. If not for that dang climate change and lack of jobs we wouldn’t have these issues. #Carpool #ShovelReady #GimmeABreak

  66. Yes, more examples of tolerance from this version (i.e. Wahhabism from Saudi Arabia!) of Islam- not the entire religion. I am sure the Corporate Media will focus on this persecution of Christians on tonight’s evening news? Pray for the Christians and for the ability to stand up to evil while loving the enemies of humanity! Peace

  67. Obama is the lowest human being on Earth and rivals Hitler, Mao and Stalin. His supporters are the new Nazis along with ISIS they created.

  68. What kind of “religion” encourages rape and murder. This isn’t religion…its depravity. These cretins can’t even qualify for savages. That whole concentration of ISIS needs to be ground zero.

  69. ah…the religion of peace…….

    It’s making me sick to read about ISIS and their deeds…even sicker knowing that World Leaders simply stand by and do NOTHING.

  70. Muslims… they want all the previleges and comforts of the western
    world, but hate it at the same time. They go to other countries and get
    angry when the neighbors don’t adapt their way of living when it’s them
    that have to adapt. I really don’t have a problem with mexicans, blacks,
    asians, catholics, christians, etc, etc… however, I do pause and
    hesitate when it comes to muslims. I just can’t trust people that find
    it OK to treat women like garbage (or be indifferent, or say nothing)
    and stone a girl to death because “she incited another man to rape
    her”… even when it’s their own sister. And to think there are bleeding
    hearts that cry intolerance and racism (funny, when it’s not even about
    race). Muslims are dangerous people that once they become a majority at
    some place, they want to establish their savage Sharia ways. We can’t
    and we won’t allow that, they’re a threat to a decent and harmonious way
    of life.

  71. Once Obama is gone America can finally get busy. Trump can join the Russians and wipe these fuc*ers out.

  72. “The terror group were trying to force Syrian Christians in a village near Aleppo to convert to their twisted interpretation of Islam.”

    “…twisted interpretation…”
    Stop trying to humanize this vile religion. These people are true muzzies; “moderate” muzzies truly are infidels.

  73. I ran for my life on 9/11 because of those piles of excrement. May they all burn in Hell along with those that call themselves moderates who did not cry out against them. I believe my mother died of cancer caused by them as well because she lived in the damn 9/11 fallout for years. My cat died one year later after the event and never meowed again after it happened.

  74. We make a huge mistake calling islam a religion. It is clearly a warped ideology giving license to oppressing women and doing horrific things like honor killings, genital mutilation even in the horribly mislabeled peaceful forms. Meanwhile our president commits treason giving aid and comfort to the mullah butchers of Tehran and is deliberately missing in action in the fight against isis.

  75. The CIA knows me well and it must be said that they are total sell outs and eunuchs. The good ones among them must now bare the shame of their cohorts sadly. I was never an agent or anything but I patented monitored firearm storage over twenty years ago and was the Smart Holster project for the DOJ. I used to love them.

  76. NoBamma is going to spend hundreds of billions of your tax dollars to bring 200,000 of them here so they can eventually do the same thing to us. Muslims already control Dearborn Michican. Almost 50% are Muslims there. Europe is being invaded by them. If this keeps up it won’t be long before the whole world is forced to convert to Islam.

  77. How long it takes people to realize that islam is NOT a religion, it’s a EVIL CULT, a theocracy, a totalitarian expansionist seditious militaristic political system and Anti-Civilization movement with a religious component which imposes itself by force. Islam means submission. Islam compels its followers into blind obedience, savagery, teaches intolerance, brutality and locks all Muslims and non-Muslims in a struggle deriving directly from the 7th century nomadic, predatory, Bedouin culture.
    Islam is a danger to the whole CIVILIZED world. All muslims read the same book which has 100+ mentions to kill ALL non-believers.
    When muslim population swells over 5% of population also so called “peaceful” ones will demand that the whole country will follow their stupid sharia and they ALL will go to the side of violence.
    It’s time to purge all muslims like Europe did 400 years ago before it’s too late.
    It’s also time to forbid islam in the CIVILIZED world.

  78. Putin is the only hope for Western Civilization to survive. Europe is being invaded by the muslim horde, America is destroying itself from within.

  79. I agree with CrismaFire. Time to Nuke Mecca. These are not human beings. They are demonic. They give nothing to the world but horror, death and destruction. The only answer is to kill their god….then kill them. Wipe the scourge off the planet!

  80. In almost every picture of ISIS these pugnacious zealots have their faces covered like the cowards they really are…

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