Donald Trump Releases Positions on Gun Rights

Donald Trump Releases Positions on Gun Rights


Following a previous white paper on immigration, Donald Trump has now released his official positions on guns and the Second Amendment, which can be found on his campaign website.

Trump breaks his positions on the issue to three major points:

  1. Enforce the laws on the books
  2. Fix our broken mental health system
  3. Defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners

Trump calls the Obama administration’s record of enforcing laws against violent criminals “abysmal,” pointing instead to programs like Richmond, Virginia’s Project Exile, which he says was a success and describes in the following way:

[I]f a violent felon uses a gun to commit a crime, you will be prosecuted in federal court and go to prison for five years – no parole or early release.

On mental health, Trump calls out politicians for their failure fix a broken system. He proposes an expansion of care for the vast majority of people with mental illnesses who are not violent.

“But for those who are violent, a danger to themselves or others,” he says. “We need to get them off the street before they can terrorize our communities. This is just common sense.”

On the issue of defending the right of law-abiding gun owners, Trump’s paper calls gun bans “a total failure” and blasts the use of such “scary sounding phrases” as “assault weapons.” This is notable because it represents a change in his opinion since the writing of his 2000 book, ‘The America We Deserve,’ in which he says that he supports an assault weapons ban. (He also said in the book that he supports a slightly longer waiting to buy a gun.)

Trump also says that bans on concealed carry for soldiers on military bases and recruiting centers is “ridiculous.”

Read about his positions on guns in more detail here.



  1. Fiorina is the ultimate Bush insider, with deep ties to the surveillance state.
    She was recruited into the race to run interference for the Bush clan.

    From 2007 until 2009, she chaired the CIA’s External Advisory Board.

    She was appointed by Bush and Michael Hayden, who famously lied to congress about the NSA’s spying activities against all American citizens through our computers (PRISM). PRISM began in 2007, the same year that former HP CEO Fiorina joined the advisory board…

    She has a long relationship with the Bush administration going back to 9/11.

    Her Bush/CIA ties are laid out here:

    • I noticed you didn’t mention what odumbo and the democrats have done,what say you about odumbo using all government agencies to spy on us?

    • Fiorina – Ran two companies – fired from both jobs – lost half the value of both companies – laid off over 30,000 employees – the employees almost all hate her.

      Trump – Started with $200M in NYC Real Estate – Built into a $10 Billion Global Empire – employs 30,000 – They all LOVE him.

      • Before Lucent, FioRINO slept her way up the corporate ladder at AT&T with her future 2nd husband, AT&T VP Frank Fiorina.

        • are you sure you are not talking about your mother, Bill? or perhaps your wife? you obviously have a problem with women from your post above or were you at lucent sleeping with the boss?

          • has to be. I mean…her self given code name “Secretariat” is right on the money.

          • In fairness to Fiorina, I think she just chose “Secretariat” because she has a horse face.

          • or she chose it because she had a fruedian slip and let it out that she is a stalking horse for the RNC. and being propped up to dilute the anti establishment vote across multiple candidates…

          • Apparently Rush Limbaugh used Secretariat on his show in the day before the debate, and she took that as inspiration. But its funny that Fiorina and her handlers didnt see the horse implication.

          • Yesterday Rush said ‘so she has a horseface’, something no one had said at the debate or before. I think he is all in for Trump. Trump/Sessions

            Anyone on the ‘right’ who couldn’t pull the lever for Trump/Sessions needs to defect to the democrats and make them more conservative.

          • NO IT WOULDN”T!!!!!!! We need someone other than a government suck off the government politician for VP!!!! STOP with putting these clown who have created the problems we face BACK into government!

          • Finally, someone with a sensible response. That initially drew me to Trump, until he revealed that he has the same immigration policy as Hillary Clinton.
            But, hey, thanks to him for forcing the others hands.
            His second amendment statement is a leftist joke.

          • Reagan was a Democrat too, before he saw the light. Nobody cares. What about all of the PHONY FRAUD RINO Republicans in office right now? All of the RINO’s HATE Trump. That is all I need to know.

          • Reagan supported Eisenhower. Reagan was a Republican for nearly 30 years before he ran for the Presidency.
            Trump voted for, supported and donated to Hillary Clinton. Their children are best friends.
            RINOs hate Trump for the same reason the conservatives don’t care much for him, he’s a leftist. RINOs think he should be running as a Democrat instead of stealing their air time.

          • Rinos together with the GOP elite hate him because he threatens their very existence and power. That is good enough for me to listen to what he has to say. If he can shut up the Carl Roves, Rich Lowrys, Geo. Wills, Krauthammers and numerous other so called experts, that is also good enough for me.

          • Yes, they want their choice in there, so what? Just because they oppose him does not mean Trump is conservative or would be a good president.

          • You must have voted for Obama. How did that work out for you? I know it didn’t work for many. We have never had so many food stamp recipients and out of work people since the depression. No one Hates Trump,You do know that he will have three branches of government that he will have to keep him in check. He just can’t randomly do everything he says. You might need to listen to those men you listed above to get some good advice.

          • doug, you are a troll. Nobody is buying what you are selling. Trump is going to win in a LANDSLIDE and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

          • You can’t refute anything I have said.
            As long as we are expressing our feelings.
            My prediction is he won’t even make it to the final debate.
            Did you vote for Barack? I bet you did.

          • OH STOP – HILLARY was bought and paid for….she is a “lady of the night” like any others in Washington who take money to keep their jobs!! and in Hillary’s case of her “foundation?” from which they suck money all the time!

          • No sh!+ sherlock.
            I’m not a Hillary supporter. Which is one reason I’m not a Trump supporter. He and Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea are all great friends. That, and the fact he’s as left as Hillary

          • They do not hate Trump, They know that he will be learning on the job. We just went through that for the past 7 years and It has been a disaster. Do we have time to train another one?? One or two voices calling Congress is not doing it. We need to mob them so they will get the message.

          • Obama is not “learning” on the job. He has an agenda that he is fervently implementing . . . according to plan. The office of president is a management position at its core.

          • The difference is that OBAMA has NO EXPERIENCE – job or politics – other than to screw white men for drug money or rabble rouse as a community organizer and STUPID AMERICANS voted him in based on skin color! STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ever wonder why there are NO women coming forward to brag that they dated the POTUS? Ever wonder why Obama has all records locked up so they can’t be seen? TRUMP has bought most of congress so if they want his money they will bow down and say YES SIR!! Let’s hope he is not a liar like Obama!! And that he will do good things for America like he is doing for his businesses!!

          • There is something off putting about Cruz but I can’t put my finger on it. Paul represents most of what I believe but at this time he is too unseasoned. I believe the same is true of Rubio, besides I am sick of hearing about grandfathers or for that matter grandmothers.

          • I CAN put my finger on what’s wrong with Cruz: HE’S NOT ELIGIBLE ! ! !

            As soon as there’s a vacancy, Pres. Trump hopefully will appoint Cruz to the SCOTUS, a position for which he IS both eligible and remarkably well-suited, and in which he will affect our society for decades (not just 4 or 8 years).

          • Cruz was born to American citizens.
            That makes him a natural born citizen, regardless of the soil he popped out on.

            We all agree that Cruz is a US citizen, because that is a fact.
            There are 2 types of citizens: natural born, and naturalized.
            A naturalized citizen is one who was not born a US citizen, but went through a naturalization process to become a legalized citizen.

            Ted Cruz never went through such a process, because he did not need to.

            It is patently ridiculous to suggest that an American family who gives birth while on vacation would have to leave their baby in a foreign country when they came home. That is not how US citizenship works.

          • At the time of Ted’s birth (in Canada), his father was a citizen of Cuba. Only his mother was an American citizen.

            Look, I’d LIKE IT if he were eligible. But he isn’t. Just because Barry Soetoro (citizen of Indonesia) got away with it does NOT nullify the NBC clause for all candidates hereafter!

            Let’s use Cruz’s fine legal mind as AG (he’s eligible) to begin the dirty job of cleaning up the mess Holder made of the DOJ … until a seat opens up on the SCOTUS (he’s eligible).

          • So are you saying Ted Cruz was born out of wedlock?
            Because if his parents were married, then his father was a US citizen.

          • People who love America, the Constitution, and the rule of law “off put” you?
            You know what I find off putting. Big government people who try to use government to steal other’s property. Unprincipled people who will say anything to sell you something. Bombastic people without a clue who will shout down anyone because they think they know; when, in fact, they don’t have a clue.

          • I think what you find off-putting about Cruz is probably his cartoon character voice.

            Also, as a very smart, logical guy, Cruz is governed exclusively by his intellect, and not at all by emotion. But politicians need empathy to get votes, so Cruz does his best to fake it. Every word, every puppy dog facial expression, is designed to advance his case. He uses this superficial empathy as one of his tools to try to persuade. In other words, he reminds you of a lawyer, which is what he is.

          • I like Cruz. My son though, hates the way he talks, he thinks it patronizing. I understand what he’s saying, I’m just old enough not to nitpik. But I do like Trump. If he does nothing more than help fix immigration and taxes and respect the military I’ll be a happy camper.

          • McConnell and Boehner among others were Republicans for decades.
            Tell me again why would you vote for them?

          • because compared to a hard core leftist, even these dimwits are better than the alternative. grow up.

          • They are hardcore leftists.
            If they were elected as the Democrats they really are, then we would at least have a Republican alternative to vote for.

            Instead the choice is between Dumb and Dumber.

          • Yeah, yeah. You’re right. I just don’t suffer fools gladly these days.

            Vipers, whitened sepulchre, cuckservative. Just words to express the depth of contempt :/

          • They are hard core leftists!!! what have they done effectively since they got into their positions? They give OBAMA everything he wants!

          • But if you did, you would, because team red?

            Bet you’ll vote for their like minded lackeys on your ballot card.

          • Because he has ‘evolved’ in his views like the Democrats are always asking the public to do.

          • Ronald Reagan was a DEM also and saw the light. So what? Kennedy was a DEM also and he governed more like a GOP!!

          • NOW THIS WOULD BE A nice looking first lady – and we wouldn’t have to wonder if she is a he as is reported by Joan Rivers and others.

          • I don’t think so, she heard the horse’s name mentioned on Rush Limbaugh quite some time ago. I don’t recall the context in which it was used, maybe someone else does.

