Whitmer’s Left Wing Protesters Fall Into Trap As Chief Craig Announces Campaign For Governor

Chief James Craig officially announced his campaign for Governor of Michigan today and what transpired is already making national news. 

A group of left wing protestors disrupted the initial announcement. It appeared the only thing that kept them from getting violent was security guards surrounding Craig to keep the protestors away. 

Standing up to the protestors is what put the Chief in the position to run in the first place and the protestors reinforced today why he is the best choice to become Michigan’s next Governor.

It has positioned the campaign as Craig vs. woke radicals. The media is reacting by saying that the protestors fell right into a trap. 

“Make no mistake, James Craig’s campaign is not unhappy with what transpired: a confrontation with BLM protestors against a bucolic backdrop on an island state park on the Detroit River,” tweeted Chad Livengood, Senior Editor of Crain’s Detroit Business.

“They’ll be raising money off the Fox News b-roll for months.” 

Steve Mitchell also tweeted about the disruption. Mitchell has been a consultant and pollster on hundreds of winning campaigns. He has served as an analyst for Fox News Channel, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, BBC, Fox Business News, Financial Times of London, Washington Post, Washington Times, Houston Chronicle, Newsweek Magazine, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and other media around the country and the world. He has no known affiliation with the Craig campaign.

It seems that the Craig campaign was well prepared and anticipated a scene like this transpiring. They had a contingency location setup which they immediately took Craig to where he made the formal announcement. 

Chief Craig will be making an appearance on Tucker Carlson tonight at 8:30pm eastern, further evidence that the protestors plan backfired and is giving the campaign even more national press on the day of the announcement.