Breaking: Plaintiff Bill Bailey Calls Out Tom Leonard For Antrim County 2020 Election Lawsuit Lies About Matt DePerno

Matt DePerno

Bill Bailey, the plaintiff in the huge Antrim County 2020 election fraud lawsuit, has released a blockbuster email calling out Attorney General candidate Tom Leonard for his disgusting lies.

Bailey is supporting his attorney, Matt DePerno, as the GOP nominee for Attorney General.

According to Bailey’s email:

Bill Bailey

“Dear State Convention Delegate –

It has come to my attention that Tom Leonard is attempting to politicize the $400,000 raised to pursue the Antrim case that I filed with regard to the problematic voting machines. He should be ashamed of himself. Let me explain:

1) We had private investigators, computer scientists, forensic experts, that conducted research, traveled to Michigan, worked on the case, and stayed in Michigan for months. The reality is the $400,000 was not adequete to properly fund a case of this magnitude. We are litterally trying to get to the bottom of potential nationwide voter fraud, with Antrim County as the example given the proof of fraud here.

2) Matt DePerno effectively represented me in my case, and I am very appreciative for the work that he did. Any notion that he somehow unduly pocketed money from this case is preposterous. He has done an excellent job and we are proud of his efforts. The appeal of the case happened last week and I am thrilled with Matt’s performance. The judges were interested and asked good questions. We remain confident in the potential for success in this ongoing case.

3) It is worth noting that even Plunkett Cooney, Tom Leonard’s own law firm, was one of the entities paid with the funds we raised for the Antrim case. It is absolutely beyond the pale that Tom Leonard would turn around and question funding that he himself, through his own law firm, received.
I recognize that Tom Leonard does not take voter fraud seriously, and has no interest in taking the fight directly to the Democrats for their cheating.

But let me say this: Tom Leonard, shame on you. We are fighting the good fight, and all you are doing is assisting the Democrats.

Plaintiff Bill Bailey”

Bailey has released a video about the $400,000 issue:

Bailey also released a video regarding the recent Court of Appeals hearing on the case.

You can view it here: