Is Bloomberg Dem’s Best Shot?

As the House attempts to remove President Trump via impeachment, the Democratic base is nervous. Polls have not shown widespread support of impeachment and it grows more likely by the day that the effort will fail spectacularly. Their only hope to end the Trump presidency will be a successful bid for the White House.

Drew Westen at CNN thinks that former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is the Democrat’s best shot. Westen admits to be to the left of Bloomberg but still envisions the former mayor as a centrist who could unite the country against Trump. Without the promise of a clear Democratic front-runner, even progressives are desperate for anybody to beat the president.

Democrats are nervous. None of their current candidates seems to have a good shot at beating President Trump head-to-head. Even those on the far left are realizing that they may be headed for disaster. Accotrding to some, a former Republican mayor might be their best shot.

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