Questions linger about 2020 election

Joe Biden’s victory in 2020 is improbable according to several metrics, writes Dennis Prager at Townhall.

Prager lays out his reasons indicating Trump should have won:

  1. No president received more votes in his second election and lost. Trump won 10 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016.
  2. Trump won 18 of 19 “bellwether counties” that have almost always predicted the winner.
  3. Trump won 4 bellwether states: Florida, Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina.
  4. Republicans gained 13 seats in the House against all odds without losing a single incumbent.

These facts coupled with Democratic insistence that Trump is a fascist give Prager reason to believe that Democrats would cheat to oust Trump.

Without a full audit of the 2020 election, we will never know if this is the case. If Democrats want Americans to be confident in the results, they should investigate all instances of voter fraud.

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