Club for Growth: Trump “Posing,” He’s “the Worst Kind of Politician”

Club for Growth: Trump “Posing,” He’s “the Worst Kind of Politician”

Photo by Gage Skidmore

The pro-freemarket organization Club for Growth is calling out Donald Trump for “posing” as the anti-establishment candidate, when “he really is the worst kind of politician.”

In particular, they says that he truly is anti-free trade, going down a list of areas where Trump actually stands for government intervention in the market or is on board with liberal proposals. According to Club for Growth, those stances include, among other things: socialized medicine, graduated income tax rates and tariffs.

They have also released corresponded ads knocking specific parts of Trump’s public record. One, called “One Hundred Percent,” argues he support eminent domain abuse. Another, entitled “Politician” says that Trump does have a record — and a liberal one at that.

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  1. The Club for Growth is a Republican establishment institution that supports shipping American jobs to China. They support the policies of Bush, Obama and Clinton. Their aim is to undermine and destroy the American middle class so that the oligarchy can have all the political power.

      • Jeb has commercials entirely in Spanish. It’s practically a commercial for Trump- just add a voice-over telling the viewers what Jeb’s ideal America looks and sounds like.

        • Jeb’s wife doesn’t even speak English! Heck, Jeb is a full-blown transracial lunatic – he considers his ethnicity Hispanic! No wonder the cuckservatives tried to push him off on the country so hard.

          • You do realize that we as white christians are losing our country and destroying our progenies future.

          • no more so than are the black Christians and yellow Christians and white atheists and black atheists and red Christians, etc., etc., etc.
            there are many ignorant white people who live depraved or disgusting lives.
            but, then again, even they are losing their country.

          • This is exactly the nonsensical attitude Democrats take – accusing Republicans of being ‘unchristian” when they oppose the invasion of their country. Nothing like trying to guilt people into agreeing to the destruction and balkanization of their culture. Some people yes – but not millions of people a year.

          • No fooling! Have you bean reading Obama’s mind? That’s exactly what Christians can look forward to.

          • I thought Democrats wanted separation of Church and State? Church only when Democrats are advantaged?

          • Jesus said: “Turn the other cheek.”
            He didn’t say “Spin around in circles.”

            Time to stop being “the nice guy.”
            Nice guy’s finish last…and lose their country.

          • Sell your cloak and buy a sword, for a change. You can be a Christian without being a NWO wimp. What do you think Revelation is about, anyhow, sunshine?

          • You do realize that Jesus referred to illegal invaders as “thieves and robbers,” don’t you? John 10:1

          • actually, Jesus taught us to welcome the stranger and the aliens in our midst. Jesus never referred to anyone as an “illegal alien”.
            john:1has nothing to do with life in the physical world.

          • If your brand of “christianity” existed back in 1100, Europe would have gone non-White and Muslim long, long ago. I guess cuckservatives like yourself just have to cuck. People are starting to see through your pathetic “weakness as strength” act though. Good night cuck side.

          • Color and religion have nothing to do with it. We are under attack by our own government and the foreign invaders they are letting attack us. You can pretend you are better than anything you want. The rest of us will save this once great place so you can go right on pretending. Wise up.

          • WTF? Who are you calling a Christian? This is not a church. I’m about as right wing as they come and I don’t follow any primitive middle eastern mystics or their cults. I’m impervious to all libtard Jeebus guilt attacks designed as a ruse to get numbnuts to accept socialism. So if you are a churchy, save it for Sunday. If you are a libtard, go F yourself. I’d tell you to do the same to your mother but as a White man, I’m better than that. Jagazz

          • Do you know the woman? I would speak very carefully when making false statements. Stick to the facts woods boy. There is no room for slimy comments about being “transracial” in my play book. Wanna lose the election? Keep making dumb comments.

        • My favorite line from Jeb in the Box and Rubio’s Cube:

          “THEY’LL LEARN ENGLISH”…. biggest lie told over and over.

  2. The Club for Growth has been the most anti-consumer, anti-taxpayer special interest in the country. Screw the club! The club along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has happily shifted all the healthcare costs to the employee, has shifted all the retirement to the employee and cut the employee’s wages or kept them flat for the past two decades. KMA.

    • The “Club for Growth” types really are the experts at socializing the costs and privatizing the profit. Their for “growth” alright – for their bank accounts, and at our expense no less!

  3. Club For Growth asked Trump for a $1,000,000 donation. He declined, posted the letter on Twitter and now we see the claws come out. Another group that wants the status quo. Just like the Chamber of Commerce and the neo-cons at NRO, all phonies.

  4. Club for Growth, you have convinced me! I will now be voting for Trump. I was planning on voting for Cruz, but the more you “establishment” types complain about Trump and tell me how I shouldn’t be voting for him the more I look at him and realize he is EXACTLY what this country needs…. A NON-ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATE! Thanks for the help!

    • I’m with you! I was an all-in Cruz guy until his positions on H1B and TPP came up. Now I’m all Trump all the time. Yes, he’s the furthest thing from a conservative, but if all he does is shut down illegal immigration, it’s a win. The fact that he’s p*ssing off the CfG is just icing on the cake.

      • If “conservative” these days means voting for TPP/TPA, completely ignoring the promises made in 2014 to roll back all “transformation of America”, than no thanks! I’d rather try for “American” as in Trump. The GOP as it is “established” today needs to be killed and die, especially since it’s being funded by crony 1% types (Adelson, Koch, etc…) that are pushing the globalist agenda. Of course the left is the same with Soros, Styer, Hildeberg etc.. They’re all in bed together hedging their bets on Jeb and Hildawg, or others to wear blinders and push their BS agenda. The border fence, tough immigration, are a key for me. I’m a legal immigrant, had to go through the process and am furious at everyone cheating these days, and that’s putting it lightly. Wall Street can piss off too with buying off the establishment. It’s time Main Street spoke!

      • GWB presented as a Conservative. Mitt Romney professed to be a “severe Conservative.” True Conservatives all know how this turned out.

      • Same here. His stand on the H1B won me. Also agree with his stand on trade and the carried interest tax treatment for Hillary’s friends.

    • My thoughts exactly. I’m sick and tired of pretend conservatives taking our money and votes then getting in bed with the Democrats and crony capitalists. Trumps is no Conservative and may not even be a true Republican but he’s All American and that’s good enough for me. They tell us who they are deathly afraid of by who they attack. With the Professional Political Cabal of both parties attacking Trump, to me that’s an endorsement.

    • Seems the more negative campaigns against Trump, the more the people realize Trump’s worth. These people ganging up on one man says they know Trump is for real, and if he gets in the White House, heads will roll. They are running about like a bunch of scared mice with a hungry cat behind them.

