Trump Takes the Lead in North Carolina

Trump Takes the Lead in North Carolina

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Real estate mogul Donald Trump’s star continues on the rise since his recent announcement for the White House, and it has party leaders concerned.

Just last week the RCP polling average began reporting Trump’s catapult to the number seven spot in the top tier of GOP contenders.

But that average hides the fact that his rise has gone in just a matter of two weeks from two points to as much as 12 points in more than one national poll.

And now the newest revelation from Public Opinion Polling has Trump leading all contenders in North Carolina with 16 points to Jeb Bush’s and Scott Walker’s tie at 12.

Yesterday it was reported that the RNC issued a mild rebuke to Trump requesting that he tone down the rhetoric on immigration which has earned him both praise among the hard right and criticism from the left.

That his firebrand tactics are winning him millions worth of free press and traction, it’s more likely progressive media executives will keep Trump front and center ahead of the August 6th debate in hopes that he will prove a stain on the party’s reputation with Hispanic voters.



  1. I vote Trump. He says what he believes and to hell with the PC crowd. It’s about time somebody stood up and spoke out.

  2. Trump tops the field w/good reason! He is one of the ONLY ones w/the guts to speak the truth, & we are tired of lies & un-kept promises! He can’t be “bought”, because he doesn’t need the money! He’s proven what he can do for the economy.He knows what needs to be done-& he’s proven he will DO what needs to be done! Like many others, I never liked him as a person, but also like many others-unless something drastic changes my mind-HE’S GOT MY VOTE! I hope either Carson or Cruz will be his VP!!!

    • WoW Danna: I hold exactly the same view point. Trump reminds me somewhat of Harry Truman who sometimes was rough with his vocabulary but was Pro -American and handled his duties very well. And like you I lean towards Carson; and Cruz.

      • Only one comment about Truman’s “pro-Americanism”: he surrendered the gains made against the communists during the Korean “conflict”. There should be no divided Korea today. That line was drawn by the UN, not the U.S. Truman had no authority to subordinate the U.S. to the UN. For that, Truman will never get a grade higher than a “C” in my opinion.

    • Only The Donald will tell the truth that Americans don’t demand and consume drugs nor do we demand and pay illegals for us to clean our houses and cook our meals

      • I’m having a difficult time de-ciphering what you are saying. MOST Americans don’t demand or consume drugs, OR hire illegals, but unfortunately some do.-They wouldn’t be coming in-w/their drugs,etc. if there wasn’t a market for them! Unfortunate, one of their targets is OUR kids. It must be stopped

    • He’s proving what he can do with the economy by filing Chapter 11 and having a horrible business track record.

      • He’s a successful business professional, builds useful projects, and creates jobs for thousands of people, e.g., those who prefer to earn a living instead of the free-phone types receiving food stamps (currently some 53 million).

  3. Folks, you know …normal people who actually have morals… are tired of the Jeb Bushes who never say anything because they have no morals and are tired of the Hillary Clintons of the world who have morals …it is just that HER morals are those somewhere between that of a pit viper and a scorpion/spider hybrid.
    Trump is surging to the top of the polls because he tells the truth as normal believe know it to be. Illegal immigration, just like welfare, is being used in a Cloward & Piven type of economic assault on the American Middle Class.

  4. Mr. Trump….tell the GOP to get on the train & stop being a bunch of wuss politicians. Telling the truth should have been taught to them by their parents. Saving the USA should be #1 on their agenda and that is NO AMNESTY.

  5. He shares Obama’s views on health care, taxes, big government, bailouts, and immigration, just like party leaders. Why would his lead have them scared? Yes, he says during campaign season that he opposes amnesty, but I’m more apt to believe his views from before he started pandering.

  6. “The Donald” has the Republican Establishment and the RINOs running scared. They are in panic mode. Calling “The Donald” to tone down his rhetoric was a colossal blunder on the part of the RNC. Although the Democrats are rejoicing, they too should be worried because if “The Donald” ever gets on the same stage with Hillary or Sanders, he’ll cut them to pieces and have them leave the stage with their tails between their legs. The Democrats are so full of hot air. The Silent Majority can’t wait to see this happen.

