It’s Official: Carl Icahn Backs Trump For President

It’s Official: Carl Icahn Backs Trump For President

Donald Trump speaks at the Saginaw/Genesee County Lincoln Day in Michigan (Photo by DarKen Photography)

Carl Icahn is no stranger to controversy, and now the prominent “activist investor” has decided he’s all in for Donald Trump, telling a media outlet he’s endorsing “The Donald” in his bid for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination.

According to Fortune Magazine:

“It took a few months, but Carl Icahn is now backing Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

The activist investor is set to publicly endorse his fellow billionaire’s campaign to ascend to the nation’s highest office. Bloomberg reports that Icahn — who supports Trump’s stances on overhauling taxation and immigration policies, as well as raising interest rates — officially announced his support for the billionaire real estate mogul and reality television star in an interview that will be published in full Tuesday.

In June, Icahn publicly balked at Trump’s suggestion of him as a potential Treasury Secretary (along with Henry Kravis and Jack Welch). At the time, Icahn said he was “extremely surprised” by Trump’s candidacy and at the mention of his own name for a cabinet position, saying that he was “flattered” but not interested.

Then, last month, Icahn did an about face following the first Republican primary debate, announcing in a series of tweets that he would accept Trump’s offer of the Treasury Secretary post and adding that “we are in dire need of a breath of fresh air” when it comes to corporate leaders and elected officials.”

Trump continues to lead in the polls but finds Dr. Ben Carson and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina hot on his trail…


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  1. Good! Getting Carl’s endorsement is significant. Great beginning of a winning Trump team. Cannot wait for it all to unfold. However, when Trump is finally elected, I believe many of us will be reeling from a kind of “post-partum” depression. How will I make it without waking up every day to those wonderful cascades of Trump tweets on my phone? It won’t be easy. Maybe there’s a 12-step program in my future, eh? :-)

  2. Icahn has been a fantastic investor and is a monster capitalist..A great addition to the Trump team..Unfortunately, the lames out there who constitute the democrat/progressive/commie/MSNBC/CNN constituency have no clue who Icahn is..
    Waiting for Hillary to take office and bestow tons of largesse on her sheeple, no way
    will our unfortunate demographics ever favor the Icahn’s of our country.
    Hillary’s “Nation of takers” can’t wait for their payday.

  3. I don’t want to work anymore and would like to continue to see the country slide into a 2/3 world economy. Hillary 2016!

  4. What this country needs are people who know how to make money. We need “money makers”, not “money spenders”, running things. Trump and Icahn, fit that bill.

    • Is that, because traditionally, making money (not the mint) is function of government? Or, could it be, that such people, not used to the constraints that tie the hand of government functionaries will be less frustrated by it or somehow magically know how to change the system faster? Comparing apple to oranges creates an analysis that is pretty much worthless you know.

      • It’s the “pretty much” part that leaves a remainder that greatly exceeds your own meandering assessment here.

      • In a capitalist system, it is the “function of government” to create an atmosphere where business’ can earn profits in order for employees to purchase homes, raise families, and be productive members of society. Excessive regulation, high corporate taxes, and government, stifling free enterprise, deters this. Remember, we can not all be “public employees” depending on the taxpayer to furnish them with a living. Icahn and Trump, understand this.

        • You do realize Trump’s plan is full of regulations on where businesses can and cannot go and stifles free enterprise right? He uses the power of government to constrict the private sector here in America to be able to compete in a global market. You clearly have not thought this through.

          • You are equating paper-shuffling in the wall street casino with free enterprise, fella. Have a look at how much ‘financial services’ now makes up of GDP, compared to just a decade ago. Nothing is produced.

          • At a time that Democrats actively hobble the free movement of capital, Trump is talking about making the U.S. more attractive, and countering strategically moves by other countries that distort rational decisionmaking.

        • “Carly Fiorina hot on his trail”

          This is just not true what so ever making the entire story line questionable why do they do this to USA

          • Carly is the flavor of the month, about to fade, as Carson has.
            But Trump did himself few favors with such a weak tax plan. Tweaking rates with no fundamental reforms, and raising the percentage of takers not contributors from 47% to about 57%. Flatten tax rates, end the IRS!

          • Again Trump is the only one to have brought the enormous immigration refugee problem to the forefront which is the biggest threat to the USA today. One can not “fundamentally change” the USA with the existing population. The USA already has a language problem and an assimilation problem where hard to work with those who refuse to learn English and those who do not respect USA culture and rule of law. A nation can not have some laws for you and some laws for them.

            “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

            Did you see Paris, France cleared of the modern automobile as if being carfree is an accomplishment for a Western civilized society.

          • You’re right, but increasing the percentage that take without contributing is a huge unforced error by the Trump campaign. 47% is not enough for you?