  5. The Club for Growth == The Chamber of Commerce == Big Business != looking out for the middle class.

    It isn’t hard to figure out why they are gunning for him.

  6. What’s the Club for Growth plan for illegal immigration??? AMNESTY? MORE? We want a wall and our laws enforced!

    • Yes, they would like more immigration. To keep wages down and to sow confusion among the working class is their game.

      • who funds club for growth? that is who it represents.
        since, reportedly, trump turned them down, we at least know he is free of whoever does fund club for growth.

  7. 1. Trump will keep jobs here – and create millions of new ones (for legal citizens).
    2. Deport Illegals / Build the Wall
    3. Punish companies that move jobs out of the U.S. with stiff import tariffs.
    4. Raise taxes on Hedge funds
    5. eliminate the influence of lobbyist.
    6. restore our military
    7…and on and on.

    I’m for Trump – and I don’t care what the Club for Growth says or does.

    • Don’t forget we need to bring out the American flags again that the democrats talked us into putting away to be PC back in 2007. Patriotism Trump’s Liberalism all the time.

  8. Say Boehner and McConnell and you know why the GOP is crumbling.. Time for a new R team. Sorry boys. The Silent Majority is bigger than the media and the RINO’s.

  9. Kim Davis has to obey the law, SO SHOULD OUR PRESIDENT AND CONGRESS!! Enforce our laws! Stop sanctuary cities! Stop illegal immigration!

  10. There is no “GOP Establishment”. There is an Establishment, and it hedges its bets across party lines, they win with either Bush or Clinton. The curtain has been drawn and the “wizard” has been exposed, you can’t un-pour water on the ground, it’s all mud for them now.

      • Yes it is, but it is worth repeating over and over again until Conservatives GET IT!! Everytime you see Rove, or Dana Perino, or Krauthammer, or any of the “Fox Force Five” you need to remember this. And then remember it again when you go to the ballot box.

        • Isn’t it interesting the Goldberg, Kristol, Krauthammer and their fellow travelers are all hysterically denouncing Trump, even though it appears that he would have the best chance to win the presidential election (due to his appeal to the white working class, and even minorities).

          • Kristol might push for a 3rd party because of Trump. So who would Kristol like to see on the ballot?

            Former Vice President Dick Cheney and freshman Senator Tom Cotton, Kristol said, “would be an excellent independent ticket!”
            (see CNN/money)

            I kid you not. Bush & Cheney, and they think WE have a problem. I would hope Cotton would not fall for this.

          • Unbelievable. Those guys would choose Hillary over Trump for sure. They benefit from simply being part of the machine, and it doesn’t matter which party is in charge. They’re just comfortable in their tenure, and pretending to be some type of authority on the subject.

          • gop types threatening a third party. seems to indicate these types are in debt to the rich and powerful elite that trump is threatening.
            who is kristol working for if not the elite establishment types that have been having their way with American and our federal government?

          • Kristol is a hypocrite.Trump had to sign a loyalty pledge to the Republican Party and now they are talking third party with an establishment candidate.

            This elitist GOP garbage is why we need Trump.

    • they are about to lose their whole stake this time if they have been hedging. Trump on one side Sanders on the other. Almost too good to be true

    • BINGO we have a winner. There is no D or R in DC. Just politicians out for their own monetary gain. In reality they are all good friends.

    • You are so profoundly right on this. It’s the Washington elite establishment that is the problem. If you compare the Democrat and Republican party, aside from certain social issues and foreign policy issues, they are very close together on a lot of policy items, AND in the way they wield power _generally_ in the white house and legislature.

      They’ve set up the power structure in Washington such that they are like a pair of toddlers sharing some toys. One toddler takes over when the electorate decides its their turn, and the toddlers promise each-other that they’ll take good care of the toys and leave them in good condition for when the other has their turn.

      The toys I speak of, of course, are the various political powers that the parties have established for themselves. When an anti- (or non-) establishment type comes on the radar, this power structure is threatened and we see huge efforts by the establishment to derail the political insurgency. Just take a look at how the Tea Party candidates were treated during the primaries and after they took office. This treatment revealed very publicly that the GOP isn’t really interested in having the white house and congressional majorities *per-se* – they’re simply interested in maintaining internal control of internal party mechanics and, by extension, the flow of money into the party.

      There are a significant number of ways that Trump and Sanders are being treated similarly by the various party elites. The first GOP debate was highly revealing in that it was a bald-faced attempt at damaging/eliminating the insurgent candidates. Fox News was revealed (to some, at least) as a cog in the GOP political apparatus. On the other side, the DNC chair refuses to allow Hillary Clinton exposure to more than a handful of debates.

      This is why a Trump / Sanders matchup is so extremely important for the direction of the country. Regardless of who wins, we have an anti-establishment person who is able to hopefully do great damage to the political machinery that exists in Washington. If I were any political insurgent candidate on either side, I would promise to be a bull in the establishment china shop.

      Thanks to our great Constitution, destroyed establishment powers return to the hands of the people and that’s what is greatly needed at this time.

      • The only thing Trump says to me is that he wants to ‘one-time’ tax 14.5% of my net worth.

        What he said to you is that he supports back-door amnesty. But you just won’t listen. You think you know Trump better than Trump does.

        It’s fascinating watching fools worship a man whose positions they know nothing about. Reminds one of a certain current POTUS and his welfare generation.

        The size of Trump’s federal government would dwarf Obama’s.

        But since he’ll never be elected, the government will just continue to bloat incrementally instead of exponentially.

        • No what he says is he is building a wall and deporting 11 million. He could be lying but I will take my chances with Jeff Sessions who has been champion of border security for the last twenty years

          And I have serious reservations that your net worth will qualify but in the event it does. Move to India you scumbag. or maybe Isreal will take you? I know you arent employing any americans. you have no loyalty to your people or your nation. leave our country now or you may not get the chance later. Dont say we didnt warn you

          • Illiterate death threats?

            You’re a Trumpette alright.

            If he wins he can make you his press secretary.

            By the way, what he said was he was going to build a big, beautiful door so that those he deports can come right back in.

            No, he won’t win. He’s a Perot wannabe.

            He’s a liar who will claim that he changed his mind about a third party campaign, much the same as he changed his mind about his first two wives — ’til death do they part.


            What a joke!

  11. Club for Growth = Club for Losers – These are the same old retreads who pick & choose the loser candidates such as McCain & Romney. McCain an old man tortured so much by the gooks his brain in delirium 90% of the time. Romney the fake Massachusetts dork who couldn’t win reelection in Mass so he decided to be president – chuckle

  12. The Club for Growth represents unfettered cheap unskilled labour from Central and South American and continued foreign trade deficits.