    • The Democrat machine has to be worried too: most of their voters do NOT support open borders and illegal migration to the US. None of the establishment want this issue discussed, including the media, which is totally aligned with the Democrat Party. Their longtime diversionary tactic of calling people who oppose immigration lawlessness “racists”, “xenophobes” and “nativists” is losing effectiveness and the ruling “elite” are worried.

  7. Donald Trump is a man with a mission and that is:

  8. I guess you have heard by now ,that he is being barred from the debates ; by the republican party , they are ‘ ; acting stupidly “.

  9. I’m sick of the liberal media, socialist business owners, and weak TV executives lying by saying that Trump is talking about all immigrants. It seems that the Democrat party is more concerned with protecting the rights of illegal immigrants over American citizens! A large majority of Hispanic immigrants do not support illegal immigration. Hard working legal immigrants worked hard to come here legally. Immigrant US citizens of all races should be given priority over people who broke the law and came here illegally.

  10. Pandering to minority groups for votes, makes no sense. Blacks as a group will not vote for the GOP, as they ,appear to be happy with their historical dependence on somebody. Latinos , as a group, are also looking for special exemptions from our laws. These same issues can be said about certain groups of “whites” The GOP needs to pander to all Americans as individuals.
    One way to think about it is, how many “white” votes will they lose for every “minority vote they bribe with special favors?
    Division is the GOP Achilles heel and they don’t know it

  11. The media was against Ronald Reagan just like with Trump. The RNC is not taking Trump seriously enough. I hope he can bring back The United States. He is the guy. If he was not serious he would not have gave up all the money he has. He hates the PC crap like most Americans do. The PC is coming from the Liberal Media and they Need to Go down. Even some of the commentary`s on Fox news write him off. So I hope he kicks all their butts. We need to show these morons they don`t control us. Vote for Trump ! ! !

  12. I was right up front in Phoenix yesterday to see Trump and hear him speak. We were in line about 11 a.m. for the 3:00 Trump appearance and the line went for at least 3 long city blocks to the door of the convention center. They had to move the venue to the convention center because so many wanted in. There were HIspanics for Trump, Bikers for Trump and many more groups that were sup rising to me for Trump. Every race, age and color in the crowd. Amazing loyalty to him because Trump says what everyone else, no matter what party, is really thinking. Whether he wins the nomination or not, his role is to speak the unadulterated truth and say what no other candidate, either party, will. And surprise — he thought his campaign would be about jobs, not illegal immigration. He has so much to say on the other important issues we face but the media will not credit those things. He is bringing important issues to the forefront; he is serving this much-needed purpose for all Americans. People do trust Trump when every other mealy-mouth politician waits for the poll results to say “their” opinions. That is why he is rising so fast in the polls. Our instincts tell us he is not bought and packaged. He’s the real thing and a can-do guy.

  13. Should the party leaders be concerned about bold and fresh ideas. Not all of us are duped by political correctness.

  14. They have good reason to be concerned, with the exception of Cruz and his support for Trump’s position on the invaders; Trump is the only one addressing our non-existent southern border, we the American people (especially taxpayers) want a wall and con current with that we want them sipped back, period! We gave the republicans majorities in both houses, their marching orders were to stop obamas agenda, seal the border, and kill ACA. Instead they have perfected the rubber stamp, with BOHICA thrown in for Bonhner and the rest of the rinos in both houses!
    Trump 2016, he doesn’t need the money(can’t buy him), they can’t pressure him (Macy’s, Miss Universe, etc have tried ) he wants what’s best for the country, he wants to restore American exceptionalism, our place in the international community, instill fear in our enemies, he will stand tall and not bow to foreigners, or their demands.

  15. re stands a large chance in being marginalized as MSM did to Ron Paul – deeper pockets may make difference – anyone over Hitlery

  16. Time will prove if Trump is a flash in the pan or the real thing. I looked back at many of our Presidents at the beginning and throughout our history. Many of them were extremely rich and were excellent Presidents. He needs someone to balance a ticket and my choice is Sen. Jeff Sessions who truly walks the talk. We need someone who will enforce the law not just immigration law and also unite our country. This current administration focuses on divisiveness and it is a standard operating procedure. Want more of it-vote for Hillary-not me. America is a whole lot better than is being promoted with apology tours and actions of the current administration that uses federal agencies such as IRS, EPA, Dept of education, ect. to carry out their re-education of the masses.

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