CNN Debate Criteria Could Axe Fiorina

CNN Debate Criteria Could Axe Fiorina

Despite her post-debate surge among GOP voters, former HP CEO Carly Fiorina may be frozen out of the second debate.

Similar to the first debate, CNN’s event to be hosted at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California, will limit the seats on the stage to the top 10 contenders.

However, the criteria for determining those 10 candidates includes a portfolio of top polls between July 16 until a week before the debate.

The problem with this formula is that it gives equal weight to polls conducted before the first debate which show Carly at 1% which therefore dilute the effect of her debate performance.

University of Michigan political science professor Michael Traugott pointed out the flaw in this methodology in that it doesn’t account for momentum explaining, “A campaign is a dynamic process by definition, you would want to take care of and account for the most current data.”

UCLA professor Matt Barreto concurred calling the possibility that CNN might give equal weight to poll prior to the first debate “a little bit silly.” CNN has not responded to questions about whether and how it might modify its calculations.

Another debate without Carly would be a shame, considering that she was as well prepared and professional as any of the other 16 candidates on either stage the first time around.



  1. There are a lot of reasons why California rejected her as Governor. Learn about her love of Islam, and her record at HP before they fired her. We don’t need her at all.

  2. Maybe, as another poster has suggested, they should check HPs performance just before and now after she left. Also note that HP has frozen out smaller wholesalers from purchasing HP products unless they can guarantee $15,000 in business each quarter! Hence, the big guys will be the only ‘distributors’ if you will—certainly not a small business friendly person.
    Her immigration ideas stink too. I do like some of what she says, esp with regard to Ms Clinton…

  3. I’ve always admired her positions but for some reason always been ill at ease about her. Now I read that she is “Big” on islam. Well, then she must be retarded!

    • How about some facts? You people are slamming her with innuendo. Like saying “she bad”. Now give us chapter and verse about her loving Islam. She is very critical about Iran and would stand up and defeat them on the inspection question.
      It’s easy to say she shipped jobs overseas, but in reality she saved the company and kept many jobs here.
      It is very clear that you people are afraid of her because she will defeat Hillary, or Warren, or Socialist Sanders. I would love to see a debate between Carly and Hillary. Or even Biden. Remember him? His performance during the V.P. debate was the nastiest, most execrable, boorish, and act of buffoonery ever shown in a political debate. Carly would flay old Joe is a very ladylike way.

      • Well looky here; “Candy-ass” took his vitamins today! Woo-hoo! “It’s very clear that you people……” You go fuck yourself you piece of shit. You are far too untalented to see inside people’s heads. You also strike me as yet another frustrated Kalifornia neo-con and you never stood up to raggedy assed liberals over the years and now your state is nothing but a shit-box. So go live with it and with the ton of illegal beaners and all the other shit that consists of daily frustrating life in dead broke, bankrupt, ver klempt Kalifornia! Ha!

  4. Congress shipped far more jobs off shore than any company, with NAFTA. Carly supports our friends and I believe her views on the middle east are exactly what we need. If, as it appears it is, we will have a woman president this cycle, SHE IS THE ONLY SANE CHOICE !

  5. For those of you that want a woman somehow, please wait until we have a better one. Carly is a bully according to her co-workers. She at behind a desk- knows nothing about running a country in war time, especially since she praised Islam in a speech years ago…

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