  13. Wow, don’t pay the “donation” get attacked. I am glad he is pulling back the rug on this crap and exposing it to the sunlight. Its fun watching the roaches scurry for cover

  14. I’m all for a free market but it’s gotten out of control regarding China. Tariff the heck out of products from China. We need manufacturing jobs back in the US. We are stupid for sending so much business their way.

  15. If online comments sections correlate in any way to actual votes. Trump is getting 100% of the vote

  16. I believe Trump is EXACTLY what this country need, but I’m concerned that he may not be able to overcome a large Hispanic turnout against him in the general election (I’m thinking Florida & Texas here). Perhaps if Ben Carson is his VP, a large enough Black vote would compensate.

  17. Supporting the Candidates endorsed by the ‘Club for Growth’ has resulted in exactly NONE of Obama’s Policies being Rescinded, Blocked, or even Delayed. As far as I’m concerned, the Club for Growth Members are part of the RINO apparatus, and should be generally decorating lampposts in the greater Washington DC area. Suffice it to say, the RINO’s do not fool me anymore.

  18. The establishment backed “Club for Growth” would rather you continue your insanity, voting for the same insider controlled people and expecting positive changes to happen. In essense they are trying to convince you that If you like your 18 Trillion Dollar debt, you can keep it.

  19. Somebody please tell me what is conservative about Trump?! He’s gonna build a wall on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it but doesn’t tell you how he’s gonna do it…..he just says it’s gonna be a “great wall” and one day they’ll “name it after him.” He’s gonna do something about China but I still don’t know what yet or how. I do know he wants to tax the rich to death…..sounds like Bernie Sanders to me.

    You people are starting to sound and act like liberals did when Obama got elected the first time! All the fainting and the messiah complex mixed in with narcissism. I like the fact Trump isn’t PC…..but that’s all I like about him.

    • Don’t you get it. You are being lied to. How are open borders and free trade helping you. They aren’t.

      • I’ll agree with the open borders……build the wall just tell me how. I mean tax money going to illegals could pay for the wall….that is how you build the wall. And just saying China is gonna start playing fair just because he’s Trump isn’t gonna cut it….tell me how you plan to do this.

        • Personally, I would shut down the vermin infested fed. Cut the federal budget by 10% across the board. Cut the corporate tax rate, give a one time amnesty for offshore accounts and begin placing targeted tarriff restrictions against China, India and Mexico.

          I don’t know what Trump is going to do maybe he has a better plan but he is the only candidate not bought and paid for and is the only one who can even say the word free trade

          free trade is not a conservative position it is a globalist progressive, anti-nationalist position

          • I don’t have an opinion on free trade because I’m not educated that well on how free trade even works exactly.

            Just because Ted Cruz isn’t filthy rich and can’t pay for his entire campaign run doesn’t mean he’s bought and paid for. The same goes for Ben Carson.

            Trump needs to bring out some serious substance on how he plans to do all this he wants to do before I start buying in on what he’s selling.

            I’m certainly not gonna turn into acting like liberals did when Obama got elected. Trump and Obama are just men…..nothing more. They aren’t Gods.

          • The only reason anyone is for Ben Carson is because he is black and they want to signal that “see the Democrats are the real racists”. He was, by all accounts a pretty good doctor and is a nice mild mannered man. He will get eaten alive in DC. Cruz is okay but the very reason that he cant fund his own campaign makes him weaker than Trump.

            If you are uneductaed on free trade, I will try to educate you a bit. It is open borders golbalism plain and simple. When Nafta passed it destroyed the traditional Mexican peasant economy sending millions northward and causing Mexico to fall into the anarchy that it is currently in. We dont even know what is the the TPA agreement because it was secret but it is thought to contain detailed price control, environmental regulations, wage controls, all enacted without debate in congress

          • You do realize in the general election “if” Trump is elected and Hillary miraculously survives becoming a felon she’ll play the war on women bull. Trump talking about women like he does will hurt him in the general.

            Thanks for the free trade update. I’ve heard of the TPA and how secret it was and how bad it is. And to think republicans voted for it.

          • war on women ie – women’s reproductive health and pay equality does not play. pay equality for women is consistently the fourth most important issue to voters, behind jobs, the economy, national security. women’s health is consistetly 15th right ahead of global warming.

            I think Trump has a pretty good image on pay equality from the apprentice. He showed America exactly how he treats women for several years. The apprentice was a majority women viewers. What has Hillary done? I can almost guarantee you her campaign pays male staff more than female. Trump is going to kill her on that issue

          • And more importantly, Trump won’t let the media frame the question. That’s what would bury Carson. They’d say something like “War on Women” and he’d carefully try to word his position so as not to offend anyone, and end up in a pretzel. Trump? “WOMEN LOVE ME! I LOVE WOMEN! I PAY WOMEN MORE THAN ANYONE!”


          • Cut the Federal Budget how do you pay for the military. Cut the corporate tax rate aren’t they the ones that shipped all the jobs off shore. One time amnesty we tried that before the CEO bought back stock pushed up the price per share and they all collected huge bonuses. Soon after the stock market dropped back and not one share holder benefited.

            You are either all Trump or not. He is placing blame on Corporate America and the Trickle down economics endorsed by the GOP for thirty years. Now Trump tells you, you got played and you believe it. The Democrats have been telling you the same thing for years.

          • That is not the case. I dont have to buy into one theory or the other. They are just tehories they are not real. Trump is simply a realist. He isnt beholden to any ideological economic theory. He is simply going to be dominant and take what is ours

          • What is not the case? The GOP ideology is exactly what he is completely against. Taxing the wealthy, ending corporate welfare, for universal single payer health care. Everything the GOP has pushed since Reagan that caused all these problems he is against.

        • Millions have already been earmarked. And what cracks me up is the cost estimates – four MILLION dollars a mile! Seriously? You can get 10′ high razor wire fencing for about $20K per mile. Put up three layers of that with motion sensors. Or maybe dogs. $150 million. That’s a rounding error in this budget. Set up outposts every ten miles. 200 outposts, 1000 jobs.

          • I can get over razor wire…..razor wire is usually the last line of defense. These dopes are tunneling under the border as well. You need to sink the wall into the ground and the wall needs to be electrified. Drones and outposts can be used also.

          • You’d be surprised how hard it is to get over three layers of razor wire, especially with dogs patrolling. Even so, the point is that you use that for the majority of the fence, especially in difficult terrain. Then you start beefing up the wall at trouble points.