          • Is that how you PICK or vote for a candidate? Their looks? shame on you!!!!!!!! you truly are an idiot if that is the case!

          • I disagree, I know both women who age well and men who don’t. My most recent example, if you are a tennis fan, is Boris Becker, Djoko’s coach. What an ugly mug and mean too.

          • Remember Mr. Ed ?
            Didn’t they put peanut butter in his mouth to make him fake speaking ?
            Did Carly have some peanut butter in her podium ?
            Is her husband a horse lover ?

            Bada bing !

          • Look for the post from Dale on this thread.
            There is a link with the source directly from Fiorina’s first husband.

        • Who was the famous MARRIED CEO that was interviewed by a reporter, who claimed it was “love at first sight”? (You know the rest of the story.) Money causes INTENSE, OVERWHELMING physical attraction in some, it seems!

          • ….Corporate America….In the high-tech arena, they do not ask and do not tell. It is a perk. EXTENSIVE INTERNATIONAL travel, with money and lavish “business” engagements/assignments/responsibilities is quite the vehicle!

        • OH STOP – you do NOT know that for sure! Did she ever admit it? And if she were a man – you would say, YEAH BABY go get those women!

          WAKE up and judge candidates on what they can do for this country and for us. Look at their stances on the 2nd amendment! That protects all other amendments in the Constitution!! NOW Go pick a candidate and start supporting him or her! And it had better not be BUSH!!

        • Jim, you know not what you are talking about.
          BTW, did you actually read the Townhall article?
          I didn’t think so.

        • He did push that older woman around with eminent domain over reach to try and steal her land to build a parking lot for his limosines that were bringing high rollers to his casino next door. That is accurate. BUT he took four companies he owned into bankruptcy when their businesses failed. That is of course why bankruptcy laws exist. Donald Trump owns dozens of major companies. The fact that four of them failed and dozens of them prospered isn’t really a very telling criticism.

      • Trump started with $200 million…that his Daddy gave him. Fiorina, whatever her faults, actually worked her way up to the top jobs at HP and Lucent. Trump was born with a golden spoon in his loud mouth. Fiorina was not. Who do you think best understands the plight of the lower/middle classes?

          • I am an IT professional. I worked with one guy who was one of those laid off by HP. To this day, he honestly has no ill feelings towards Fiorina. Like many tech workers of the time, he lost his job because of the Dot-Com Bust, not because of anything Fiorina did or didn’t do.

            I don’t know anyone who works for or used to work for Trump. But I know that Trump has lead several of his casinos into bankruptcy. How is is record somehow less tarnished than Fiorina’s?

            Btw, if Trump had invested that $200 million that Daddy gave him in an indexed mutual fund at the time he got the check, he’d still have his $10 billion. In other words, he has not particularly outperformed the market with his “business genius.”

          • The issue is workers plight. the best way to address that is to hear from workers. Everything else you said is extraneous garbage to the workers plight issue.

          • Fiorina didn’t come from money. She worked for a living.

            Trump came from money. He took his $200 million from Daddy and ran with it. Are you seriously going to argue that Trump understands the plight of the working man more than Fiorina? For God’s sake, look where they started out, man!

            Extraneous garbage indeed. For whatever it is worth, I’m not sold on her as President yet. The only person who has actually spoken to the issue I care most about (the influx of foreign workers and the dire effect they are having on middle class incomes) is Chris Christie, much to my dismay.

          • Compare… Trump took his money and Carly took her $5,000… however you want to slice this, Trump is ahead and he has earned it. Carly sunk the shareholders of two companies she was CEO of… and not in the respectable way. Also, she created 300,000 jobs at HP, but GLOBAL jobs not USA jobs. Before now, she could give a flying flip about US jobs. She sent many jobs to India!

          • If what you say is true, then KUDOS to him for having the expertise to “make do” with his “LOTTERY” proceeds…in a SUPERNATURAL way!

          • I didn’t argue at all. I just said the people to ask are those who worked for them. You obviously have an axe to grind.

          • Fiorina came from an upper class background. She went to the best universities in the country. Hardly a story of rising from poverty to wealth. Her father was a legal professional and a 9th circuit judge.

          • Fiorina’s record, particularly at HP is more tarnished due to the fact that HP was an old, stable, venerable firm, known for the excellent treatment of its employees and its customers. For decades it was regarded as the best employer in Silicon Valley if not the US. Some of us remember when Bill Hewlett and David Packard would walk through and converse with the engineers for example, or they would attend the HP employee parties. There is probably no such relationship found in Silicon valley today, certainly not at Facebook or Google, despite feeding their employees free gourmet meals.

          • Trump doesn’t know a lot of things: The price of groceries, the struggle of many Americans to pay their bills on time, foreign policy, the dangers that foreign workers pose to the wages of lower and middle income earners.

            Trump is a dynamic ball of platitudes whose only redeeming quality is that he’ll give illegal aliens hell. Or so he says.

      • TRUMP GOT MONEY from his FATHER and built on it. I could do the same thing and so could you if you had a bankroll to start with! Consider that TRUMP too declared bankruptcy for 4 of his “divisions” – think those folks don’t dislike Trump? That he hasn’t laid off folks that hate him? HECK – he even fired folks on the Apprentice!

        Stop comparing apples and oranges. She worked for a company…he owned a company. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

        Pick a candidate and work FOR HIM or HER. POST every day and get your FACTS straight and SOLID and convince stupid Democrats to vote for TRUMP!! They owe us since they elected OBUMMER TWICE!!!

        Now tell us who you would like as VP – let’s see if we cannot get TRUMP to listen to OUR point of view if he is elected?

    • Fiorina is no such thing. If you read the story you sourced by the way, it does not intimate there is any connection. And if you have such a poor view of National Review, why source it? Carly is one smart cookie and she’s about the best person in the GOP field to take on the inside-the-beltway crowd. She is accomplished, incredibly hard-working, uber intelligent and she can take on Trump any day of the week unscathed. Trump on the other hand will lay blooded and stunned from the encounter.

    • Why are you talking about Fiorina? She’s a product of media hype and she’s going absolutely nowhere, especially since she’s decided to alienate herself with Trump.

      • trump is a long way from winning it. I wonder what all you trump kool aide drinks will do if he does not make it????? cry and stay home?

          • You know, Everyone should ask that question before responding to these idiots. I’ve only had one person answer it, and he gave a very general answer. Now I demand a name, and no one will answer that because it will subject them to relentless ridicule.

          • Let me prove you wrong. Donald Trump. The first in history President to oversee the indictment of his opponent.

        • Did you just call people “drinks”? And you must be confused about whether you wonder something, or perhaps you just don’t understand the difference between a statement and a question. Yes, that must be it. Also, in English we only use one punctuation mark per sentence, Jorge. Better brush up on your writing skills before taunting others.

      • Fiorina 1000x over Jeb! or that other crowned person Hilly.
        But Fiorina is not a Trump.
        And don’t worry about alienate, Trump is business first above personal feelings. Little tit-tat between the two , they both know it’s part of the game, nothing personal.

      • It has to do with the fact that the GOP Establishment is gunning for Trump, and they are using their insider FioRINO as their weapon.

    • pffft… If Hillary was half as competent as Carly you’d never hear the end of it. As first Lady she was a “Bimbo alert” pit bull. As Senator she was a party line hack. As sec state she was a complete lying disaster who put national security at risk with her incompetence. As a crony capitalist her and her husband are worth hundreds of millions despite never actually having a private sector job.

    • That does it for me. The surveillance state is totally unAmerican and most of these clowns should be in Gitmo.

    • She is also on record as expressing admiration for the Islamic Caliphate of a millennium ago; the one that made a bloody conquest of North Africa (ever wonder about the blood-red fez of the Shriners? When the Christian community of Fez was conquered, the Muslims dipped their caps in the their blood.) and threatened Europe.

      • source please .
        are you sure you are not talking about Hilly or that big racist bigot egomanic liar who promotes voter fraud and is currently squatting in the white house?

    • you are deluded. Carly was never appointed by Bush to anything. She was never in the CIA. Where do you loons come from? HP sold equipment to the government. They are in business to sell their product and sold their product to the government before Fiorina became CEO. They asked her to advise the board as far as equipment goes. NOT a conspiracy
      what of trump?
      He’s good friends with the Clintons. Has changed party affiliation three times in the last twenty years.Supported Hillary Clinton as recently as 2012 and holds leftist principles.

      • Read the article I linked to.
        And FioRINO herself touts her work for the NSA and CIA on the Advisory Board.
        Or at least she used to, before she discovered that the NSA and government insiders aren’t trusted. Then she went back to touting her failed leadership a decade earlier in the private sector, before she joined government.

        • I did read it.
          “failed leadership”
          You should try reading something besides what the leftist are feeding you.
          She sat on an advisory board concerning the equipment the government wanted to purchase. Stop pretending she ran the NSA and the CIA.
          I noticed you threw the RINO into her name. Yet, say nothing concerning the life time of leftism the 67 year old Trump has led.

          • Totally false!

            The government “purchased” (or was given?) the truckload of servers in 2001 by Fiorina.

            She was on the CIA Advisory Board from 2007 until 2009… 2 years after she was FIRED from her last job in the private sector 10 years ago.

            She’s been working for the Surveillance State ever since.

          • Hilarious.
            Saying things do not make it true.
            And if you are so concerned about the “Surveillance State”, throwing your support behind the big government guy is foolish. Rand Paul has said he would end it. Trump has said he would continue it.
            You don’t know anything about Trump’s positions
            Most Trumpites don’t. They take the same position the Obots take.
            “Don’t diss our guy by questioning him”

          • The problem for Rand Paul is he can’t end it.
            I love Rand, and I know lots of people who love Ted, but we all agree that we cannot split the vote. Donald Trump is the only chance to stop Jeb Bush.

            The RNC has rigged the nominating process (no surprise) so that all paths lead to Jeb! unless a single candidate can emerge and win big across every primary.

            Educate yourself about the process.
            Why are states in the South proportional voting, while Florida and later states are winner-take-all?

            It is designed to blunt conservatives, while pushing the candidate with the biggest Super-PAC over the finish line, no matter what.

            And it is designed to use Florida, Jeb’s home state, as the kickoff point.

            It is no coincidence.

          • I am educated about the process.
            You seem to think Trump will be a savior for all that ails Amercia. You have no clue as to what he really thinks. He supports a truncated path to citizenship and he has no clue about foreign affairs. And, most hilarious of all, the Trumpites think he is a conservative when he has a long history, 66 years, of not being a conservative.
            I’m not a Bush supporter, but he is more conservative than Trump. He has actually done the things in Florida he claims. He cut state employees by more than 13000, reduced taxes by 10 billion dollars. Ronald Reagan, whom Trump likes to compare himself to, had a long record of conservatism which people could look at. Aside from words, what has Trump done to make you believe he holds conservative views?
            Is it his lifelong stance of being pro-abortion, his attempt to use government to steal another’s property, or his past support of his friend Hillary?

          • Jeb is not more conservative than Trump — Bush has stated that immigration is an “act of love” and he wants to keep the southern border open. And he’s a wimp — he is obviously bought and paid for because he a weak, weak man who has no fight in him. HIs “make Trump apologize” show was sorry and stupid — Trump said nothing to apologize for (If his wife was Mexican he’d have a soft spot in his heart for Mexicans — so what?).

          • Trump is more conservative than Bush?
            I’m not saying that Bush is a conservative as I consider conservatism, but, where is your evidence, other than words, that Trump is conservative?
            Even as conservative as Bush (low bar)?
            I do agree that Trump, nor any other native of our land, has anything to apologize to any immigrant coming in to our country.
            My preference is Rand Paul. Then Ted Cruz. As far as the rest of them being conservative as far as governance goes, I have my doubts. trump has a life time of being NOT conservative.

    • Fiorina is just another attempt to trick the women of this country to vote for the status quo. She isn’t that smart and/or effective in her leadership roles. But I’m sure the WallStreet big wigs will be funding her and Jeb.

    • Opinion such as Bill’s are why we will never see a “change” in DC and doom the USA to a socialistic future — sad that his conspiracy theories will never allow a more conservative

      movement to gain power! We will lose again & again because thinking like Bill’s never allows even a small foothold — the Dems understood this and got the “camel’s nose in the tent” and then pushed & shoved their Marxist theories — the Republicans just don’t get it!

        • Sometimes you have to take smaller steps to achieve a larger objective — your way will lead to no conservative influence at all — Fiorina (making fun of her looks and name get you nowhere) may not be your perfect “conservative” but it’s a start and better than a Clinton, Sanders or Biden. Go your way and watch an overly conservative candidate like Huckabee lose big time — then you can start complaining all over again!
          BTW, she is more conservative than Trump!

          • Why would Huckabee be the GOP candidate when he’s at 4 percent, when Donald Trump is at 40 percent?

            Your reply boggles the mind.

          • So Bill, who’s your conservative candidate that can actually win an election? If you really want to “boggle your mind”, try looking at some of the “Donald’s” super liberal positions — like stating that Hillary would be the USA’s best person to negotiate with Iran — I’m looking for a candidate that can WIN A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION so we can avoid having discussions like this — knocking and mocking a very viable candidate like Fiorina makes no sense when she possesses “some” but not all of the attributes conservatives are demanding. I’d even consider Trump just to get the Dems out of the White House — he’s as imperfect as Fiorina but maybe not as “electable”. To change the society that Obama & the Dems envision, we have to regain the Presidency and your method seems to me to be sure-fire failure!

          • Try looking at the massive groundswell of support that Trump has from average Americans across the country. And he is winning it with the issues that matter to us. Unlike the RINOs who run on reauthorizing the Import-Export Bank and outsourcing American jobs.

          • ….. and thinking that way would have made Herman Cain our President (I did support him, imperfections and all) —I’ll try looking in about 400 days and if Trump is the nominee, I’ll vote for him against just about everyone but let’s see if we get there. I’d really like to see a Fiorina/Carson ticket — I’m for “DC outsiders”. My point is that those who think alike (maybe more than you think) sometimes wind up losing everything by not being a “little” pragmatic and basically doing the work of the opposition — you are doing that by your “name-calling” (FioRINO is not even funny). If your way worked we would have never had a Marxist as President in the first place!

          • Fiorina ISN’T a DC outsider.
            That’s just it. She is way deep on the inside with that crew.

            Read the NRO article I linked:

            “The most obvious knock on Fiorina’s newly announced presidential bid is that she has never been elected to any government office. But during the Bush presidency, Fiorina walked the corridors of the CIA and other high offices of government, assembling recommendations for national-security policy and developing a close working relationship with some of the most powerful officials in the administration.”


          • I read the article you refer to (and several others about her on the National Review site) and like Carly even more! Her work with the CIA does not make her an “insider” to me. BTW, several articles on NRO praise Fiorina and her debate performance ( even the same author of the article you reference). Also, several NRO articles are critical of Mr. Trump. She would make a great candidate vs. Mrs. Clinton!

          • A lot of people are so fed up with the broken immigration system (as we speak there are 45,000 MORE “children” invading the southern border) that they’ll vote for who will fix It; including an American I know of Puerto Rican descent. People have had it. And the thought of 100,000 Syrian refugees (80% of whom are 20-30 years old (or fighting age)) is icing on the cake. If Trump will fix that, I’ll forget his past and vote for him. Because no one else is passionate about it and Jeb “Illegal immigration is an act of love” Bush — NO. At this point in time, its about whether or not we’re going to have our own country.

          • FioRINO embraces Global warming.
            Donald Trump knows it’s a scam.

            FioRINO is the candidate of the Surveillance State RINOs.
            Trump is the candidate of pro-American grassroots conservatives.

            Don’t feed us a bunch of bull that FioRINO is “more conservative” than Trump!

          • Your “Name-calling” is “old” and never works — if you want real “bull”, check out Trump’s positions before 2015 vs. today when he wants your vote. He’s more like Bush than you think.

    • Let’s not forget that she is also in favor of the cooked-books to promote the fraudulent globalist science of man-made climate change.

    • No high-tech one-percenter is an “outsider”…by virtue of their KSAs (knowledge, skills, abilities) ALONE!

    • And you point is?? We have to have intelligence !! If you aren’t doing anything wrong then why fear it. ?????

      • My point is that Fiorina does not belong in the “political outsider” group with Trump and Carson. She is a red herring sent by Team Jeb to water down the “outsider” vote.

        A vote for Fiorina is a vote for Jeb Bush.
        A vote for Fiorina is a vote for Jeb Bush.
        A vote for Fiorina is a vote for Jeb Bush.

        And, if you care about privacy and the 4th Amendment,
        if you think your business isn’t the government’s business,
        if you are concerned about creeping Big Brother,
        if you like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz,
        then Fiorina is your sworn enemy.

    • Bill – this sounds like conspiracy talking! First of all, as CEO of HP, she is NOT going to deliver a bunch of servers at NO COST to the NSA and lose money for her company!! COME ON!!! – go check orders from the government and find the contract Bill!! Come on! GO LOOK!!

      And being on a “board” whether it is corporate or CIA doesn’t make you an insider – it gives you information and credibility to speak. So she worked under GBUSH – so what? So do all the military members in the US! So does the entire government!! What else do you have to back up your point? This only makes her MORE credible and ready to take on the job of POTUS!! Far better than John Kasick,(UGH the ultimate insider) Santorum (UGH), Jindal,(yeah) Graham (UGH), Walker (part UGH on the abotion issue), Huckabee (UGH on the abortion issue – misguided and not for women) and so on and so forth!!

      VOTE TRUMP 2016!! Get rid of the DEMS in the administration and as heads of departments! DEFEAT the corrupt and venal CLINTON!

  2. We need a president that will fight for all of our God given constitutional rights,especially the second amendment!!!!! Trump 2016!!!!!

  3. A federal law needs to be passed prohibiting the states from stripping the gun rights of it’s citizens, as New York did in 2013 with the “SAFE ACT”.

    It is MUCH more easy to ram gun control though a state legislature than the fed. Obama has been kicking and screaming for gun control and nothing has been done. Meanwhile, in some states if you load a magazine to it’s full capacity it is a misdemeanor.

    • Don’t need another law. The states are usurping our 2nd Amendment rights !

      And WE are letting them, like we are letting the Fed take over States rights.

      The sheep are going to wake up some morning and America will be history !

        • Kalifornia seems to have a never ending menu of new gun control schemes coming out of our Demokrat legislature. As soon as the courts declare one unconstitutional, the Commies in Sacramento pass a new one.

          There is virtually no way to carry a gun outside your home. Carry permits are almost impossible to get (<700 in Los Angeles County pop. 14M). Magazines are limited to 10 rounds, semi auto rifles heavily restricted. They passed micro stamping which has driven several Mfg's out, have a "approved handgun list" which eliminates many popular pistols (like a Walther PPK for instance) They have tried to require a special ID for purchasing ammo and punitive taxes.

          As it is, you can't even carry a loaded gun in your car for protection. To transport a gun, it has to be unloaded, locked in a case separately from ammo and you must be on your way to an approved shooting or hunting facility. People get tossed in jail for even minor oversights of this one…

          Of course gang bangers don't obey any of these laws… they all carry, have 30 round magazines bought out of state and have a completely disarmed victim pool to work on.

          It would be great for Washington to somehow dismantle these problems.

          • It would be nice. But you cannot trust the federal govt to get it right, nor that the attempt to fix unconstitutional state gun laws wouldn’t lead to additional infringements of a different nature.

    • You mean States need to pass a law. Any Federal law can always be repealed. Missouri also passed a law restricting Federal abuses, even going so far as to threaten arrest of Federal agents.

      • State laws would do nothing because of the supremacy clause. If you’ve ever been to New York, Maryland, or some other states trusts me when I say the states are much better at destroying the 2nd Amendment than the fed

      • If federal agents come into a state to arrest someone for exercising their constitutional rights,those federal agents need to be locked up by local authorities.

    • We have a federal law,It’s called the second amendment,the douche-o-crats just don’t recognize it as being the law of the land. Trump/2016!!!!!

  4. As one would expect, Trump’s policy paper is scholarly but accessible. Overall, an in depth, insightful study of his interpretation of the Constitution. Trump is unafraid to display his incredible understanding of the issues and express his ideas on how to best address this particular question. This paper is some of Trump’s finest work thus far.