          • More concerned with the Islamic invasion where one can not fundamentally change the USA with the existing population.

          • this will raise the percentage of american *citizens* who don’t contribute to income taxes from 47% to 57%. you think that’s good for the country?

          • Again more concerned with the invasion of Islam with the alleged refugees where 4 out of 5 are not Syrian and few if any are Christians.

      • I’m pretty sure he means that money-makers know what kind of environment is best for prosperity….making money. As opposed to money-spending bureaucratic politicians who understand only regulating and taxing, with exactly the opposite effect.

      • Since Obama doesn’t seem constrained by the US Constitution, I doubt it will be all that difficult for Trump to prevail against Congress. Or, is it possible a GOP-led Congress might find a backbone after Barry leaves office?

    • The government does not need to be in the moneymaking business. It already has entirely too much of a grip on economics. You making this statement clearly shows you have no clue of the purpose of government, the intent of the founders, and how current government’s involvement in money is what has us in this predicament. God help this nation full of idiots like you who were never taught some fundamentals of government and economics.

      • Really? The founders intended for 35-40% of the economy to be ‘financial services’, squatting on $1+ quadrillion in derivative bets? And they counted on ‘free marketeers’ like you to defend it? If we had anything approaching a free market most of these firms would have gone south in 2008. Save your piety for when we aren’t circling the drain.

        • How about we put the argument on hold and just disallow college professor Marxists in gov’t?
          People like Trump and Icahn spend ZERO time considering Marx. It’s unproductive. Yet it’s the dominant influence in humanities and social sciences in academia??
          Forget Trump or Icahn. Anyone who hears Marx and says “huh?”, put that person in gov’t. It would be an improvement.

          • No one gives a F about Marx and his failed ideologies. Embracing them is what is wrong with our country.

      • Actually Redcommie, its you who has no clue. The incompetent person occupying the white house thinks you create jobs by throwing money at unions, raising taxes, and burdening businesses with tens of thousands of regulations. Obola could not even run a shoe shine stand, he has no concept of how capitalism works, only how socialism/marxism works. the Federal Government needs to get the F out of the way of business and just collect its taxes with as little interference as possible.

        A person who has run a billion dollar business is the ideal commander in chief as he will cut waste and make this country great again. No other candidate can do that. Too many politicians who have never held a job are destroying our country.

      • Well Red I for one did Major in buisness and like what Trump is bringing to the party!! I think it is you who never took a econ class or read Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith….


      • Me thinks you are the clueless one. The point was, we need people in charge that realize that money does not grow on trees. We need a person that has experience with money that understands how it is created and what not to do with it. The current bunch in Washington only knows how to do one thing, spend.

  5. Why wouldn’t Icahn endorse him, Trump is the only candidate who has a plan for anything. Of the rest, some may be well-meaning but inexperienced or worse, and the rest are all in bed with the GOP establishment… and then there’s the Democrat underworld.

  6. The life long politician has been tested throughout our history, electing outsiders that are successful business people have not. Our country is going down the drain, are we to leave the legacy to the lifer politician or are we brave enough to try and place business people at the helm and see if this country can be great again for our children? We tried an unknowledgeable community organizer, that has not worked out so well.

  7. I don’t know what is going to please me more… watching Trump elected in a landslide or watching the libs, RINOs, neocons and their supporters go slobbering, throw your own feces, batsh|t crazy!

  8. We need people that have survived and prospered in the ‘real world’ based on their decision making skills, not on their ‘talent’ for BS’ing their way into elected office. we are all experts on how worthless that talent is.

    • Germans were saying the same thing about Hitler, right after Obama first got elected back in 2008.

      They understood the risks as to what was happening, as it was happening.

      I’m not sure, now, that we Americans have learned our lesson.

  9. One thing I have learned in my lifetime. Wealthy money earners are not wasteful. As is our Government is. Everything from unused realestate to lazy people. The waste in our USA hasto be stopped

  10. Having a Treasury Secretary who actually understands finance and economics could be really helpful for sure. Trump has people in mind for key positions if he should win the nomination, and I hope he does. I like Carson, I basically approve of him, but he doesn’t have the financial savvy and understanding of trade and trade agreements that Trump has. The economy is at the root of some many of our problems, and Trump will improve that situation.

  11. Hot on Trump’s heels:
    a) Fiorina: “I’m a girl, vote for me. I failed miserably as a high salary business employee (not an owner), but I got away with my pay. Ha. Ha.”
    b) Carson: “You can trust big pharma; the autism mega-epidemic is just inexpiable and getting much much worse. So what.”

  12. Trump needs to be seen in his natural business environment, and the public will lose the clown show image they have of him. This guy has a sharp astute mind, he’s far more serious than his public image implies.

