Elizabeth Warren demands change for Supreme Court

Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants congress to use it’s authority to increase the number of judges on the Supreme Court from the current nine justices that hold the position.

Democrats are urging congress to make this increase because currently the supreme court holds six Republican judges to three Democrats, and are stating it is putting constitutional rights at risk. Roe v. Wade, or the right to choose abortion, is a big topic of concern.

Warren is also questioning the integrity of the Supreme Court with statements saying that the justices are ethically abusing their positions by accepting checks and trips paid for by litigants. Partisanship and extremism have played a large role in Warren’s argument to increase the number of justices.

She stated, “This radical court has reversed century-old campaign-finance restrictions, opening the floodgates for corporations to spend unlimited sums of money to buy our elections. It has reversed well-settled law that once required employers to permit union organizers to meet with workers. It has trampled on the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection by upholding a racist Muslim ban. It has twisted the law to deny Americans their right to a day in court, despite the clear intent of Congress. And it has gutted one of the most important civil rights laws of our time, the Voting Rights Act, not once but twice…” 

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