  5. I really like how the Trump campaign is taking its time to formulate various policy positions rather than tossing out stuff just to appease the media. We need leadership not silly policy points that likely won’t end up exactly the same in two years. We need somebody who won’t appoint military leaders because they are gay. We are in such trouble.

    • Yes. So many accuse him of not providing enough details when literally none of the others have provided any at all.

      • Exactly — they just want him to put them out there so they can rip them up or steal them (whichever). None of the others have any specifics. These 30-second soundbites don’t give anyone time for specifics. And frankly, you do have to be in a place to get more information to make a wise decision which most of these people are not — certainly the outsiders.

  6. I see obama’s inviting transvestites and gay bishops to meet with the Pope. What a disgusting pervert this President is. We desperately need someone like Trump!

  7. odumbo and his cronies have s&*t all over our constitutional rights,especially the second amendment,the liberal democrats want to abolish the second amendment and take away our rights to defend ourselves and our families from illegals and ni66ers,Trump/2016!!!!!

      • If you have to ask, you’re too stupid to appreciate an answer. Gawd you desperate left wing degenerates are the absolute scourge of the planet. The sooner we rid ourselves of the liberal plague the sooner we can restore this country to its once pristine state. The End.

        • So you have no laws that he passed to cite.

          Reminds me of all those GOP Obamacare replacements.

          They exist but no one has seen or found them.

          More liberal feelings…..

          • Liberals asswipes don’t believe in facts. It’s a waste of time to engage them on anything but cell phones and video games. Liberals are the enemy of the United States. Like cockroaches stealing crumbs of bread in the night, liberals will do their utmost to to bring this country to her knees. Guess what flake? It’s never gonna happen. That’s why you weak-kneed ffucks don’t have a presidential candidate. You’re history. Get on your ffaggoty knees and worship the next Republican president. HAHA. Sucks to be you.

          • We don’t need a health care plan and we didn’t get one. You got a tax if you fail to buy insurance that was passed as not being a tax but the SCOTUS changed the law ( that congress wrote ) to say it was a tax. They had to get her done and did it is how they do stuff. Make it up as they go. There is no law other than might.

  8. I like his rhetoric but I’m concerned about all these flip-flopping stances. One minute he supports an “assault weapon ban” and the next he’s Charlton Heston.

        • As Ms. Coulter said, “Trump can perform abortions on the White House dining table as long as he builds a Wall!” Amen!

          • We really need Mr. Trump’s expertise. Only he can do it to proper specifications and make Mexico pay for it.

          • Trump said at the Dallas rally, he would get Mexico to pay for the wall. And here is how. The wall will cost approximately 4 billion. We have around a 56 billion trade deficit with Mexico. I believe they will pay!!

          • Hey I’m going to vote to give him the chance… if he delivers on even 25% of what he’s planning it will be 100% more than what Obama is doing… If he doesn’t get it done, there’s another election in 4 years…

          • But they won’t. None of them will. It is nothing but bread and circus and they all know it. Nothing is going to change under any “administration” because these people are all in bed together.

        • Blame the GOP all day long and then wake up to the reality that most of the GOP are your party’s comrades. Save a small few.

          If you would take a step back outside of your ideological box, you could see it for yourself.

        • If Donald really wants to build a wall like he has said numerous times., , does he REALLY need to be president to do so?…

          He has stated that he will do so with his own money! I do not understand why he would not keep his word if we were to elect Ted Cruz. I mean, would Donald suddenly not put his money where his mouth is??? He’s all talk. He’s all Donald Trump and no substance. You can kick his bucket a mile because there’s nothing in it.

      • I like the intentions of a wall, but remember that same wall can be used to keep us in. History has shown that these walls are bad for people on both sides.

        • Not in this case… there will be gates for people who want to visit our 3rd world neighbor and take their lives into their hands.

      • or maybe he was planted by left and given a pass by the media on things he has said that otherwise would have destroyed any other candidate so he can eliminate any chance of electing a Rand or Cruz type… so what? so he has said a few things that resonate with the conservative base and he has a name and the financial backing to actually win… I see the allure. However, that is not enough for me… even if it’s a 0.000000001% chance that he is a fraud, it’s too much for me to take the chance. Our country cannot afford another 4-8 year mistake. We KNOW Cruz and Rand won’t shred the Constitution and feed us to the wolves. We’re not really sure we can trust the Donald. So why on earth play Russian roulette with our nation??

      • A noble guy but I’m not sure I want to believe a guy who just a few years ago donated to the Hilary for Senate campaign and invited her to his wedding. Why are you so willing to overlook what he did?

        • Because politicians demand obeisance and to get anything done one must “contribute”. Notice how they’re above the law.

    • No doubt Wayne you have never changed a position in your thinking since you were born. Hooray for you. Sometimes those of us who mature tend to rethink positions.

      • Yet guys like Romney and Trump are allowed to change their minds after the age of 60.

        Most changes occur when you are under 20 and then get older, not for political expediency.

          • Of course it is, they are GOP.

            Just yesterday he was pro gay abortion and anti gun.

            But at age 70 while running for president he changed his mind.


        • Simply not true , I am an old fart and I change my mind on issues as facts warrant. For instance in 72 when Row passed there was no proof that the fetus was a person at conception. Science advances have proven beyond a doubt that unique human DNA is created at conception. Courts have charged , rape on a DNA profile when statute of limitations will soon run out keeping the clock running until the actual human can be brought before the courts. Many folks have changed there minds on gun rights after John Lott published the facts in his study. Trump is no different.

      • Tham: Do you always try to over-simplify in order to twist a point?

        At Trump’s age, he should have long ago decided his ideas about important core philosophies about the role of govt. He gave to the Hilary for Senate campaign not that long ago. He donated to the Clinton foundation. I’m a conservative, in my 40s, and I’ve never thought of even doing that. Yet he did? I guess actions speak louder than words to me. Most of his words until now have been liberal democrat talking points.

        You’re not being mature in changing positions…you’re being a sheep.

        When George Bush said “read my lips” and then raised our taxes, I’m sure you applauded him “rethinking his position” right?

        I don’t know which Trump to believe. The one who was for single payer healthcare, then he wasn’t? The one who supported Hilary for Senate? Then didn’t?

        So instead of using sanctimonious language to show how mature you are….use some facts. Pathetic Trump supporters are brainwashed.

    • 15 years ago and after seeing their failure. I will take a guy who is willing to admit he supported something because he thought it would work and then admit it failed.

      • tazzman: At Trump’s age, he should have long ago decided his ideas about important core philosophies about the role of govt. He gave to the Hilary for Senate campaign not that long ago. He donated to the Clinton foundation. I’m a conservative, in my 40s, and I’ve never thought of even doing that. Yet he did? I guess actions speak louder than words to me. Most of his words until now have been liberal democrat talking points.

      • Ted: Wow, you really convinced me with your facts. I’m neither ignorant or inaccurate. He was for single payer healthcare, until he wasn’t. He donated to the Hilary for Senate campaign (I didn’t). He donated to the Clinton Foundation (I haven’t).

        At Trump’s age, he should have long ago decided his ideas about important core philosophies about the role of govt. He gave to the Hilary for Senate campaign not that long ago. He donated to the Clinton foundation. I’m a conservative, in my 40s, and I’ve never thought of even doing that. Yet he did? I guess actions speak louder than words to me. Most of his words until now have been liberal democrat talking points.

  9. According to the NRA, “Rand Paul is too strong on the Second Amendment”. Rand Paul or Bust for me ! All Civil Rights Matter

    • Rand’s substance in the second debate was head-and-shoulders above the others. Unfortunately he’s on the media’s blacklist for obvious reasons.

      • He’s not even treading. Plus he’s for amnesty so I don’t care about his gun rights position frankly. Amnesty guarantees Democrat control of this country on a permanent basis and they, not Rand Paul, will set gun policy.

        • He is not for amnesty! Sheesh! Quoted from his website platform..

          Turn off the tv and think for yourself.

          “I do not support amnesty, but rather I support a legal immigration process. I recognize that our country has been enriched by those who seek the American Dream and have a desire for a better life. However, millions of illegal immigrants are crossing our border without our knowledge, and this threatens our national security.”

  10. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a
    free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not
    be infringed.”

    Simple and easy to understand. And the law of the land.

          • We don’t have militias, LOL. What, you think the national guard is a militia? Try again, fruit cake. Militias are independent from the government. If you were in a militia you’d be on the DHS terror watch list.

          • There are commas, , the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, the people are the militia.

          • Wrong again. Right of the people to keep and bear arms… the armed “people” being the militia. Says nothing of “only the well-regulated militia may keep and bear arms to protect the OTHER people”.

            But no matter… you strike me as the type of person who will not think for themselves, and the 2nd Amendment is not going anywhere soon, so deal with it.

      • It’s a done deal, in Heller, the Supreme Court agreed the right is an individual right, not tied to membership in a militia.

        It’s crystal clear if one reads the debate about the 2nd Amendment when it was adopted, that this right was considered of utmost importance (they devoted 1 out of 10 Amendments to it).

        The right clearly is intended to keep firearms at home and bear them anywhere. The type of arms is discussed to be modern, up to date military quality weapons as one important part of the 2nd amendment is to be able to fight against a military, foreign or domestic.

        Gunphobes, don’t have to have guns, the Amendment does not REQUIRE you to own them. Just be glad your neighbors are there for you if things go bad. I was in the Los Angeles riots, my unarmed neighbors were all quite happy to hang around at my house where we were protected. Some even begged to borrow a gun… funny how anti gunners can change stripes so fast.

  11. I trust Trump to keep his agreements with us, the American people about 10,000 times more than I do any elected politician.

  12. Oh my! Trumps positions on the Second Amendment is probably sending shivers of fear throughout the liberal communities, the homosexual communities, and the terrorist communities of America.

  13. Arizona ranks 1st place, 3 yrs in a raw, as “BEST STATE FOR GUN OWNERS”!!!
    Any questions???

  14. It seems with Obama being a….get this…. “Constitutional Scholar” he doesn’t know jack-sheet about the Amendments……but Trump understands it without being a “Constitutional Scholar”.

    • Yep and the GOP had a president from 2001-2009 with a MBA from Harvard and we saw all well how that turned out.

      Now the GOP doubles down on a another business guy.

