Democrats show Obama isn’t their leader

Democrats show Obama isn’t their leader

The Briefing, Vol. III, Issue 17-

This week:

  • Obama can’t deliver Democrats’ votes on trade
  • Hillary’s relaunch.
  • Rubio benefits from NYT negative attention

To: Our readers
From: David Freddoso

Obama Administration

It is usually a wise and noble instinct to be suspicious of anything that creates a bipartisan consensus. But the conventional wisdom is not always wrong.

This is the case with the current debate over free trade, which went into overtime in Congress last week. There is a good reason President Obama — still searching for a positive legacy — has found common cause with Republicans in Congress on the issue of establishing  fast-track procedure (known as trade promotion authority or TPA) for upcoming trade agreements. Free trade is an overwhelmingly good thing for any nation, and new agreements — especially the Trans-Pacific Partnership — will not come about if foreign negotiators think Congress will upend them by demanding new terms after negotiations are finished.

The need for political pandering on trade, as we have previously noted, remains strong on the Democratic side of the aisle. But the arguments for free trade have been proven true and withstand the test of time. Societies become vastly more economically efficient and innovate in ever-more areas of human activity as the economic pool of labor and capital widens to include more outsiders. Broader trade — first with neighbors, then with other towns, then with other nations — allows for ever-greater specialization, from which the benefits of modern economies arise. The division of labor helps people everywhere find better ways of producing more wealth with less effort and at a lower cost. This why even Paul Krugman, whose political writings slavishly pander and kowtow to most left-wing causes — cites Frederic Bastiat’s defense of free trade, and acknowledges that the French icon of the Tea Party movement is basically correct.

So much for the cause of consensus — but what about the politics of free trade? It has become a battle between President Obama and his own party, which has clearly moved on from his presidency, as we predicted in this space that it would after the 2014 Midterms.

On Friday, House Democrats defied Obama with a somewhat gimmicky legislative thrust. They voted down a left-wing priority on trade — Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), a government subsidy for American workers who lose out from international trade agreements. This was a scheme blessed by the labor unions. If TAA was rejected, their reasoning went, Democrats wold not support TPA in the House. With a small cluster of 50 or so Republicans likely to oppose the underlying TPA bill, the bill Obama has been pushing for would fail.

But they were wrong. TPA passed the House anyway, with support from only 12 House Democrats out of 185 Democratic members voting. As House Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., put it, “They took a hostage they might realize now they can’t afford to shoot.”

That leaves a potentially messy fight ahead, but a clear path to getting an identical TPA bill through both the House and Senate if the will is there. Republican leaders, who defied expectations by winning the second TPA vote, just have to coax liberal legislators into supporting a liberal priority in a separate vote. In the worst case, they could do it through a House-Senate conference committee.

That battle and its associated maneuvering begins Tuesday. But in the meantime, how incredible that Obama’s blessing is worth only 12 Democratic votes in the U.S. House on TPA and only 40 on TAA.

Obama’s failure to cultivate constructive relationships with his own party in Congress is even more glaring than that of his predecessor. Obama’s loss of influence from the 2014 midterm wildly exacerbates this problem. With the election, Obama immediately forfeited his ability to set the agenda in Washington except through executive overreach. But it has taken a few months for the party to move on and stop acting for his benefit. From here out, the Obama presidency is a formality that will consist of nominations (which the Senate may just let linger), appropriations bills to keep the government running, and lawsuits against executive overreach.

President 2016

Hillary part deux:  Hillary Clinton launched her campaign months ago with a web video that was greeted mostly with derision (as was her H-arrow logo). Her speech on Saturday engendered no such broad consensus, 042715-Clinton-house-email-2but it demonstrated once again that she is not her husband.

Bill Clinton could be light on specifics, but he was a rhetorical master. He had and still has an ability to connect with people, developed over years of running for office. The only thing Hillary has in common with him is that she is also light on specifics.

You have to watch the speech — or really any speech from her 2008 campaign — to appreciate how poor her delivery is compared to that of the average candidate for state legislature. Even stock phrases — “the same old song” is a nice example — are delivered in a mechanical cadence that just doesn’t work. Her hand gestures while speaking are so artificial that they make an anecdote about her own mother seem like something she’s reading from someone else’s book for the first time. Her sing-song voice is as grating as it was in 2008 — at its best evocative of Sarah Palin.