  13. Killary Killton’s Rap Sheet:

    1. Quit as Bills first love and subsequently Bill started womanizing.
    2. Her law firm partner Vince Foster shot himself in the back of the head.
    3. Web Hubble to Jail.
    4. Susan McDougal to Jail
    5. Jim McDougal suddenly dies in Jail.
    6. Ron Brown Dead.
    7. Whitewater.
    8. Travelgate.
    9. Filegate.
    10. Chinagate.
    11. Fired for lying during Watergate
    12. Convicted Norman Hsu contributed an undisclosed amount to her 2008 campaign. Arrested by FBI on 09/24/2015.
    13. Lying that she was shot at in Bosnia as she landed from the Helicopter.
    14. Hillary In charge of the “bimbooo eruption” in the WH.
    15. Cattle-Futures – Turns $1000 to into 100,000, with help from James Blair.
    16. Lootergate – Hillary started to ship White House furniture to their personal home in Chappaqua, N.Y.
    17.Her girlfriend Huma is connected to Muslim Brotherhood terrorists
    18. Dead Broke when left WH but now has $200 million.
    19. Benghazi – Americans taken hostage and killed in Libya.
    20. Quit the Senate to run for President & failed.
    21. Quit as Sectary of State to run for President.
    22. Started the Obama Birther movement.
    23. Married 52 years to a womanizer to receive government subsidy and to run for President.
    24 Under Hillary Clinton $6 Billion Vanishes From State Dept.
    25. Took millions of dollars from foriegn donors thru her tax-free foundation.
    26. Used al-Qaeda terrorists to destroy Libya.
    27. Covered up that the Ambassador to Belgium is a known pedophile
    28. Fined $300,000 under the Logan act for attending a Bilderberg meeting.
    29. Threatened her husband’s rape victims.
    30. Setup server at Chappaqua home to hide government emails from public and congress so that she could sell the office of sectary to the highest bidder.

  14. I back him too… He’s not an establishment Republicrat trying to woo the invaders from the south and that’s all I need to know.

  15. Many people from all walks of life are starting to realize if the country goes south, so goes our wealth, whether it be a billionaire, a millionaire, the middle class and the poor.
    We are all in the same boat, we all have to eat.

  16. All in fot Trump 2016. Hell yeah
    Send illegals back, build a wlall and nuke iran and n korea

    That was easy next

  17. Today Trump just shifted gears in his quest for the GOP nomination. A pro-growth, populist tax plan followed by Carl Icahn’s endorsement will drive up his popularity.

  18. Meanwhile, Oshytface will bypass Congress on climate change, the Internet, and Syria. Illegals will continue to flood us and bankrupt us. Hillary will continue to lie and cover up. And our LOSER Congress will do nothing about any of these, as usual.

    God do we need REAL hope and REAL change.

    Help us ObieTrumpKenobi, you are our only hope!

  19. Icahn has more credibility than everyone at NRO, The Federalist, and The Weekly Standard combined. Those are the establishment mouthpieces favored by other establishment throne-sniffers, such as Tom Bevan at RCP. They have collectively spent the last three months doing their best to destroy Trump, but few listen to their hysterics. I mention them because they are offered as the voice of republicans. Please continue to ignore the propagandists. That will be easier with some real men like Icahn on board with us.

  20. It’s amazing, I used to be a “Republican” until the obvious smell told me what the real agenda is. Most, I’d say 85% of Rerubbers are shills for the “powers” that be. You know the old/new names right? Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission and the rest of the names du jour. Wise up my fellow inmates, You think were still free??? Just raise your voice until your little ole head makes a “blip” on der Kommissar’s screen…we’ll see how long your “ping” sound lasts bucko. Trump may very well be the only one to “kick ass and take names later”. I hope he tells all the”BOY’S” to you know what when he gets in. If, they get to him, he’ll drop like a fly. And he will throw his support to whomever he likes. I Like Cruz and even Paul fer sure dude! So saith the Knights of Knee…

  21. The main objective of the political-media establishment and, in particular, Barack Obama is to prevent any post-election investigation of the rampant corruption in Washington DC.

    Both the Democrats and the Republicans want to maintain their standing as permanent political elites, whereby they may continue to treat ordinary Americans as indentured servants and broker the tax revenues for the benefit of themselves and their wealthy donors.

    It is clear that the Obamas and Valerie “Rasputin” Jarrett hate the Clintons and do not want to risk “payback time” from a vindictive and ruthless President Hillary.

    The Obama strategy is stretch out the homebrew server scandal to undermine Hillary’s campaign through a death by a thousand cuts. It has to be delicate surgery, something short of indictment and trial, which would likely implicate him, and something that would prevent retaliation from the Clinton camp, perhaps leaks of the Muslim or birther variety that we witnessed from them during the 2008 primary season.