            The point is not to get stuck in what WON’T work, but start building things that do work. Stop the easy targets for a low outlay. Now it takes a more concerted effort and more money which in turn reduces the profit margin. It’s a process.

  20. The establishment can go f themselves…..they had their chance and choose to roll over and play dead. Run trump run. Besides when you think about it how can we possibly do any worse than the career traitors we currently have.

    • How? Tell me how he plans to do this? The only thing he’s said is “Mexico will pay for it” really? How you plan on Mexico paying for it? I like it and it sounds great just tell me how!

      • Many ways. Easiest one. Cut off all foreign aid to Mexico. Another way impound all western union payments from illegals to Mexico. Another way Tarriffs. Another way, send an aircarft carrier down there and seize a couple of their offshore drilling platforms. Many ways to make a Burrito.

  21. The thought of the Republican establishment thinking they know who is and is not conservative is ridiculous. As William Buckley said there is a vast difference between being “conservative” and being A CONSERVATIVE. I wish Buckley had come up with a better term to describe those of us who think the Founding Fathers had some excellent ideas. One can conserve the bad as well as the good.

    And for those who think FREE TRADE means everyone else has rules and we should not, get serious. It sounded good twenty years ago but the reality has not been what was expected

    • Free Trade is not a conservative or nationalist position. Free trade is a progressive, globalist position

  22. Times are desperate for Hillary’s campaign! Her next move is to come out as a lesbian and an african-american.

  23. The R politicians have a record of making promises and then reneging…of sacrificing the individual to the maws of big business…and when all else fails giving in to D demands.

  24. Like the folks holding office who promised they would carry out a conservative agenda aren’t liberal?

    I’ll stick with Trump. At least he has a good reason for what he said 15 years ago. The current political liars don’t have a good excuse for what they did 15 minutes ago.

    • 3 years ago Trump said the main reason Romney lost was because hr was “too tough on immigration!” Throw that in with the rest of his past comments on immigration and it amazes me how stupid you guys are to think he’s actually going to be tough on immigration!

      • People who are stubborn and never change their minds are too inflexible to govern. So he changed his mind. Oh my god! What a flip flopper! Let’s stick to someone who has never changed their position on anything and has always and consistently lied to us. Because a consistent liar is better than a candidate who has grown and matured and changed their position on things. I guess you’ve never heard the adage if your young and not liberal you have no heart and if you are old and not conservative you’ve got no brains. So he’s gotten older and wiser. We were all liberals once. Then we became independent thinkers when we thought we knew everything. Then we became conservative after years of real world experience. Don’t be stuck in a rut.

        • Well hes “evolved” on just about everything so Ill choose not to believe his every word simply because… There’s a huge difference between honestly evolving on certain issues and only telling people what they want to hear… I’ll go with my gut and continue to believe the crony capitalist is selling BS! Nothing in the man’s entire history of living tells me to trust him.

  25. The CFG is the same as any other RINO organization. They do not care about the grassroots. They only care about continuing to line their pockets just like their co-conspirators on Wall Street and at the Chamber of Commerce.

  26. The fact that Trump supporters think that they know who Trump is or even the principles that he stands for is hilarious, since Trump doesn’t even know! You all are falling for a sleazy, egotistical used car salesman who is doing nothing but putting his finger in the air to determine what you all want to hear. It’s why he flip flops on a daily basis!!! I hope you gullible morons have fun with the chameleon… God knows, he is having fun playing y’all for a bunch of fools! You guys are no better than Obama supporters… what a shame!

        • Bush isn’t going to be the nominee, idiot! I have a looooooong history of posts where I say exactly that. I also have a long history of responses from Trump supporters, who ignore the Donalds faults that I nicely lay out, and accuse me of being a Bush supporter, a democrat or, I get the bigots, like yourself, who focus on my last name, completely ignoring the first one, because Austin is as Mexican a name as you can have…. Trump loves illegal immigrants… He has a looooong history of hiring them and calling for amnesty but ignore that too…

          • ahhhh……………..resorting to the democrat favorite call of defeat……………… the race whine ……………. good rino boy

            listen up mook …………… ITS CALLED TRYING SOMETHING DIFFERENT

            we have had all the RINO bs we need…………..they promise to do right during the elections, WE ELECT THEM and then the rinos cross the aisle to hussein and his democrats and screw over America


            TRUMP CHANGE …………….. for a change………..WHY THE HELL NOT??
            btw…………….. WE LOVE AND SUPPORT CRUZ …………. HE’S DA MAN !!!!

      • Same old BS! Ignore the fact Trump has no principles and attack the OP as a Bush supporter or a Dem! Yawn!

        • and boernoer/mcconnel/THAD COCHRAN/etc have PRINCIPLES?
          SUUUUUURE…………….. just as do all the rinos

  27. You know Trump is the right one when all sides are screaming loud about why he should not be the nominee. Sounds like all these insiders are afraid all the money they have spent buying politicians over the past 80 years is slipping away. Time to return the power to the people. We gave the political class chance after chance and all they did was spit in our face. It’s over. Cruz, Trump, Lee and all the real conservatives and TEA party going to take this one. Bye bye.

        • So, you honestly think he plans to “change” the system? That same system he has exploited for decades?!? Wow!

          • sooooo ………… tell US how Trump could be any worse that what WE have gotten for last 6 years of rino reign????

          • after hussein/mcconnell/boernor………..ITS WORTH A TRY
            its stoooopidity to CONTINUE to elect RINOS and believe their lies ………… THEY HAVE PROVEN WHAT THEY WILL DO !!!!

          • He’s worth a TRY?!?! What a great reason!!! I hope he does become President, so when he has another change of heart and flips flops on all of his current positions he’ll switch parties midterm and when it’s time to get re elcted hell run as a democrat. I can see it now….

          • soooo……….how’s boernoer/mcconnel/cochran/alexander/rinos working out for you
            as YOU keep expecting THEM to do as they PROMISE during election time

          • That’s a possibility; he COULD become a democrat again. If we vote for Bush he’s a democrat already. I’ll take my chances. Having said that, I am looking forward to hearing Carly go toe to toe with Trump tomorrow night. I think she could surprise. She’s one of the only candidates who’s been able to outflank Trump and turn one of his attacks against him. She’s got bigger cajones that at least 8 of the 10 men on stage with her.