The high point probably came when she recycled a joke about dyeing her hair, which was amusing the first time she used it several weeks ago.

Nothing else about the 46-minute speech was surprising. It reflected Clinton’s well-founded belief that she must maneuver toward her Left in order to fend off any serious challenge to her coronation at next summer’s Democratic convention.  She embraced Obamacare — a no-brainer in her position — and largely avoided talking about her time as secretary of State. That may become another unspoken staple of her campaign, given the accumulating number of things associated with it that she would now like to de-emphasize (Clinton Cash, email-gate, free trade and Libya).

Clinton is trying to relaunch at a time when her name and reputation are in ebb-tide, and when she might be on the cusp of falling behind her top Republican rivals in the early national polls. The relaunch reemphasizes that she is not an attractive candidate around whom a positive campaign can be run. But that doesn’t mean she can’t win. Her best path to the presidency is one that glides on demographic headwinds (which may or may not be as important as some have framed them), involves as few public appearances as possible, and relies chiefly on scorched-earth negative campaigning.

Marco Rubio: When life deals a good candidate lemons, he makes lemonade. The New York Times piece on his CIB041315-Rubio-Marco-Speakingfinances resulted with mockery toward the newspaper from no less than Jon Stewart, and Rubio raising sympathy money over the Internet.

The piece covered a subject that deserves to be covered, but the “how” of it matters a lot. What emerged was a thinly veiled attack on him as someone who doesn’t come from a wealthy enough family to be worthy of buying his own power boat, let alone winning the presidency. Needless to say, this is not the sort of thing the Times tends to publish about Democrats who seek the office — including Barack Obama in 2008.



  1. Problem is easy to understand though. I mean from the peoples perspective. The government routinely lies to us. Bills named one thing do the opposite. Their buddies and themselves get rich. The taxpayers get hosed. So streamlining anything EXCEPT spending cuts is stupid as far as most are concerned. As the evidence keeps bearing out; the lies keep coming. Change that and maybe we would believe that this is actual a fair trade deal. Most of the trade deals so far. Make foreign made items cheaper to bring here. But do not right the trade imbalance. So Americans lose manufacturing jobs.

    • How about climate control? That is a very bogus thing for Gore, obama and many others getting rich. They are putting through congress $100,000.00 for some more testing. Take that money and help OUR VETS. Go to China and ask for the money as their country is lousy with climate control. Leave our money into the USA and not the scum bags.

    • It must be something really good in it for Ovomit if he is willing to come to Capital Hill to try and get it passed. Another way to give away America.

  2. Why is TAA part of this deal? Because Americans will lose jobs, same as NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO. 95 million Americans are not working with more to follow. Is this our future, food stamps and leisure drugs? Sounds like a nation on the decline and ready for takeover. Thank our “leaders” in DC.

    • We need to stand our ground and demand the companies use inefficient technology and labor so we keep our jobs

      • Don’t need to do that wise-azzz. Simply vote in demoncrats.

        You wanna destroy any company, product, event, system…? Put a libtard in charge of it. Done.

  3. Barry Soetoro has, in fact, never been president. He’s been the great disruptor, with an agenda that is diametrically opposed to the welfare and well being of hard working, law-abiding American citizens. He and his cabal belong in some third world, hell hole, socialist country, or in jail. Either one would greatly benefit the US of A.

      • He has paid millions of dollars to keep his life a secret, but there is a lot of people he has offended and they have been speaking against him. We all know a lot about him more then we should even know as what is the millions of dollars he has spent. He has never ever been a prez, only a puppet. He is evil, dangerous and a terrorist. He could have stoppped the parade, but he was into destroying the USA in honor of his father.

    • The only people he hurts are the Americans who are keeping this country going in spite of his evil regulations. This economy could have been roaring now had he paid any attention to it and stopped with the income inequality bit. He is indifferent to the suffering of the unemployed Americans, and he cares not about the thousands of men, women and children in the Middle East who have been tortured and died at the hands of ISIS. He didn’t even care about the American, James Foley, who was beheaded. He was playing golf within a very short time.

      If he thinks he is going to have a decent legacy, he is dead wrong.