    • odumbo doesn’t know anything about the constitution and wouldn’t care if he did,odumbo wants to be a dictator,he doesn’t respect the other branches of government and he doesn’t respect the military,above all,he doesn’t respect the American people.

  15. He forgot to mention the whole gun rights to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government thing. . .

  16. This is a good step forward for Trump. I really like Trump but one of his major problems that will become bigger for him going forward is his lack of clarity on and vague responses to questions on his various positions.

    “Because we’re just going to do it” isn’t going to fly in the general election. Things are looking great for him if he can continue this adjustment; he’ll be a formidable force.

    • We need leadership more than we need fine detailed policy wonk points for the media to tear apart. He’s smart in not putting out a bunch of a,b,c’s. All that sort of thing changes once in office and having to deal with Congress. General strokes are just fine with me.

  17. What’s the idea with repeatedly saying we need to get “gang members” off the street? The government can arbitrarily categorize any association as a “gang”, and round up those people along with the mexicans?

    • That’s just silly, sophomoric statement. The illegal gangs are clearly identifiable entities, such as MS 13. Give it a rest.

    • Apparently the government has identified 8.8 million “eligible” immigrants to sign on to citizenship. I doubt they would have a tough time finding the guys all tattooed up displaying the rapes and murders that they committed. They kind of stand out.

    • I don’t think it’s wise to give politicians the ability to strip rights away from individuals or groups by proclaiming a label for them, whether it be gang, domestic terrorist, hate group..

      • I would agree but when we have illegals getting dumped back on our streets after committing major felonies then I would assume that both you and I would see that as a problem.
        They are “not” by law suppose to be here.

        • If they are criminal then they are breaking some other law, is that not enough. Of course we can just say they hate someone if they are white.

  18. Carly is a RINO establishment puppet. Former CIA asset. She is the new weapon of choice to bring down Trump. She’s a fraud, she sold MILLIONS to Iran while working for HP.

  19. Applause for #2 on his three-point platform. Our prisons have become de facto asylums, making the already mentally ill even sicker, and giving them a finishing school in future criminality and brutality, for those who are dangerous to begin with. There is no other option for a person who is out of control–arrest and incarceration in a prison is all this society can come up with in 2015? Not to mention, if you call the police for help with your mentally ill relative or even your grandfather with dementia who is acting out, pray the police don’t show up and simply kill them on the spot. That is because the police are not equipped to deal with mental crises, and why should they be. There are no ‘men in white coats’ anymore, and there needs to be. In re-hauling and strengthening the mental health system in our country, it will reduce the number of violent crimes committed with guns by the mentally ill, thereby removing the false correlation liberals make, namely that gun owners are all crazy to begin with, and that law abiding gun owners are somehow responsible for crimes committed by those who should have been in a mental hospital to begin with. Sadly, I know someone right now who is threatening his ex- and her family, had a stockpile of weapons that were removed from his home while he was hospitalized for a suicide cry for help, and yet he wasn’t even held for 30 days. Because he is clever, the hospital, despite all of these threats and violence, turned him loose after only 10 days, and he immediately started up with the threats to kill upon release. The police are watching him closely, but he should still be in a hospital, not out on the streets.

    • Few are commenting on that aspect of Trump’s policy release, but it is a very important one. We really do need to address it.

  20. America has decided…………….It is Donald Trump they will elect ………………………TRUMP 2016

  21. Wait a minute! We can’t enforce the laws already on the books, why that would be ridiculous and it may make some person of color angry.

    No, I think we need to just take guns away from everyone, that way nobody will have guns. I mean, it’s working great in Chicago.

    Stupid, level headed Conservatives.

    • I have a dream that the ATF gets abolished and those pigs have to get another job and actually have to work instead of hassling law abiding gun owners.

  22. I have to admit that this is a far,far better overview of our 2nd amendment than Jeb’s California confiscation plan.

      • Year of the Woman is the globalist mantra. They may switch to Fiorina since Jeb is not getting any traction at all.

      • Agreed, he has the money. The GOPe will thank Fiorina for trying to take Trump out and then we will find her dumped in an ally a week later. As a matter of speaking, of course.

    • I really don’t think “JEB!” is in the game anymore. However, I imagine the “CARLY!” plan will be similar.

  23. The media, life-time politicians (Republicans and Democrats), the RNC and the DNC are scared stiff of a Trump Presidency. That is exactly why we need to make Trump President. Politician tell us why we can not, and Trump tells us can and we must!

  24. If the feds want to do something about guns,they need to sweep the ghettos everyday until they get all the illegal guns.

    • Come on now. We already saw the EPA needing back up from the FBI and ATF on collecting a bill from a cattle rancher. Those standard issue submachineguns that the EPA had apparently was not enough fire power to pull off such a dangerous feat.

  25. imho: We do not need more laws. State’s rights was NEVER intended to extend into the 10 amendments of the original constitution. Therefore, no state has the constitutional authority to infringe or ignore in any fashion any of the those amendments. The Second Amendment states the Right to Keep and Bare arms very clearly and if one reads the arguments to adopt that amendment will see CLEARLY see that it is meant to be an INDIVIDUAL right. The clear purpose of all of those amendments is to PROTECT the citizen thus limiting the power of the government be it state or federal. The reasons that states have been allowed to enact their own laws that supersede any of those amendments is not due to state’s rights but lands squarely on those legislators of those states over the years of being corrupt, power hungry and in fear of their citizens to hold them accountable for strangling our liberty and confiscating our money. Read Patrick Henry’s arguments in the Virginia State House re the Amendments to our Constitution. Any state that truly favors liberty and freedom for it’s citizens would make damn sure that accurate American history is being taught in their public schools. That fact in and of itself exposes what those in any state government is truly about.

  26. Most of you morons just need to throw those TVs in the dumpster and get some ethical training on how to act responsibly in the 21st century. These comments indicate why our once great nation is imploding.

    • I seriously doubt that anyone here has any ethical issues in the proper use and safety of firearms as say your joker in the theater guy who did have that 21st century ethics training.

      • My joker. Right. I get it. I (huge I) put the government M16 guys onto Holmes. Yep. Told em that Holmes’ dad would be easy leverage for the gun control paradigm they had wanted to foist upon the public. Afterall, Holmes’ dad was about to testify in the LIBOR scandal, and might provide evidence damaging to the banksters who wanted to keep their derivatives trading going. It was me. I confess. Then the M16 guys planted a dude in the theater to let open the backdoor so that the (by then) drugged and deranged Manchurian candidate, Holmes, would be allowed in to carry out the slaughter of innocents so that the gun control program could be hurried up a bit. It was all ME, and I’m proud OF it. Right. You made my point for me so much better than I did. Thank you.

  27. Fiorina is an example of failing upward. Can’t handle the job she has so she goes after a bigger one. Obama is proof it is hard to get fired for incompetence. Our country can not take another four years of incompetence.

  28. Trump’s white paper on the 2nd Amendment looks okay to me.
    I’m an NRA Life Member and a retired lawyer.

  29. Fiorina is a wall street puppet.. you don’t get to be a CEO of a publicly traded company unless you are a wall street puppet Period.. don’t be fooled into thinking she an outsider..

      • Nor her Senate run out here in Kookifornia. She really is just a “moderate” Republican at best. Now that would have been an improvement over Barbara Boxcar Bertha, but not as President. Kind of a John Kasich type which in other times might have been okay. After 8 years of what the Obama Regime and its merry progressives have done and are doing to us, we need something vastly different.

        • So, how is the left coast these days? I left in 1993 after graduating from U. C. Hastings College of the Law.
          It was a blast living in LA though before SF.

          • I’m working on getting out. I still like the climate, mountains, desert, ocean and all that stuff. Great farmer’s markets since food is grown all year, that sort of thing. But cost of living is insane, taxes mind boggling, regulations, “carbon” fighting laws, one party leftist state, etc. If you are wealthy, not a bad place to retire to, but I do mean wealthy. Then you can avoid the millions of riff-raff.

          • I have a buddy, who is still in Ojai. He’s about had it.
            I showed up in 1986 with a 400 HP 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator, and ran around So. Cal. for a few years. It was a blast. By 1993, I was done.
            Yeah, I know all about Boxer and Pelosi, having lived in Pelosi’s district for four years.
            SF is 100% politically full of sh*t.

          • SF is friggin hopeless. I hear it stinks from the urine and feces of all the homeless they “protect”. Cesspool. Ojai is a nice area and I’m in another mountain area of SoCal. Pretty nice if I could move it somewhere else. LOL, you’d probably be breaking umpteen regulations out here with that Eliminator.

          • I was and am a motor head. 157 mph, mid-high 12’s before I built it.
            I used to run against 911’s on Mulholland. One guy almost killed himself in one of the hairpin turns, while doing 360’s behind me.
            But the girls, wow, that was the real fun.

  30. The more I hear from Trump the more I like him. Hard for any common-sense person to disagree with this, though of course the pro-government extremists (otherwise called liberals) will.

  31. I was on board with Fiorina long before her Trump Bump. However after studying where she has been and what she has done, I dropped her like a hot potato. She campaigned for McShame. She is closely tied to the Bushes. She has ties with the CIA – that’s always a red flag. She ran a horrible campaign in CA. Although I applaud women who become CEOs but I do not applaud incompetent women CEOs. Trump is right. He would have not hired her. There is a reason why she is no longer in the business world. Let her bask in the glow of Liberal Media. As soon as Trump is gone they will dump her like Barbara Bachman, who by the way was a true conservative and a much nicer person.

    • I checked her out early after reading about all the “swooning” and I simply was not impressed. She has the “woman” card is about all. Then there is her constant refrain that her first call as president would be to Netanyahu. Yes, he is an ally but he is not the first call she should be making. She is running for President of the United States. Her other refrains have to do with how many world leaders she’s met. It all just sounded like a resume.

  32. If a man can be describe as an empty suit, Fiorina is an empty skirt. First had experience when she was at HP she was in front of the company and it was obvious from what she said that she didn’t understand the product. She is a fraud. That’s why she got the boot at HP. Before she left she made sure she got a good golden parachute.California sent her packing the rest of us should too.

  33. Interesting that Obama is quick to demand gun bans for law-abiding people but didn’t say word one about the Muslim who murdered our troops at Fort Hood. Or the Muslim who beheaded Oklahoma grandmother Colleen Hufford. Or the Muslim who tried to murder Pam Geller in Texas. Or the Muslim who slaughtered the two NY city cops. Why so silent, Barry?

  34. Solid, logical stance on guns.
    Trump has Common Sense

    Go Trump ( just someone please take away his phone so he can’t twitter – lol)

  35. As usual, TRUMP makes perfect sense – to law-abiding AMERICANS. Can’t wait for him to become PRESIDENT!

  36. Fiorina’s chief value to me is a foil to Billary Clinton. She demystifies the whole “I am woman” ball of malarkey the press would be sure to kick up in Billary’s defense, otherwise. I think she knows it, and I appreciate her contribution to that extent. Keeping Billary out of the White house is Job#1…

    • Nope, keeping Hillary out of the White House is NOT #1. I doubt she even makes it to the nomination. Keeping Democrats and RINOs out of the White House is #1.

  37. These are typical stances on guns from someone who doesn’t understand or care about the 2nd amendment. One many politicians might think is solid. But it caves to some major problems.

    1. Permits are unconstitutional. A Nationwide Conceal carry permit adds undo burden to people who don’t need one. Why should anyone need a permit to wear a coat or carry a gun in their purse?

    2. Putting Medical records to Background checks is insane. It’s what liberals have been trying to do for years. It’s a slippery slope to removing a lot of guns very fast. How easy is it for an anti gun doctor to slip in a note saying I don’t think he should have a gun. Rights stripped.

    3. Background checks do not need to be fixed, they need to be repealed. In his own paper he notes that they don’t work. It is an unnecessary burden on gun ownership.

    Sorry Donald try again.

    • I agree, convicted felons have a right to carry while incarcerated.

      Nothing in the Constitution says they cannot.

    • I disagree and I do have a concealed weapon permit. I’m a big gun advocate so I’m not against guns. I do not believe taking an 8 hour course and having a permit that does a background check for felonies and domestic violence hurts anyone. And….if someone is nuts they don’t belong owning a gun period.

          • You believe if someone is nuts they don’t belong owning a gun. That’s unconstitutional. It’s also a slippery slope to you loosing your rights. If someone decides you are nuts, and that’s a simple opinion, then you lose your rights? People who are nuts Don’t have a right to defend themselves? They have a right to own hammers and Knifes. Why not a gun?

  38. Whats all this talk about Carly? We already have a woman President and we don’t need another one. Trump the MAN will make America great again.

  39. For the 100th time, the notion of ‘gun rights’ is an absurd fiction. The state national guard, i.e. the actual militia, has a right to own fire arms. The military has the right to own fire arms. It is not a right for citizens because, as we can see with our 30,000+ gun violence deaths every year, most citizens are not responsible enough to own them. Hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved had yahoo and nuts not misinterpreted the 2nd amendment.

  40. Wonder what Trump has to say about disarming all those fed flunkees with guns at places like the depts. of AG, Education, EPA, etc. That’s what I call Barney Fife, except with a whole lot of ammo.

  41. I like it that The Donald is posting all these position papers. They clearly demonstrate that he is switching his viewpoint. Perhaps he will be the one to bring an end to the White Woman’s War on Society.

  42. Here, my little OFA paid shill loser, BlackFelch. I have a flesh colored lollipop for ya’.

  43. As usual Trump has an agenda and a timely plan of action. He will from time to time release some paper, and you can expect nothing but the very best from the best. TRUMP 2016 !!!

  44. defending 2nd amendment rights might make tis country great again, but exercising those rights will make it a lot safer

  45. Dear Donald, Imagine how much greater America would be if we simply disarmed all Obama voters. Just a little food for thought.

      • When Black Panthers Opened Carried in California. Governor Reagan passed laws to suppress the Second Amendment.

        If someone wanted to pass gun laws. All they would have to do is arm a few black militants to walk around malls.

        Once the businesses lose money the GOP would pass laws to stop it.

  46. I agree the current system is in need of serious overhaul – from campaign finance, to term limits, to budget, to our bloated spending (and on and on)

    Many of the candidates offer, at best, more of the same. Be an R or D beside their name, there is very little difference either party makes in improving America for “us regular voters” versus special interests.

    But, Trump is not the answer. Sure, he says the status quo isn’t working, but his ability to intelligently offer measurable solutions beyond vague “I’ll handle it” or “I get along with everyone” isn’t a viable platform.

    Do I care what a candidate looks like or if they are soft-spoken, not really. I haven’t made up my mind, but I am amazed, yet again, at the calibre of candidates we have to choose from.

    • Seems you have made up your mind on Trump. So who is there left that you are trying to make up your mind on?
      And which one or two most amazed you and be it good or bad amazed?

      • Definitely not voting for Trump. Not amazed by anyone yet… i am not particularly concerned about their debate performances, as they aren’t debates and don’t dig down into positions.

  47. Yah, but does Trump support nationwide, in all 50 states: concealed carry for legal self defense for all lawful citizens who can pass a background check and complete safety training?

    • Nuts!

      In AZ you dont need ANY FED check or permit or whatever you can just carry concealed. Its called the peoples right.

      Also the FED has NO RIGHT to tell the states what they can or cant do.

      Power structure of the USA—>

      1.) The people
      2.) The states
      3.) Last and least the FED

      • You have it right but it has been turned upside down. Because when you hear the feds trump state law but that should only be what is allowed in the founding document and nothing more. That SCOTUS has failed to do its job. It in fact has helped those that appoint them.

        • SCOTUS has been spied on by the NSA and each and every one of them has something to hide. Obama and the powers that be use that power like a laser guided bomb to control their judgments.

  48. Read the entire thing. Trump gets it correctly, the rights spelled out in the US Constitution exist separately from the Constitution. The Constitution forbids the government from infringing on those rights.

  49. Margaret Thatcher was Britain’s, ‘Iron Lady”. Carly Fiorina is an Iron Lady with the Mona Lisa Smile. She doesn’t play the victim and she’s proven in the last debate that she can battle with, and hold her own with the boys. .

    • Let me get you straight – because Florina can debate, and I have no idea what the Iron Lady entails (define that), you’d nominate her president… that’s scary

  50. Trump has yet to be specific about whether he would take guns away from Vets, disabled or elderly because some Obama doctor declared they have a “mental illness. I don’t trust any of these rats onstage.

  51. Fiorina decimated Hewlett Packard and was fired. She is not a leader. The only reason she was at the debate is because she is a woman. She’s done like an overcooked ham.
    Deal with it.

  52. Trump gets it wrong, the 2nd Amendment is a concealed carry “permit”, reciprocity is not required. And backgrounds checks are unconstitutional, there are two ways to deny a person their 2nd Amendment rights, and that’s by throwing them in jail or an insane asylum. If/when they get out they get those rights back.

  53. Politicians will say ANYTHING to get elected. Trump is running for political office and now a POLITICIAN.

    He has the anti-illegal crowd locked in.
    Now he is going for the gun crowd.
    Next he will get the right to life crowd and christians.

    That should just about do it……….

    There is something about trump I do not trust.

    • Maybe it’s because Trump signed the GOP loyalty pledge a few weeks ago? Maybe it’s because he voted for the assault weapons ban? Maybe it’s because he donated to Planned Parenthood and Hillary ?

      • Ronald Reagan changed his mind. Jeff Sessions changed his mind. How is it only Trump can’t change his mind? Your argument is full of holes.

    • With your own words then we might as well do away with elections altogether and our form of government. You might want to rethink your wording.

  54. President Trump just won the general election !!!
    He should also stake out a position on revamping the State Department , getting rid of the perverts that work there.

  55. Trump needs to go all the way. This government is scared of him. He is bringing it to the people and he knows there are a huge number that are willing to fight for this country once and for all. I am telling you that it is now that we the people who believe in the Bill of Rights gather your friends and help get this man elected and protected.

  56. The stinking commie gun grabbers aint going to like this common sense approach to American gun rights AT ALL!

  57. Here is the deal with the sudden media push for Fiorina.

    The elites in the GOP and their puppets in the MSM have realized that Trump is going to win in a landslide and there is no chance they will be able to insert another RINO or Neocon into the race who can beat him.

    They picked the “outsider” of the bunch that they can control and are going to throw all their weight behind her in an attempt to defeat Trump.

    She has never been an elected politician and that is the only thing that qualifies her as an “outsider” but don’t let that fool you! She is simply a politician that has never held office -yet-! She is still cut from the same cloth as the current elite criminals in Washington. She does not have a lot of money (by elite standards) which means she can be bought. Being in corporate high office of a high profile large company in the past, you know the NSA, FBI and CIA have dirt on her which makes her vulnerable to the elite. If they can make you, they can control you!

    Trump does not need their money. If they had any dirt on Trump, they would have used it already. He is our only shot at re-taking control of this corrupt, criminal enterprise called the US government.

    Ignore who the media want, it is never what’s best for what you want!

  58. Trump should connect the Constitutional right to self defense and gun ownership with women.
    Its a women’s right to have a gun to protect herself from all dangers , including illegal alien rapists.

    When asked about guns, he should answer with the questions, Do women have a right to the tools necessary to protect themselves from vicious raping attackers?

      • That’s not my point. Of course the right is for everyone but it’s women that are talked into anti gun positions and are the ones pushing for gun control
        Trump needs to point ut that women need guns the most when it comes to self defense.
        Want to end vicious rapes? Arm all women

        • “Needs” got nothing to do with it. “The right of THE PEOPLE shall not be infringed”. That’s clear enough.

          • I’m talking about campaign rhetoric and using the left’s own positions against them
            Women have no rights if they don’t have a right to protect themselves , so anyone pushing for women’s rights should have to embrace the 2nd amendment

          • Women aren’t some alien species hanging out on the mother ship, they are part of “The People”.

          • Given your positions on all manner of things I suspect that anyone you hang around with is an alien and not just alien to the U.S.

      • Owning guns has NOTHING to do with the constitution and it is NOT a constitutional right. It is an inalienable right given by our maker and the constitution BANS the GOV from taking it away.

          • “But now,” he said, “take your money and a traveler’s bag. And if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one!

        • The Bill of Rights to the US constitution is my Constitutional right. You can take it or leave it. I could care less.

          • What bald said is true and the founding fathers so said. The right to defend your life is a god given and for others your own right.
            If you wish to check to see if it is legal or what ever you will be toast. Like those in DC do what you got to do. Trayvon found one that didn’t want to be toast.

          • You still dont get it!
            The Bill of rights tells the GOV what they cant touch. It does NOT give you rights. You had those rights by being born a free man. Rights CANT be given and taken away.

  59. I don’t like his position on background checks. They should be eliminated altogether. And Mental Health has nothing to do with the second amendment. Deal with it separately.

  60. If you think Trump will protect your guns…


    Once they put in legislation about mental health, then all they have to do is change the definition of mental health.

    Ever taken an aspirin? Then you cant own a gun.
    Someone in your family ever have mental health issues? Then you can’t own a gun.
    Someone in your neighborhood have mental health problems? Then you can’t own a gun.

    Once they get their foot in the door… you know what comes next.

  61. This ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why Trump is doing so well. He’s TALKING about issues Americans WANT to hear, and he’s SAYING what Americans WANT to hear.

    If the bozos, like Christi, Bush, and turning as senial as his daddy Randy Paul. Want to beat Trump, them instead of ATTACKING him, and PANSY FOOTING around the issues, then they should follow Trumps lead, and REALIZE that the majority of Americans take these things serious. Leave the infighting and avoiding the issues like liberals.

    The MAJORITY of Americans apposed illigal imigratuon. The MAJORITY of Americans disagree with homosexual marriages.
    The Majority of Americans don’t want big government.
    And Donald Trump is the only one SAYING what the MAJORITY of Americans want to hear. Instead of assuming the majority of Americans are blindly following the liberal, and Democrat agenda.

    Republicans and Conservatives want somebody like Trump because of these reasons.

  62. Please….lets just jump ahead 2 weeks….Carly is down in the polls….Rubio is up…..Carson ran out of money…..Walker went home…….Trump 2106

  63. Everyone is “a long way from winning” until you consider that necessarily, with near 100% certainty, SOMEONE will win.

    Then with 99 44/100% certainty, the one that will win the Republican nomination was on that stage at CNN two days ago. So, there were, what, 14 people? So, one of those WILL win the nomination.

    Now, Trump will win the nomination unless one of the others beats him. Okay, then, which other one will beat him? Got someone in mind want to put money on?

    Just simple logic, guys.

    Next, for all the talk about Trump being just bluster and bombast, in fact now he has out two carefully considered and worded position papers that look quite responsible.

    Next, long one of the standard Republican head fakes, code words, evasions, scams has been on immigration: The scam has the candidates say to first build a wall and stop the flow of illegals and only after he wall do something about the illegals already here.

    But those Republicans with that scam say this knowing, wink, wink, code word, that the funding for such a wall would have to be approved by Congress and, wink, wink, code word, that won’t happen because both sides of the isle are against it.

    So, go and elect someone who promises a really good solution to the immigration problem, wait for Congress to come into session, see the bills to build a wall proposed, and watch the how the bills proceed — can watch for 50 years and, somehow, no such bill will ever actually pass. Wonder of wonders. “Oh, I’m SO sorry. I did everything I could to get that wall built.” BS. There was no chance from the beginning, and the politician knew that from the beginning. It was all a scam.

    Then in reality, no wall. Then nothing that comes after the wall that was supposed to come first. So, no change. Scam. Maybe this’s part of why Trump says that Mexico will pay for the wall.

    Point: Look at the responses in the debate and see all the long, complicated plans for fruit pickers, guest workers, legalization without citizenship, etc. that, really, are designed just to get bogged down and not work and, thus, give what the Republican ‘big wigs’, whomever they are, maybe the Koch brothers, want. So, for each such candidate, mark them off your list as scam artists with strings being pulled by some big wigs with thick check books. That little exercise leaves Trump as the only one left standing or nearly so.

    There are a LOT of voters who agree with Trump on immigration, and, among all the candidates in both parties on that issue, Trump stands alone or nearly so. There are no big wig, thick checkbook strings pulling on Trump.

    Now, who’s going to win the WH?

    Maybe you regard Trump as the worst candidate except for all the rest, but, still, whom do you want to bet on to win the WH?

    • Why is it the cynical outlook always ignores the citizenry being fed up? Trump makes good with Congressional support or the 2018 midterms are going to be very interesting.

      • A President Trump will have so much voter support and power otherwise that Congress will ‘come around’.

        Gee, Congress didn’t impeach Obama. In that case, for Trump, it stands to be a love fest. For the string pullers of Congress, Congress will just tell them that Trump is too powerful — sorry ’bout that.

        • Whether Congress complies or not will show up in the 2018 midterms. If the people are fed up enough to elect Trump then Congress had better play ball. It’s either that or we have new Congressmen.

  64. The policy outlines two things: Trump hires good people. Trump makes sure those people speak to the people. He’s not Reagan, but in these two major traits…he is. This along outlines he can become a great President.

  65. He’s writing about stopping the use of the term ‘assault weapons’ which liberals think is a scary term. They are using it to describe automatic weapons. There is a vast difference, and Trump is correct. He still feels assault weapons should be banned, but not the automatic weapons that liberals term ‘assault weapons’.

    • No they aren’t. “They” are using it to describe semi-automatic weapons. And what do you think Trump thinks should be banned?

      • Exactly! Trump knows the term he used to describe assault weapons were nothing more than semi auto rifles when he wanted to ban them. You will never convince the Trump cultists what he really said or meant, they are too far gone.

  66. This is a policy paper? Does he have any idea how many criminals commit gun crimes in this country? Where is the money going to come from to prosecute every one of them and keep them in jail for 5 years? We’re broke. He’s also going to have to build hundreds of new prisons to do what he wants while the states already have the facilities to do it.. Prosecuting these crimes is already being done at the state level. We as republicans complain about state sovereignty but support statists when they run for federal office. Also, what is his current position on “assault” type weapons since he flip flops weekly? All this is is a bunch of populist crap!

    • You didn’t just put to print the notion that we’re not going to lock up violent criminals, did you?

      Yup! You did.

      Now let the adults handle this.

      • No I didn’t I said the states are already doing it. What Trump said is that after the states are done prosecuting (or maybe before) the feds are going to try every gun crime and then send the perps to jail for 5 years with no possibility of early release. I’m saying the states already have laws to prosecute gun crimes and Trump is simply using populist BS and calling it a position paper. Anyone stupid enough to fall for this deserves what they’ll get.

        • OK, that’s a valid point. The Fed though wouldn’t be able to try the case though unless it was already a federal case. You cannot try the same case twice once a verdict is already handed down.

          Let’s just say Trump is on the right track for getting tough on crime even if it’s the wrong car.

          • Trump is bloviating. He’s not getting tough on crime he’s pandering to people like you. There is nothing in his policy statement that will ever be implemented. We already have the BATF with the authority to prosecute certain gun crimes but defer most to the states because they have dealt with gun crimes since the beginning of time. It would be IMPOSSIBLE for the feds to prosecute EVERY gun crime as Trump says he will and imprison all those people in federal prisons for 5 years each, it’s not going to happen. Whenever you see a policy like this from any candidate ask yourself where the money to pay for it is coming from, we’re broke. The states are even letting murderers plead down to lesser crimes to avoid the expensive trials and long prison terms they can’t afford to impose, how the heck can the feds do anything close to this with $19T in debt?

  67. Complete and total non-issue. The hypocritical left wing ,MSM and Trump’s competitors are doing everything they can to try and take Trump down. You have a Unites States Military officer that slaughtered 13 US citizens and yelled “Allah Akbar” before doing ti. Why didn’t hear one peep from that witch felon lying hypocrite Shrillary or that phoney Obama? Instead it was work place violence. I’m glad we have someone who is willing to tell it like it is. Guess what left wing and MSM? The average person could care less about what some half drunk jackazz said at Trump’s meeting and it isn’t Trump’s responsibility to referee everyone s 1st amendment rights.

    Trump 2015!

    Via con dios Trump!

    Viva Trump!

    Trump=Braveheart 2016!


    ———————————— + TRUMP 2016 + —————————————-


  69. If Obama and the Peeps can have period after period of “evolutionary discovery”, then Trump can harden his support for the 2nd Amend.
    I’m sold. Trump 2016.

    • 1) The second amendment IS a concealed carry permit. No state should be able to limit that right.
      2) I don’t trust anybody who claims that the government’s assessment of someone’s mental health is a legitimate abrogation of the 2nd amendment. Mental health has nothing to do with the right to bear arms.
      3) Background checks are unconstitutional and should be stopped.
      4) I don’t care what they do with criminals. That’s up to the state and also has nothing to do with the 2nd amendment.

      His position paper sounds like it was written by Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi.

      I like Trump, but this doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy.

    • He favors the ban on assault weapons…there already is a ban on assault weapons. At least they are heavily restricted anyway.

      Don’t see the issue here…just either you or Trump needs to clarify what an “assault weapon” is as you probably both have it wrong.

  70. Excellent!

    “NATIONAL RIGHT TO CARRY. The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.” ~Donald Trump

  71. Trump says some things that people want to hear, but that does not make him qualified to be president. He is an egotistical blowhard who will be out of the race soon, but not soon enough. Hillary must be hoping Trimp is nominated because it will ensure here levy, IF she can get the nomination. Where is Jim Webb?

    • So the President should be humble.

      Who runs for President and is humble? MAYBE Jimmy Carter? That’s about it.

      To run for President, and to run a country, you have to have a HUGE ego! That doesn’t only apply to Trump, but every person in the race right now with the possible exception of Biden.

  72. I love all the constitutional scholars who’ve read every supreme court decision, including dissenting opinions, on the second amendment on this comment board. lmao. Did anyone really expect a100 page treatise by Trump on the 2nd amendment to outline his opinion? Unfuqingbelevable. That’s two positions no other RINO dare put to paper. Simple, it’s Trump and the criminal elite establishment. Where do you stand?

    • Actually more than just two. Both position papers contain a lot of info on a much broader range of subject than just the titles display. Trump has done this very well.

  73. It’s a good thing, and unique that he is bringing mental illness into the campaign. While care is improving, insurance companies will not cover a lot of things related to mental illness. It’s a damn shame.

