Craig Kicks Off Mackinac Conference With Strong Support As Straw Poll Presents Campaign’s First Major Test

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig kicked off the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference with a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters Friday afternoon.

Craig’s strong debut is a plus for his campaign for Governor heading into the highly anticipated announcement of the results of the conference’s straw poll Saturday evening.

The straw poll is Craig’s first big test since declaring his candidacy last week.

The winner of the famed straw poll historically wins the nomination.

Craig is expected to appear at events throughout the weekend on the Island, including an appearance Saturday with Rep. Jack Bergman. Bergman has endorsed Craig’s campaign.

Craig holds a 30 point lead over his nearest primary competitor according to a poll published in Breitbart earlier this week. 

Craig received nearly 40% support while all opponents combined received 12%. 50% of voters were undecided.

That wasn’t the only good polling news Craig received this week.

A survey from Trafalgar Group, one of the nation’s most accurate polling firms shows Craig beating Whitmer in the general election by 6%.

Another poll by Glengariff Group shows Whitmer’s approval rating down double digits from last year, now at 48%. The same survey showed Biden at a horrendous 39% approval.