          • carly …..all talk, no cattle…….. the original winner at the quota game that fauxahontas warren made famous

          • Wow, where do you start? He wants to build a fence. None of the others are saying anything about that. End sanctuary cities. Deport illegals who commit crimes immediately, not catch and release. Lower taxes and regulations on business to get companies to move jobs back here. Make it more expensive to import products made outside the U.S. for companies that move their factories. Increase taxes on people who make a fortune betting our savings in the Wall Street lottery. You would rather bitch and complain that he’s not a conservative? Who gives a crap? I heard someone today say if he just did 10% of what he says he’s going to do it’s more than anyone else has done in years. That’s good enough for me.

          • Nooooooow he wants a fence. After years of hiring illegal immigrants to cut costs? After years of being pro amnesty? After saying, just 3 years ago, the main reason Romney lost was because he was “too tough on immigration?” Why would you believe anything he has to say about immigration?

          • how is that stupid. everyone wants to succeed…lets finally get someone who has! GO TRUMP!

          • Liberals don’t understand business. They create all kinds of rules and regulations to try to try control businesses and force consumers to buy and think the way they want them to, ignoring the basic laws of supply and demand. But people want what they want and will find a way to get it and businesses will do what they have to make a profit despite all the stupid rules and regulations. Trump is a businessman and he knows how to play the game. Politicians are crooks that have to be paid their protection money if you want to do business in their districts. Trump knows all their dirty secrets and they fear him. Makes me happy to see it.

          • The ONLY thing trump knows is how to sell bs! He’s been doing it his entire life, and he’s doing it now and y’all are buying it. I don’t get it… you want a reality TV star that bad??

          • WHAT do you think boernor/mcconnel/cochran/alexander/etc have been doing……………..THE RINOS TRADE IN BS
            at least Trump has been successful in the REAL world ……….can’t say that about the PROFESSIONAL RINOS

          • you are so FOS your a z z hurts. TRUMP has more accomplishment in his toe-nail clippings than losers like you in your whole pathetic non-achieving life. so.. get ready to SUCK IT and get used to saying “President TRUMP”

          • he graduated at the top of his class at the Wharton school of finance to start with. put deals together to design and build multi-million dollar skyscrapers, hotels, golf courses and casinos

            ..and dip-sh it liberals like you call that bs because you would not acknowledge or know real ACCOMPLISHMENT if it slapped you in your LOLing face.

          • Wow! Deals that I think purposely led to bankruptcy, which he used to get rich off of… Either way, how does that mean he should be President!!! Have fun with your celebrity President, Obama 2.0! Lol this country, left and right, have lost their minds.

          • We got a TV star when Obama gave his big speech 7 years ago with the Greek columns in LA stadium. Remember that?
            A big speech on hope and change. We found out, that the incompetent communist really meant, that he “hoped” that the stupid voters would never understand how he wanted to “change” this country.
            Now we found out and they still want the uneducated voters to put Hillary in the white house.
            I think the kool aide has all dried up and the people are flocking to Trump.

          • Progressives see people in three basic groups;
            The elites, (themselves) who in their infinite wisdom are simply superior to all others.
            The wicked, those who would work and struggle to get ahead, actually producing things in the process (the things we all consume).
            And the ignorant, who work at their normal minimal pace, eat and consume and require direction for a meaningful life (as defined by the progressives) and provide the physical democratic force to legitimize their agenda.
            A real business person understands that maximizing profitability and productivity can only happen with a motivated workforce. The progressives deliberate divisiveness destroys this motivation and creates an environment where we only compete in doing the least work possible to survive, because we would NEVER want someone else to prosper from our efforts, even if we share in those profits.
            Elite wisdom at work.

          • They didn’t turn him in to anything. He bought his way in, like so many others. Find me someone…anyone who has reached his level of success who has not HAD to buy their way in, to get relief from taxes and regulations designed to keep the rest down. Just try to have a business..just try to get ahead and see what you face. A blind mindless bureaucracy (at best) that is impenetrable without “help”.

      • and thats the sweet irony of it, he knows the game and can beat them all at it, and he doesnt need any of them! Go TRUMP!

      • You can quit arguing with Mr Acosta. We all know he’s either voting for Jeb or Hillary. You can’t argue with stupid. It just wears you out after a while.

        • How do you know? I have a long history of posts that say differently!? Oh that’s right… you don’t give a damn about past statements or positions… you just assume, just like you assume Trump has honestly evolved on his positions. I finally agree with you…. you can’t argue with stupid!

        • Bush isn’t going to win nomination… I have posts saying that even before the summer of Trump… N lol at me supporting Hilary. 5 years of posts trying to defend conservativism should speak for itself. And it’s why I wont support Trump! Not going to throw away those 5 yrs to vote for someone who just became a conservative yesterday. But continue to assume thay every one who attacks Trump must be a Dem or a Bush supporter….

  28. Have you noticed that EVERY republican in Washington these days is a “conservative”. My God! Jeb! “The Next” Bush claims he’s a conservative! They ALL do. The hell with so-called “conservatives”. Really. I’m no longer a “conservative”. I’m an American. And, I’m planning to vote for Donald Trump. What’s more, I’m never, ever going to vote for ANY Establishment republican or democrat ever again. Ever. And, that includes if Hillary Benghazi – as she most certainly will – gets the democrat nomination. If an Establishment republican buys or steals the republican nomination, it’s open war as far as I’m concerned.

  29. hey clubforgrowth/chambercommerce/rinos………….. go preach to boernor/mcconnel……….WE gave them what YOU wanted and LOOK at and what YOUR RINOS have done to us

  30. This Minarchist is in favor of anything that helps eviscerate the United States Federal Government.


    At this point it’s down to Us or Them.

  31. These globalists have the world as their playground. How does a worker with a two car garage compete with one living in a dirt floor shack? I don’t care what Trump did or why he did it, he’s preaching to me now. Build the wall. Make good deals. Bring back jobs. Club for “Growth” can suck it.

    • Amen to that. We should model the wall on the southern border like the walls the Israelis are building! Then listen to all these anti-semitic types cry and babble!

    • EXACTLY! The economists and pundits say we can’t bring jobs back….hike the tariffs and tax the hell out of ‘offshored’ profits, watch how quickly the factories will come back to the United States! And this insanity about “Oh prices will go up…” — people pay $600-800 dollars for a slave built iPhone…I’m sure Apple can afford to cut its profit per unit and build here in the states when we toss a $1000 tariff on iPhones.

        • degrees are much less important that a person adding value to a business’ bottom line. there are literally thousands if not millions of overeducate ne’er do wells.
          I say the above because your comment sounded like just because a person gets an education they are ENTITLED to a high paying job. it has been my experience that nothing in the employment world could be further from the truth.

          • That is certainly true NOW. It was not so when he graduated. He had NO problem getting a job then. We were sold on the idea that our time and an expensive degree in a popular field would guarantee a job. Again, not when the world is the boss’s playground. You sound like a RINO.