  4. Obama…Is Now The Democratic Parties, Lame/Duck!!
    Trust On A Trade Deal, NO! Some Trusted In Obamacare…Now We Have Billions Wasted On The Few, While Our Taxes Are Abused! Trade…Lets Make Products HERE And Export All Over The World…JOBs!!

  5. This president is so anti-American that its beyond belief! Anything he does is against the Constitution and against Conservatives, Christians and Jews! Its so obviously that he is an illegal muslim, planted in the politico with the agenda of putting America on the road to socialism! I hope some of those left wing Democrats wake up and see what this deceiver is doing to our country! It is my opinion that he must be removed by Impeachment ASAP before he accomplishes his mission. I also believe he is actually stirring up many of these riots to the point that they will become more numerous which will result in him installing Marshall Law. Do you know what the means? It means that he will continue in the presidency as along as he wants to keep that Law in operation. What could then result is that there will be a complete government takeover resulting in no more U S Constitution, no more rights, freedoms taken away, millions of people herded into concentration camps and many even put to death by starvation, ill health or even shot if any put up any resistance! So unless this guy, his muslim staff members, a few muslim congress members, many members of the media and finally, certain billionaires who fund this socialist anti-American aren’t stopped, the United States of America will only be found in history books. And he and his communist buddies may find a way to keep our American heritage out of history books.

    I pray to God that he will not allow this man to continue as president of our country or that Christ’s return will come soon and take all His children home to be forever with Him in Heaven.

    Another big problem I see is the influx of far too many muslims into our country and establishing their own communities, eventually establishing Sharia Law, totally against the Constitution and the Christian way our Forefathers established our country. If no stopped, they will, as some prognosticator said by the year 2040 or so, there will be more muslims in our country that Americans themselves. Then guess what will happen! Americans will no longer have control of congress and most likely the presidency, if those are still in affect! They already have a good start in certain areas! For example, in Dearborn, Michigan, the entire city is almost 100% muslim, if not totally muslim! Other cities are gaining in muslim population! If you were to take a tour around the United States, you will find a mosque in every city, town and many small villages. Did you know that the muslims purchased a piece of property in Maryland large enough to build a mosque that when finished will be the largest mosque no only in the U S, but in the entire Western Hemisphere! How can this happen? We can’t have Christian churches or Jewish synagogues in most muslim nations. The millions of Christians in those countries have to meet in secret, but if found and refuse to return to Islam, are killed by many barbaric ways! So will this happen in our country if they become the majority? You can be sure that there will be terrorists located here. In fact there are already some of those today! SO AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND HELP STOP THIS PRESIDENT BECAUSE HE ISN’T DOING ONE THING ABOUT THIS! IN FACT, HE IS ATTEMPTING TO BRING IN MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS AND PUT THEM ON WELFARE, MEANING WE TAXPAYERS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT IDIOT MOVE. CONGRESS MUST GET OUR BORDERS CLOSED AND STOP THE INFLOW OF ILLEGALS, SOME OF WHICH ARE TERRORISTS! I THINK IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT IF WE WILL HAVE AN ELECTION NEXT YEAR, IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT HILLARY CLINTON NEVER IS ELECTED AS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. SHE IS A CRIMINAL IN A DIFFERENT WAY THAT WHAT THIS PRESIDENT IS! SO AMERICA DO YOU RESEARCH AND ELECT A PERSON WHO VALUES THE CONSTITUTION AND THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

      • …please, we need more spelling correction! W.e don’t get enough of that to distract from someone actually making a point….

        • Actually we do else we become like the imbeciles in the inner city who can’t read our write. There are some on our side who mock protesters with misspelled signs. We must be careful not to fall in their trap.

          Communication, whether written or verbal, is effective only when the recipient understands the message. Knowing that there is a difference between marshal, martial, and marital law will be important over the next several years.

          • Actually , you have a point,…however a classic liberal tactic is to dissemble and confuse by focusing on non-important areas of a debate ( often grammatical mistakes ,…which are often just mistakes made in a rush of emotional fervor over a subject that means a lot to the poster…but knowing the true facts of which you are writing is important as well and ,my comments were very tongue in cheek or “sarcastic” meaning to be amusing and to point out the folly of the left …but point taken, thanks.

