Breaking: Important Union Throws Hillary Under The Bus

Breaking: Important Union Throws Hillary Under The Bus

Hillary Clinton may be appearing on SNL tonight, but the 2016 Presidential hopeful doesn’t have much to laugh about as sources say Clinton has lost the endorsement of an immensely important union in the realm of Democrat Presidential primary politics, The International Association of Fire Fighters.

The devastating news comes as the former Secretary of State has plummeted to record low poll numbers and is losing to Donald Trump in union strongholds, all while other major unions are holding off on endorsing in favor of waiting for Vice President Biden to jump in the race.

According to The Hill:

“Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton seems to have lost a major union endorsement.

The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) is backing off of its earlier plans to support the Clinton campaign, according to a New York Times report that cites a anonymous source within the union.

The fire fighters have lost faith in Clinton, and some are supportive of Vice President Joe Biden — who may still enter the Democratic race for 2016 — so top officials feared such an endorsement could have divided the union’s members, the source told the Times. The issue came up during the during a board meeting in September.

“Secretary Clinton doesn’t sell well here,” Roy L. McGhee III, a union board member, told the Times. “I think the Republican attack machine, the media machine, has made sure of that. The vice president will do better. He’s popular among firefighters.”



  1. This woman (I use that term loosely) is going down faster every day. SNL is the most appropriate place for her now because she really is a joke.

  2. I’m wondering just what it is the firefighters find so wonderful about Biden. He has already shown he’s a well handled puppet. You’ll get nothing different with him in ‘The Chair’. Possibly he’ll manage to double the country’s debt again like Obama has done.

  3. Oh brother the Republican attack machine and the media machines have done a good job destroying clinton? Did they really put that in print? Maybe the lying bag of gas, murdering, manipulating piece of bottom of the human DNA food chain slim did it to herself. Which would be my guess.

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