  32. Hey, isn’t the “Club for Growth” just a bunch of cuckservatives more worried about their pocketbooks than their progeny? Why should we listen to such short sighted people?

  33. Every candidate Club for Growth has supported has done the exact same thing that Harry Reid would do. Their game is over. Go Trump.

    • No, that doesn’t work in reverse. The “Club for Growth” types expect to buy politicians for $1 million dollars. Trump doesn’t need their dollars, and that’s why people like him scare them so much. Feel pity for them! Poor little cuckservatives filling their diapers.

  34. Viva Trump! He can’t build the wall fast enough for some of us! Hell, I’ll round up a bunch of my friends and we’ll come down there and work on it for free to get it done faster.

    • Yes! Model the wall on the ones that the Israelis are building. Seriously. Then watch all the anti-semites crawl out from under their rocks.

  35. The Club for Immigration Growth more like it.

    Seems like Mexico may take in some Syrian “refugees”, who will then shortly end up in America.

  36. Yeah right assholes-and Jeb, is GREAT for America right morons ?! Trump-is not a politician and that’s what PEOPLE LOVE you utterly and completely stupid vapid morons !!!!!!!

  37. The term “free markets” has become something like the liberal term “women’s reproductive healthcare” — both are euphemisms for vulgar disgusting things — impoverishing American citizens and murdering unborn babies respectively. Perhaps the “Club for Growth” should just go ahead and voluntarily submit to retroactive “women’s reproductive healthcare” and we would be rid of them!

  38. Actually there are some merits in some form of subsidized medical care, for those who cannot afford to pay much. Not everyone is capable of making $100,000+ per year, and a lot of blue collar workers would appreciate and could use some assistance, something like say Kaiser, where they could get basic care in an HMO setting, while others should have the freedom to purchase their own insurance without government involvement. So hyperventilating about ‘socialized medicine’ is a dishonest ruse. As for graduated income tax rates, we’ve always had some kind of graduated rates, Trump is just signalling that the very rich should pay more, and the Club for Growth doesn’t like that, because they are a club for THEIR

  39. It’s really quite simple. I’d rather have someone who actually DOES 30% or 40% of what I want than someone who promises me 100% then doesn’t deliver once elected.

  40. Free Trade is un-American. Our founding fathers originally wanted to fund the federal government entirely through tariffs. The free trade billionaires have bought and paid for both parties and its going to take another billionaire to remove them from power. The core problem with America today is that Free Trade undermines all domestic economic policy. Tax rates don’t mean anything when you can not show a domestic profit. Without tariffs job move overseas not only for cheaper labor, but to avoid taxes. Its an economic policy that is downright treasonous. I may not like Trump all that much but at least I don’t have to vote for Bernie Sanders to get someone who understands why free trade is a bad thing.

  41. Club for Growth hasn’t been out there going after Barry. If Trump delivers 20% of his promises, he’ll be better than the mess we have now. We need someone to blow thing up in the proper direction.

  42. What establishment scum do not realize is that it doesnt really matter if they sling dirt at Trump, most times its going to benefit Trump, because America is sick of the same old same old.

  43. Club for Cronyism can’t support Donald because he supported Romney-Obama Care, but they WHORED themselves out for Romney who not only invented it, but doubled down and would never disown it, and then attacked Newt Gingrich like a maddog?!!!

    Let me tell you, that little BJ-giving twerp, Pat Toomey, who is a fraud and an elf was their leader when they were piling on the other candidates back in 2008. Did it again is 2012. They virulently attacked Tea Partiers like Sharron Angle and the decent man that ran against that whore, Lisa Murkowsky (r).

    They represent the most virulent anti-capitalists, pro-corporatists who use American law to destroy competition through taxation and regulation. They support the use H1b visas and immigration to destroy the cultural fabric and the pay base of this nation.

    Then they accuse Trump of wanting to start a trade war because he supports sanctions on Chinese companies that are violating our laws and international agreements? Wow.

  44. Yeah, the Club for Growth is right up there with that national Chamber of Commerce folks. They don’t actually care about us normal folk; just about their own Wall Street portfolio.

  45. News flash Trump supporters, say what you will about the Club for Growth, but not everyone who criticizes Trump is pro establishment or a moderate or pro Bush.

  46. The club for (Juan Ellis Bush) is for illegals over american citizens, foreign countries over american citizens and tax breaks for elites over fair taxation for the working american citizen.

  47. Trump did not give the crooks the one million dollars they wanted so now they are out to screw him. As far as Eminent Domain, he offered a ton of money and a place to live to the person he wanted to buy this dilapidated house from to tear it down for a parking place for the hotel. She wanted double the millions he the end she had to sell to someone for half the price that Trump offered her years earlier. She was a greedy fool

    • Actually Jesus said to “turn the other cheek” and that is what the GOP has been doing.

      He also said that “the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first”, and Whites, inventors of electricity and airplanes and penicilline and 97 percent of all inventions from the Renaissance and onward, have definitely been put last while the peoples who couldn’t even invent the wheel have been put first. So yes. Very Christian. And therefore very anti-conservative. I prefer Europe’s own religions, which mirror the European soul, instead of a Jew-invented guilt-tripping slave morality.

  48. Club For Growth…Think of…”Secure the Border”…”Fight Obama’s Amnesty”…”Repeal Obamacare”…”Stop Deal with Iran”…”Reduce Spending”…

    All of the betrayals of the 2014 elected GOP. These traitors make one’s blood boil.

  49. Club for Growth? The open borders people, who ship jobs overseas. The more these people attack Trump the stronger he gets.

    All they are doing is destroying their credibility with the membership. Someone better tell them to cut it out – or soon they will be going third party. It’s feel kind of good after all these years being on the out for the membership to finally have its own candidate instead of having to hold your nose and vote for losers like Romney and McCain.

    If the Club for Growth comes out against amnesty, a “path to citizenship and open borders then we can take them seriously. For now though, they are just another group of RINOS.

  50. From below: “Club For Growth asked Trump for a $1,000,000 donation. He declined, posted the letter on Twitter and now we see the claws come out.”

    These people are as bad as the Jesse Jackson crowd – give in to blackmail or face the consequences – but in this instance there are no consequences since to be bad mouthed by CFG is a mark of honor.

  51. Talk about hyperbole and misstatement, not to mention that half of what they say is bad about Trump is actually good. All this does is further prove that he’ll do what no one else can.. or even talk about. We’ve been blessed with a final opportunity that no one could have expected. We better make the most of it, Mt. Rushmore awaits.

