Democrat leaders stoking “war on cops”

Democratic party rhetoric is becoming increasingly anti-law enforcement in 2021. This is leading to a “war on cops” and more acts of violence against innocent Americans and cops, says Miranda Devine at the New York Post.

Radical California congresswoman Maxine Waters urged protesters in Minnesota to stay on the streets and demand a guilty verdict in the Derrick Chauvin trial. If Chauvin is acquitted by a jury of his peers, Waters said “we’ve got to get more confrontational” which would certainly lead to more violence on American streets.

This led to two Minnesota National Guards being shot. Decapitated pig’s heads were displayed as a threat to the lives of the cops protecting federal property. The outrage machine is leading to death and destruction.

This radical Leftist behavior is detestable and utterly unacceptable – Democrats need to stand by American law enforcement.

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