Donors Save Home of 91-Year-Old WWII Vet

Abram Belles - photo via Go Fund Me

Donors on the online fundraising website Go Fund Me saved the Pennsylvania home of 91-year-old WWII veteran Abram Belles, which was set to go up for sale because of overdue property tax payments.

Upon hearing of the crisis, Mr. Belles’ friend, a John Daily, created the fundraiser, which has brought in over $12,000 to date — more than twice the goal of $5000.

Mr. Daily has since posted the following in response:

In the past 8 days I have seen a large amount of caring and generosity from so many people. There are even those who mailed Mr. Belles donations! I can only say a very large thank you to anyone who donated or shared this story with their friends online. Donations both large and small made the difference. I spent about two hours with Mr Belles today and he knows you all helped save his home, he is truly overwhelmed!

It is always encouraging to hear good news like this. Read more of the story here.