  52. Speaking of growth – how is it that congress members’ stock portfolios do far better than the average investor’s? How is it that they make a profit on their portfolios even when the market goes down? Even in 2008, the disaster year? Because of their connections giving them insider tips – all illegal. And they’re practically all doing it.

    That is part of the establishment order the leaders of “Club for Growth” want to protect.

    • “Because of their connections giving them insider tips – all illegal. And they’re practically all doing it.”
      >Actually, it is legal. Outrageous, huh? That’s how Pelosi and (((Feinstein))) got rich.

  53. I’m so tired of these Big Business interest groups who support the Republican establishment RINOs who are no different from the communists in the democrat / socialist party. The country needs someone who isn’t a politician. Even the Republican establishment politicians in Congress have all turned out to be limp-wristed wimps who have rolled over for ObaMao on every important issue. I’ll take Trump over life-long politicians any day.

  54. The Club for Growth is an organization of former Members of Congress who now work for K Street and the US Chamber.

  55. Right now, there are hundreds of career politicians meeting with their peers to find ANYTHING to stop the TRUMP TRAIN. The anti-Trump people can throw crap, dog crap, cat crap, elephant dung, slurs, lies it won’t matter. to the anti-Trump people, #liesdon’tmatter , it don’t matter.

    We the People have been screwed by the left, the Dems, the liberals, Obama, the media, the Repubs, the tiny 1% or 2% of the LBGT, the black thugs, the racist thugs, the illegal immigrants, Obamacare, Muslims, and all the rest. If, if all of these other people had approached their lifestyle or their American dream in a civil manner, they would have probably got most of what they want, but to have the elected officials who work for us, We the People, and they ram the 1% and 2% of people’s intolerance down 98% of the majority of We the People’s throats, we are done.

    We are changing this country and first by an election and if that don’t work, we will take it to the next level.

  56. Conservatives get that Trump is not conservative.

    Trumpadupes, like Obamadupes, get celeb worship and incivility and not much else.

  57. Why would I want a “true conservative?” They haven’t conserved anything since they let the country go insane in the 1960s.

    Abortion, divorce/marriage/illegitimacy rates, gay marriage, immigration, foreign policy, monetary policy and government spending, the education system (ragingly left wing for 3 generations and getting worse by the day) healthcare policy and a failed drug war muddling along as the worst of both worlds as it is neither tough on crime nor socially effective in harm reduction are all things the TRUE CONSERVATIVES have lost on.

    What have these open borders, War for the money boys, “It’s good for the economy!” jokers conserved?

    • Typical lib troll attack. You’re just trying to divert attention from the real failures.
      Bohner and McConnell are not true conservatives and as leaders of the GOP establishment must be condemned for their failures along with McCain and all the other bendovers.

      • Okay, so I guess 1960 to when did they take power, 2008 or so, not occur?

        I was denouncing all of the failures of the GOP. they got steam rolled and the country is culturally Marxist and in some sort of lurching late capitalism/socialist zombie economic state of being the largest debtor in world history with lavish welfare benefits given to non-contributors and criminals to forestall rioting and system collapse.

        Right now, the U.S. is a gnat’s ass away from being a failed state.

        I am right wing. I just want to go with a way that could win, rather than a proven loser for over 50 years.

  58. The Club for Growth is the twin of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Both organizations are more than willing to sell out our country in return for profits and neither deserves to exist.

    Pennsylvania’s Senator, Pat Toomey, is the past president of TCG and in the years he has been in office has not once addressed the illegal alien invasion (cheap labor for their members).

  59. I don’t expect Trump to be perfect. No one is. But he is getting in the establishment RINO faces and telling them they screwed up by bending over for Obamao and are losing control of the GOP. In 2010, 2012 and 2014 we gave Bohner and McConman and the RINOs more and power. All they did was laugh at us and give their support to the libtards. Now they are ,crying big old crocodile tears. They want to give us another Bush, who will NOT undo the damage 0bamao has done. 0scare will still be in place at the end of a JBush presidency. This is NOT what the majority wants. We don’t want to be overrun by the criminals from other countries. We don’t want to be laughed at by our friends and enemies, as 0bamao set us up.
    Trump 2016
    Hillary for Prison 2016 and take Huma with you
    AlGore for Prison 2016
    Bush Go Home 2016 and retire from politics. You too Romney.
    Remove Bohner and McConnell 2016
    Retire McCain and the RINOs 2016
    Term limits for all! End the political class.

  60. So sad. Club for Growth used to be worth something in conservative circles but they have gone over to the dark side (the GOP establishment). They have no solutions and no influence or intellectual consistency anymore. I ignore them now.

  61. The Club for Growth stands for the growth of the third world in advanced western nations. These agitators don’t care about sovereignty only (((growing the economy))). They’re all too happy to see businesses benefit from cheap labor while the tax payer is forced to subsidize the social costs of such labor. This is in no way an example of the free market, and they won’t acknowledge that. It is actually a transfer of wealth of from tax payers to corporations, due to the existence of first world standards (that they won’t acknowledge). The Club for Growth is an enemy of conservatives who belief in a traditional, historical nation. It is greed for its own sake, and a sickness of an ideology that only destroys in its lust for greed.

  62. HAHAHA, Sorry, he cannot be any more liberal than the traitor John Boener, the traitor Mitch McConnell and the traitor John McCain.

    Those are the real liberals. They are the pieces of sh that have deceived us. They make most RINOs look like tea party candidates in comparison.

    I am going to take my chances with Trump. If he only kicks out the illegal aliens and builds a wall, then I will consider him a HUGE success.

  63. You all do realize that it matters not who is elected president as they all talk a good game and do none of it once in office, don’t you?

  64. And another thing, in past years I have donated to the RNC. NO MORE! NO establishment “Republican” will get one red cent from me. I already told the RNC to go pound sand this year.

    Please repeat after me. The RNC and those d-bags running congress are not conservatives, they are liberals. They have voted over and over with the liberals.

    Please remember back to 2012 when we won the house and thought things would change. Please remember back to 2014 when we won the Senate. Remember that feeling that things were about to go our way? And then reality hits you in the face and you know, they are liberals that we elected under the Republican party.

    Nothing has changed.

    Trump 2016

  65. Must be a Karl Rove group hit job. The problem is it will only make him even more popular. Thanks Karl, you loser…..

    • Rove is more despicable than any other political operative alive, a valueless RiNO, who loves Illegals and Open Borders, and at the same time never met a Proxy War he wasn’t happy about seeing other People’s Kids sent to fight in,

      He is literally a sack of Human Excrement.