          • Thank you. I certainly ignore typos from people who don’t type well, they’re usually obvious. It is the lack of attention to grammar that makes a person’s position unclear because of a missing comma that is most annoying. Plus if you can’t be bothered to actually spell correctly why should I be bothered to read something that probably is a reflection of the writer’s ignorance?
            You could turn on your Spell Check if you need help. It isn’t perfect but it will give credence to the assumption that I am reading the writing of a fairly well educated person.

        • If tat all you can coment on, than I sugest you made no corment! I suppose you’ve never made a mistake! Good for you!

      • That’s exactly right! But what you don’t seem to understand is that the president in office will remain in office as long as this Law in in effect. There can be no elections or change of any high political offices. In other words, this incompetent president will still be in that office for as long as the Law is in affect! America cannot stand to have this anti-American any longer as president! He is slowly destroying our country! That’s the way it is!

      • You are right! Sorry about that! I guess I was thinking about a friend I know whose last name is Marshall! I know exactly what it is and does!

    • I agree with you. YES HE IS THE ONE THAT IS PUSHING FOR THE RIOTS. He has gotten sharpton, jessie J., holder when he was in office. He wants the blacks into his communist agenda. He wants to get rid of the USA military and OUR POLICE. He has his own military and police as in hitler. This is Martial Law. They are the ones he has brought over from the illegals, muslims/islams. He is very evil, a liar, deceitful, dangerous and everything else.

  6. The assumption is the down vote is not what he wanted. He, and more his advisors led by Jarrett, are fully capable of creating a plan that includes this as long as they get what they want. Wasn’t it the President’s demand to keep the contents secret from the citizens of the U.S.. Wasn’t it both Republicans and Democrats who didn’t read the bill. Won’t Obama demand the next bill is also kept from the public and press until it is passed. What appears to be reality is not always reality.

  7. This is one of those interesting things that is often missed by folks when they observe the practice of institutionalized evil. No human being is actually a serious leader in one of these schemes, not even someone like the POTUS. All, even the greatest cheerleaders of coercive social and moral evil like Obama, Pelosi, and cowards to expedience like the current speaker of the house are all victims of someone much more immensely powerful, globally knowledgeable, and astutely devious than themselves. This sort of intellect will have been necessary to create the deceptions that facilitated the election of these despotic enemies of reason and freedom to high office first place. The real misdirection here is that practitioners and promoters of mass evil imposed by coercion such as the folks mentioned above, are themselves held in the same contempt as those who promote genuine virtue and oppose them. They just don’t know it yet. In their pursuit of mass subjugation, and if possible elimination, of all others they are themselves are dupes and victims of their actual leader. He despises not just those who promote genuine virtue but all humanity even his own concubines, whores, and promoters. In other words his followers are held in the same absolute rabid contempt and hated by him as those who oppose him. In his mind, all humans are destined to share the same fate, even his willing participants in abject malignant corruption. To learn more, browse that nifty little book, “The Screwtape Letters” by CS Lewis. It’s a great little piece of fiction but it is as revealing as anything out there for those still in possession of a measure of uncorrupted cognitive abilities and wish to avoid being further victimized by their most determined enemy of all

  8. If Obama gets the TAA passed on the next vote, and there is a very good chance that he will, then he is hardly a “formality.” He will have over a year to rewrite the Internet rules, privacy rules, climate change adaptation policy and more. Best to pop the champagne AFTER winning the race.

  9. Frankly, I’m very respectful of Rubio, for his lifestyle. I was impressed with his first speech. I have remained impressed with him. the new story about his NON lavish lifestyle, just makes me respect him more. Dr. Ben is still my ‘main man’, but, I’d like to see Rubio with him. I trust their abilities to ‘confer’.

  10. Yes lets pass the TPP or TPA or what ever you call it, so that the citizens of America can be screwed again byt this bozo in office. First we have Citizens United, the Obamacare, now TPP and the worst part is Obama himself. He has already made his legacy in this country, he lied at every turn, tried his best to overturn the Constitution, forgot to act in the best interest of the American citizens but di act in the best interests of Corporations… His legacy is, he is a liar, and a cheat ans was so from the first day.

  11. He is evil and has been working with the master of evil soros in conjunction with satan to bring down all that was good about this country. Kill your offspring, ruin families, keep blacks down and agitated, wreck Godly marriage with the fake gay union boys pretending to be girls and vice versa.. Anything good and Godly must go. Repent America…..