      • It is a shame that it takes an election year to bring up the important things that matter. We can only hope that some of them stick. The insurance plans on the ACA (Obamacare) are horrible. High deductibles and very expensive. All of them treat mental illness as “Specialty care” and a lot of the newer medications are very expensive thus considered “specialty” and third tier. Having a very good friend suffer with psychosis, I have first hand knowledge of the hurdles mentally ill people have to go through for treatment. It makes me sick that treatment of the most important organ of our body, the mind, is considered specialty treatment and is often not covered. Our country is so back assward when it comes to medical treatment. I do not care who makes it an issue, but for Gods sake, do something about it.

    • Jared Loughner — everyone knew the guy was off and because of the stringency of the HIPA laws and such no one could do a thing until he killed someone. There ought to be a way to tag these people that can’t be used just to destroy someone you don’t like. Same with the Virginia Tech shooter, New Town, etc.

  74. If you wanna see a reduction in crime make it federal law what texas has as the castle doctrine. It doesn’t matter that the criminal took one step out of your house with your 50 inch hdtv, you can still blow his head off in texas. Make that the national law and criminals will either die in mass or hide in terror.

  75. Perhaps leftists who now live unarmed will take another look at gun rights now that Trump has raised the issue. If you are sane, there is no reason you should not protect your family, and that means owning a gun unless you can pay for close-by armed security.

  76. She’s the one won’t talk to Putin. Instead she wants to aggressively provoke him in his sphere of influence and move more troops to Europe. And she’s worried about Trump with his finger on the button? Trump would be on the phone working things out, she is the warmonger and should be in a psycho ward not the oval office.

  77. I live in Baltimore where the police have been so harassed by the idiot politicans that they have become defensive rather than proactive in doing their jobs. The murder rate has skyrocketed. For the first time even the brain dead liberals are starting to understand why we have the Second Amendment. Now that they have made the police stand down the liberals finally understand that the bad guys are playing for real. And it is their neighborhoods that are now in the firing zone.

  78. Trump is making quite the habbit of taking positions that contradict his own previous opinions. Either his stances have genuinely changed or he is being dishonest to garner votes. Both posibilities are plausible, but I think Trump is just another liar trying to get elected at any cost.

    • He has always supported second amendment rights. At times he as talked about certain restrictions and bans but never outright supported anything. This clarifies all that.

      • This is just one of many positions where he has sided with liberals in the past, whether just vocally or logistically. He has established a pattern of historically liberal statements that conflict with statements he is now making. This kind of pattern warrants skepticism.

        Just because he supports less infringement now does not make him a friend of gun owners. His support of waiting periods will turn off a lot of conservatives and libertarians (who largely dislike him already) and will no doubt earn him criticism from groups like the GOA and NRA.

    • I’ll take a possible liar over any of the Demmunist party proven liars AND the scumbag RINOS who betrayed the trust of the voters who sent them to Washington.

      • All politicians lie stupid! You have to change the Constitution because it no longer works. It was for past times when only a few people governed America. Now it’s turned into a billion plus of worthless waste every year. Get rid of all Legislators and we could balance the budget.

  79. I am glad he provided a specific, clear and reasonable position. I did not care for Trump at the beginning but he seems to be by far the best of the leading candidates from both parties if you look closely at his positions.

  80. When it comes to “Democracy”, there is no such thing as rights, only privileges. If you think you live, operate and do commerce in a Republic, think again.

    • The problem is your education. A republic is defined by division of power. We have three branches of government for republican checks and balances. democracies have no such thing. We are a constitutional republic with a legislative branch that operates on some democratic principles.

      • Very true. Voting does not a Democracy make. Especially a Constitutional Republic. Even the communists vote.

  81. The 2nd Amendment position paper I’d like to see from a republican candidate:

    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Period.

    Nothing about criminals.
    Nothing about Concealed Carry permits.
    Nothing about mental health.
    Nothing about background checks.
    Nothing about assault weapons.
    Nothing about magazines.

      • Yes, let’s bargain away our rights in a civilized manner. It’s the way gutless people become slaves.

        • Nathan. I agree with what you are saying. I understand what you are saying. Now you need to come up with some answers.

          A person is deemed mentally incompetent to the point that they represent a danger to themselves and others. Do you ignore this person being armed? Do you do anything about it? If so, what?

          Trump states, “But for those who are violent, a danger to themselves or others, we need to get them off the street before they can terrorize our communities. This is just common sense.”

          Trump is suggesting undoing the laws regarding mentally incompetent people with violent tendencies being reversed so they are institutionalized like they were before lefties decided everyone was somehow better off living on the streets. If that’s the case then it stands to reason, since this is also part of his Second Amendment position paper, that those people will already be locked away so they cannot harm themselves or others. Thus making a suggestion that people will be determined to be a danger to themselves or others for the sake of violating their Second Amendment protected rights into a mute argument.

  82. My, my, the leftist fear of Fiorina and Trump is simply a joy to behold. They’re scared sh*tless of both.

    Competence frightens the vast ocean of mediocrity the progreSSives inhabit.

  83. I would like to see the rest of the candidates manage 515 companies. Trump has a ton of experience in picking managers and running companies. He has a habit of picking the right people. On foreign affairs I have no worries that he will pick the right people and shake up the state department. Some of Trumps companies failed and therefore he had to declear bankruptcy for them. He also had to pay off the politicians in power to get things done. SO WHAT!!!!!

  84. There are things I like and dislike about Trump. I like the fact that he doesn’t put up with nonsense and is not politically correct. What I dislike is how he makes everything personal and does the schoolyard attacks. Really, talking about how people look is juvenile. Another consideration is congress. If Trump alienates people then he won’t be able to get anything done. People will shift their blame from congress to him and then what? As pissed off as I am about where this country is going, we need more than rhetoric and red meat. I think that people with self-respect will feel that they deserve dignity in leadership. Right now Trump comes up short. Remember, it is never a good idea to react in anger. Well, Trump is the immediate reaction to how angry Americans are. We would be wise to be patient and consider every option.

    • Never a good idea to act in anger…Is that what you said….?….you are a dip=wad=sissy…..not acting in anger is for losers…….If someone pisses you off let them know….like now from me to you….you are a freaking sissy..

  85. Once again trump cuts through the political correctness and points out that Mental Illness is the issue…NOT guns. The problem is…. HIPA laws. End them……and start doing what we did for decades and open up insane asylums again. We started having all these issues when they were closed in the mid 70’s.

  86. Let’s face it. Donald even rocks when the reporter can’t spell, check their grammar, or takes time rubbing their pierced noses while chatting on their cellphone

  87. Trump’s immigration policy mirrors Killary’s with the exception of the self-serving bombast of building a wall.

  88. You mean violent criminals would be in jail instead of potentially getting voting rights back if Dems and Obama has their way? SIGN ME UP!!! Hey Republicans. Wanna see a revolution that the Beatles talked about so long ago? Keep bowing to Obama and you are all going to be replaced by guys like Trump and worse!

      • What donations?…..Oh you mean to the money I sent him…..Like he really needed $100….I did it because I want to support him….the money is secondary…You are a fkn idiot….

        • Do I need to link to the numerous times he said he would not be taking money?
          People who support Trump are the same type of moron who supported Barack Obama.
          The man has a long history of left wing politics. Not only that, he demonstrated what a complete fool he is at the second “debate”. “I can get along with Putin”
          You know what other amateur idiots said that?
          Two words for you freakshow…”reset button”

  89. The Donald is doing what we need him to do. He is taking down every talking-head and elitist in his path.

    We have suffered a long road waiting for a candidate that will do us right. May I offer up a small challenge to support Trump?

    Leave it to Trump to dump on the idiots. Let’s be our real selves, and do what we tried to do for 30+ years. Let’s talk about issues!!! Now that Donald has silenced the PC idiots wasting our time with BS, let’s get serious.

  90. Trump is doing the right thing…..Immigration details and now positions on gun control…..who else is putting it out there ?….Trump 2016

  91. I firmly believe that if John McCain, Mitt Romney, or any other neoconservative establishment
    presidential candidate that might have won the last election, they would have capitulated to the ‘Sandy Hookers’.

    Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee stood firm, saying NO to the Gun Grabbers.

    The ‘Sandy Hookers’ are still in the wings waiting for the right moment to make Outlaws out of
    every gun owner.

    I’m afraid if we allow any neoconservative presidential candidate to make it into office in 2016
    all the gun owners in this Nation can kiss their ‘Gun Rights’ goodbye.

    Who do you trust???

    Rand Paul is the only candidate who has expressed a commitment to the constitution… Unless he departs from his present views he is the only person who has earned my vote, my respect and my financial support.

  92. Would you believe it was a person from Annapolis that had personal guns banned to be carried on military sites? Jimmy Cawter (Carter)….a democrat. I was one of those stupid ones who believed he was smart and could only do right cause my family was pro-democrat. It turns out that he did a lot more undesirable things, but what can you do when you’re raised by parents that are politically blind and put the same blinders on you?

    As one becomes more aware of politics, one can only conclude…..there’s probably more mental health disorders and illnesses concentrated in the DC area than anywhere else in this nation.

    I’m hearing some commentators implying that Mr. Trump was lying low and was avoiding South Carolina today. Just the contrary. I know the opposite. He had a scheduled business meeting today. No telling he could already have plans to visit SC on his own, who knows.

    With South Carolina being low density, highly rural, rather laid back, people who are very religious, and depend on each other they would likely have a rather low abuse on their fellow man…..unless undermining liberals wanted to distort the truth for some reason…maybe like reasons to have guns banished?!!

    And I’m sure the deep south would whole heartedly agree with Mr. Trumps position on the second amendment and rights. Very nice stance, Mr. Trump.

  93. I used to think the only dumb people were on the left. Then Trump came along and out slithered the populists that sit out elections and cry for their ball when things don’t go their way. Boohoo. Yeah, Bush sucks, as do all inside the beltway fools. But Trump is a thin skinned narcissist like Hussein. He is lazy and shallow. He;s coming around with some decent position papers. But for a guy that claims to be smart I find it childish he hasn’t thought through many of the things he’s now reading up on.

      • Well to boil it down, he isn’t pure as the wind driven snow. A trait that those who bemoan rino’s and sit out elections, effectively handing elections to leftist fascists, make year in and year out. He might be ok. He’s good on his immigration rhetoric. Otherwise, he is an unknown.

        • I agree, however at this juncture I am willing to take a chance with Trump because he can’t do worse than what