  66. The worst kind of politician is the one that swears an Oath to uphold the Constitution, promoting the General Welfare of our Citizenry, per the Preamble, and then, at a pretense, sets about to throw our Citizenry and our Sovereignty under the bus, in deference to Illegal Aliens, at the behest of the Plutocrats who own them. In other words, RINOs, which are a disease, the status quo that is killing our nation and destroying our Children’s future.

  67. Club for Growth is a crony of the Chamber of Commerce. They are part of the open borers crowd. It is no wonder they fear Trump and will do anything to derail him.
    Trump 2016 (or Carson)

    • Dr. C is an Amnesty Squish, unfortunately, moreover he’s a Gun Control Advocate, not understanding the the right of the ” ‘People’ to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

      • Disturbing if true. If he’s pro-amnesty then he’s out as far as I’m concerned. If he’s squishy on 2nd amendment he’s still ok because we’ve survived a president that HATES our 2nd amendment freedom. Right now the only issue that matters is Immigration. If we can’t stop the invasion then we’ll never win another election once they start voting since they are all for big government big welfare programs.

  68. This is wonderful news, Trump will go up another 20 points on it. Every attack by the elite makes him even stronger!

    These absolutely clueless elite criminals in Washington and on Wall Street are incapable of getting it. That’s ok, I don’t really expect them to understand and I am going to really, really enjoy watching them get run down by the Trump train!

  69. Let me first say I am not actively supporting anyone. Here’s the thing, the patrician Republicans and their punditry should consider long and hard their scorched earth approach to Trump’s candidacy. You only use that kind of tactic if you are absolutely certain you aren’t coming back. And if Trump wins the nomination, it’s going to be pretty hard to reconcile, even if the people you totally denigrated are willing.

  70. In 2007, the Club for Growth opposed protectionist policies against China. Senators Chuck Schumer of New York and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina had proposed a bill to apply large tariffs on Chinese imports if that country did not increase the value of ts currency. In response, the Club sponsored a petition of 1,028 economists who stated their opposition to protectionist policies against China.

  71. Press 1 for Espanol press 2 for Arabic press 3 for Hindi press 4 for that other language that they used to speak in America…

  72. I could hardly imagine a more RINGING ENDORSEMENT than to see the “Club for Establishment RINO’s” coming out against Trump.

  73. The Republican Party has lots of money invested in getting Trump out, and Jebby in. They must want to lose 3 in a row.
    This group is just another taking their money.

  74. The club for growth is especially annoyed at not getting their million dollars from him. What a bunch of losers. They are as bad as any red commie doper running for office (hint hint Hillary or Bernie “the Commie Doper” Sanders.

  75. Agree BUT note that Omama and Clinton are Democrats, last time I looked. It is no longer a question of “D” or “R”, they all adhere to the same philosophy which is “everything for me, crumbs and more taxes for the “little” people”. Will Trump turn out to be a good president? I have no idea BUT, after the past 10-25 years of games, I will no longer vote for professional politicians. Can this country do any worse with a non-politician at the helm? I doubt it and am willing to try almost anything. The course that this country is now on, as established by BOTH so-called parties, is downward all the way….while the elitists party on as if nothing was wrong.

  76. Free trade that is one sided, meaning they sell and we buy but is not reciprocal is not good for the American worker. But that is the only kind of “free trade” deals that our politicians have negotiated. What do our politicians have against America?

  77. The democratic party and the rino republicans are both telling us the same thing. They smear TRUMP and want the status quo to remained the same. In the last election we who voted Republican thought our so called leaders would keep their promise. Have you notice how hard it is to remove the knife from our backs given by bonehead in the house and mcquack in the senate.

    Writing on the boards allows one to vent. BUT if we send this message to the so called RNC Rino leaders, and all of your friends who feel the same. They WILL listen. You may copy and paste or put in your own message

    Because you despise the Straight talking TRUMP, and he is rocking your cash choosey boat, if you jokers decide to toss TRUMP in the waste bin, be advised. WE SHALL WRITE HIM IN! IN BOTH LOCAL AND NATIONAL ELECTIONS. You say this will destroy the RNC? Well guess what jokers, it is YOU who have destroyed it. So support TRUMP or get your rear kicked big time- The Real Conservatives

    You can google the RNC national committed for the email address to write to, and also write to your local RNC and every liberal news paper and friend on your email list. When I post on blogs it is removed I feel as if I am again living in the CCCP

    If you’d like to contact the RNC please email:

    Semper Fidelis


  78. Club For Growth….club for growth… is that one of those hair transplant companies for male pattern baldness?

  79. The established Republicans have let me down and disappointed me time, and time again….

    ……I’ll take my chances with Mr. Trump……

  80. OK, just who does the “club” want to be our president???? Yes, he said some liberal things, and even benefited from some liberal things. Look at the whole package, fools. Disappointed in you, when I have previously had a very high regard.

  81. It’s time to call out exactly what the “Club for Growth is…

    They are a collection of the worst of worst hedge fund vampires. They dare to call themselves conservatives, but they are the rot at the core of the Free Market.

    They hate Donald Trump because he made it clear they are one group that will not be exempted from paying a new, fair, tax rate.

    They are the SOB’s who want open borders for cheap labor, and if it hurts poor blacks, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans – who cares? Certainly not the Club for Unbridled profits!

    Here’s the deal CFG: you’re out. The American people are going to elect Trump. He is our guy. You are the darlings of the Fortune 500. We will never accept a 3rd generation Bush! No more smarmy career politicians or failed CEO’s. It’s Trump.

    Get over it losers!

    We are going to win this time or we’ll take the GOP apart, piece by piece and start over. GOT IT? Also, we’ll make sure you are are blamed (by name) for the disaster, and we’re assembling that list right now!

    Titus Corleone

  82. What has Club for Growth done for the 93 million native US citizens out of work? ZERO

    What has Club for Growth done about illegal immigration? ZERO

    What has Club for Growth done about the PRC policies of human rights and currency manipulation?

    What has Club for Growth done for the hundreds of thousands of Christians that Obama refuses to allow into the USA who are sold as sex slaves or murdered?

    Whatever they are, they must be part of the main stream, because I have not heard much about them while the country sits and rots under Obama,

    Therefore, the Club of Growth IS OBAMA.

  83. And to add to what America the Beautiful said, The Club for Growth has been hired by GOP RINO’s to run negative ads against Trump. Check what candidate they’re backing. So far we know Bush, Rubio and Walker, are probably using dirty tactics to bring down Trump. Michael Reagan (who first championed Trump) kind of let the cat out of the bag by citing Walker and Rubio in his diatribe against Trump.

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