EXCLUSIVE: Bergman Breaks Q1 Fundraising Record, Defund Effort Falls Flat

Jack Bergman, retired three star Marine General, businessman, and airline pilot, represents Michigan’s First District in Congress and is the highest ranking combat Veteran ever elected in the House or Senate.

In fundraising numbers given exclusively to Conservative Intel, following the Federal Q1 fundraising deadline, Bergman For Congress is expected to report over $200,000 raised – beating every previous Q1 fundraising total – including during election years. 

This fundraising haul comes as far-left activists in Northern Michigan have vowed to “Defund Bergman” and seek to publicly intimidate those who have previously donated to the Retired Marine General’s Camapign. 

Since January, Grand Traverse County Commissioner Betsy Coffia (D) has organized an effort to pressure those who have donated to Bergman, demanding they recant their support. Commissioner Coffia goes as far as saying that the only way to get your name removed from their webpage is to email “with proof that you asked for a refund and a link to your public pledge never to donate to Jack Bergman again.” 

Recently, longtime progressive activist and now Defund Bergman leader, Owen Gosling told Michigan Radio “the group (Defund Bergman) plans to write letters and make phone calls to both corporate Bergman campaign donors, and local individual donors.” He says, “volunteers will reach out to Bergman donors in their own hometowns…”

Many throughout the state question the ethics behind this effort – some saying its blackmail rather than political activism. 

Political Talkshow Host Steve Gruber noted in a recent article that “Coffia ran unsuccessfully three times in an attempt to represent District 104 in the Michigan House. She lost in 2014 and 2016 to Republican Larry Inman and in 2012 to Republican Wayne Schmidt. Coffia’s new hobby seems to be to take leadership of the targeting of individuals and corporations who have donated to Representative Bergman.”

Coffia also organized the failed petition drive to recall Inman. 

Ted Goodman, Communications Director of the Michigan Republican Party noted, “Rep. Jack Bergman delivered his largest Q1 fundraising haul, despite full-on attempts by the left to silence and intimidate him and his supporters.”

Goodman continued, “Bergman’s massive numbers were driven in large part by small-dollar donations and sends a clear message to the failed “Defund Bergman” group that the General isn’t going anywhere.”

Steve Yoder, 1st District Republican Party Chairman told Conservative Intel, “Although attractive to those on the far-left fringe, the defund Bergman effort has been a colossal failure – which comes as no surprise. Bergman won in a landslide in 2020, raised nearly $2 million in that cycle, and has helped conservatives across the nation win election. If anything, this effort has only further solidified Bergman’s support across his District.”

The final day to report federal fundraising totals is April 15th.