U of M Regent Candidate Lena Epstein Calls for Rehanging the Fab Five Banners, Welcoming them Home, and Apologizing on Behalf of the University

Lena Epstein is a Republican candidate for University of Michigan Regent. She’s become a popular candidate among University of Michigan alumni and fans for taking a stand on inviting the Fab Five back to campus and rehanging the banners. 

“NIL is now here, making it legal for college athletes to share in the profits that universities make from their hard work and stardom. My first action when I’m elected University of Michigan Regent will be to vote to welcome Chris Webber and the Fab Five home, rehang the banners, and apologize on behalf of the University,” Epstein said. 

Epstein started a new website at FreeFabFive.com where a petition can be signed to “Free the Fab Five” by welcoming them back to campus and rehanging the banners. 

The Fab Five campaign was promoted with a TV during the Michigan v. Michigan State football game on Saturday, and will continue to run on TV, radio, and digital platforms through the election. 

CLICK HERE to watch the Fab Five ad. 

Members of the Fab Five including Chis Webber, Jalen Rose, and head basketball coach Juwan Howard have all vocally advocated for rehanging or revisiting the banner subject. 

Lena Epstein becomes the first candidate ever for the university board to publicly support the effort to rehang the Fab Five banners. 

The Democrats currently have a 6-2 supermajority on the Michigan Board of Regents. 

Epstein has said that her goal is to offer balance, and to prevent the liberal run board from going too far. 

“I would be a very collaborative and outspoken member of the board,” said Epstein. “I will work closely with all members of the board to effectuate positive change. I feel very responsible to Michigan taxpayers,” Epstein said.