    Barack Obama has been secretly searching for a challenger to replace Hillary and is ready to endorse Vice President Joe Biden. But that backing comes with a price – Obama would select his running mate. The Obamas want a high-powered African American who can carry on the Obama legacy, and that choice is likely to be former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. In such a scenario, Biden would agree not run for re-election, paving the way for a Patrick presidency.

    Equally eager to avoid any corruption investigations, the Republican establishment has selected Jeb Bush, the candidate most likely to continue business as usual and not raise any embarrassing questions.

    Jeb’s poll numbers are so anemic, however, an anticipated maximum of 15-20%, that the Republican establishment had to devise a plan that would keep Jeb afloat and gain enough primary victories in the key states to ensure his nomination. By splitting the vote amongst a number of other establishment candidates, the “Jebettes,” enough votes would be drawn away from any significant challenger. Ballooning the field with a large number of candidates has been a deliberate strategy, whereby Jeb could win, not by gaining support, but by fracturing his opponents’ support. The original cast of “Jebettes” was Graham (South Carolina), Kasich (Ohio), Perry (Texas) and Rubio (Florida) with further insurance policies in Virginia (Gilmore) and New York (Pataki).

    Unfortunately for the Republican establishment, Donald Trump transformed their grand strategy into a bridge to nowhere. And that is why they are so aggressively trying to get him out of the race, lately by leveraging the fluctuating popularity of Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina as a counterforce to Trump.

    The Republican establishment is composed of financiers, like Wall Street, banking interests, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and K-Street Lobbyists, who pay the Republican National Committee (RNC) and derive benefit from the policies created in Washington DC. It is all part of a machine that tells Republican politicians what to do; the RNC is the Board of Directors, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are the managers and the politicians are the employees.

    The possibility of a President Trump upsets that cozy financial arrangement, where, like the Democrats, they would like to continue plundering the economy and bleeding white the American Middle Class.

    The Republican establishment knows that it cannot control Trump, who may decide that investigations and prosecutions are in order, a possibility that strikes fear in the hearts of all the current holders of government-supplied and guaranteed “Get Out of Jail Free” cards.

    The financiers, who every four years hire a President, are generally ambivalent about party affiliation and would be equally pleased from a cost-effectiveness standpoint with either a Hillary or Jeb presidency because they are really only distinguishable by a Y chromosome, whichever one of them has it.

    Post-election, the Democrats will continue the relentless movement to the left; highlighted by their tribal politics, profligate spending and political correctness, all practiced until our economy matches that of Venezuela, the southwest is returned to Mexico, beheadings are declared a legitimate Muslim response to any perceived grievance, abortion is made mandatory and a pedophile is appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    The Democrat dream is not a country, but a collection of simultaneous arguments, where all we have in common as American is our differences.

    Regardless of who wins, the Republicans will simply follow the Democrats leftward, attempting to match their racial, ethnic, gender and Muslim pandering in the desperate hope that they can scrape together enough votes to maintain their position as the junior partner in a corrupt status quo.

    Then again, a courageous outsider may win and expose the whole stinking mess.

    Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of “Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution “. He receives email at

    • Yeah we all know what Obama is doing. He will become a stray dog worth 2 cents if the Clintons are back in the WH.




    • Still doing drugs I see, put the pipe down, CALM down the ambulance is on the way!!!
      And take off those rose colored glasses, a dead give away!!!

    • You must run a macro, as the Disqus spammers all do, to place the same comment, in boldface, on all these websites that you do. Then, you never do come back and respond to the blowback you’ve created. That I’ve ever seen.

      You’ll be eating your words come election day, 2016. Hillary ia already a footnote to history.

  23. It’s time to drain the government’s defective gene pool since it has mutated into a toxic swamp that endangers America’s future and replace it with DNA that has not been contaminated by close exposure to the mental disorder and infectious disease that is commonly called, “experienced/elected government service”.

    • I would add “Cruz”, but, incredibly, he’s not doing that well. But I do like Trump, who is even more outspoken than Cruz. Hopefully, Trump will pick Cruz as VP, as the two do get along well, and Cruz will succeed Trump in 8 years.

  24. What we (*America) really need is smart, intelligent, God fearing *Americans who are not politicians but give a shit what happens to this country, individuals who can negotiate in business deals from a position of power, who will not back down to any one, who are willing to put their country above their own individual self interests, *Americans are willing to fight to win, the onlything that we (average *Americans) are tired of is incompetent people at the top who put their self serving interests ahead of national security, Clearly, the current administration is trying to lead us down the wrong path, that’s why Trump is appealing, I’d rather give him a chance to clean up the mess that has been made by the last several administrations, Trump has said he’s for making the Military strong enough so that we are not challenged, closing the borders, changing the tax code, lifting ridiculous restrictions, bringing jobs back. All of that sounds good to me.

  25. God bless Mr. Icahn. May The Force be with The Donald all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue. Trump2016…and hurry!

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