  12. Make the bill public so we can see it. If there is nothing to hide, then stop hiding it. We’ve already been through this with Obamacare and we don’t trust our government anymore when they won’t be transparent. We will call our congressmen and tell them to support it if we can see it and agree it is good for the country without giving the President any power regarding immigration.

  13. Using and “end of Obama” to put a positive spin on secret agreements that hide in the basement is very clever indeed. Most of what we have learned about TPP is bad for all but a few multinationals. If it’s really free trade (which is a very good thing), then it need not be hidden from the public. The Republican leadership has been carrying Obama’s agenda forward in spite of overwhelming opposition from the electorate. Along with Obama, it was handed a defeat. If you really represent the conservative movement, you would report this as well. There are far better ways of reviving the economy, starting with a real reduction of government intervention.

  14. If Hillary depends on riding democratic head winds, she will hit the ground face first smack at the doors of the party headquarters in a ball of flaming fiery destruction. that will expose them for what they are and then everyone will go home and make an appointment with their shrinks and forget it ever happened.

  15. If that is the best they can throw at Rubio then Hillary’s plan to slide into the White House on a campaign based on slurs and charactor assassination just took a really big hit. Rubio has nothing to worry about, he is fighting a tomato can, Hillary can’t take a hit and she can’t land a punch eithor. Don’t tell me her election is inevitable.

  16. They need to find the doctor or nurse that delivered Barry in Kenya. The doctor in Hawaii was bought off no doubt. I can imagine how much security that doctor in Hawaii has around him at all times. The worst part besides not being able to make the doctor tell the truth is that the tax payers are probably paying for the security. This Obama character is as slimy as they come. The truth must come out, so we can delete all of the bullshit legislation Bitch Boy Barry has signed.

  17. The only good thing about the turgid collection of hectoring and socialist bromides delivered by the Crown Princess on Saturday was that an audience of about-to-be-chronically unemployed college students whose tuitions had just been doubled did not have to pay half a million bucks to hear it. The fact is that this maladroit harridan has blood on her hands, Chicom and muslim bribe money in her pockets and Marxism between her ears, and no amount of croaking 1960s pop music can change that.

  18. Obama is still has power over Congress because of his veto authority, Don’t dismiss him too soon. He has been a weak President, particularly in foreign relations- his failure to move TPA is simply the most recent example

  19. Not against trade, just against secret, sealed treaties that cannot be read before passing. As I recall the bait and switch of ACA pass it so you can read it fiasco, this looks to be just as harmful to the citizens of the USA as the ACA and perhaps more so.

  20. Interesting fellow, this Obama. I wonder who he is? Neither of his two White House dot Gov published birth certificates seem to have shed much light on this issue. So much for trustworthiness. Where is the House? Why no Articles of Impeachment?

  21. If either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton is elected to the US Presidency in November 2016 despite the occurrence of a world wide debt cancelling JUBILEE. America may be the one nation not allowed by the Hebrew God to enjoy the benefits of a debt cancelling Jubilee as punishment for its evil part in the Babylonian Oligarchy. HE prophesied the Jubilee when HE quoted Isaiah 61 into Luke 4, in the Nazareth synagogue, may be it was for the rest of the world only.

  22. BHO will have a legacy, alright, as being the biggest Liar in history who proceeded with an Agenda to control & destroy our American way of life. Anyone who cannot see through this pitiful excuse for a human being, who sold our country out, give a new meaning to the words “NAIVE” and ‘TRAITOR”. God help us survive this evil nuisance.


    Conservitiveintel? WHAT!! right….. if you say so, as so many say so but it ain’t so.

    After 7 years of democrats and Obama’s fraud, lies and subversion of law and order, Only a fool would say or believe the Democrat party isn’t 100% behind anything Obama wants to do. Don’t fall for the democrat smoke screen as they are all members of the party of death, the whole sorry bunch are nothing but dirty snakes, parasitic terrorist in any country they occupy.
    If democrats vote against Obama it isn’t because it’s for the good of the nation, it’s because their isn’t enough bribery stash for them in the deal for them to add to their illegal stash pile.

    The only thing that was holding up the deal was democrats wanted from Obama more money added to the unemployment payout fund. vote buying fund. In the end both got what they wanted. And both Republican leaders one in the US Congress Boehner and one in the US Senate McConnell both should be imprisoned.


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