NYT ADMITS: Trump’s Right, Congress NEEDS to Act on Border Crisis

A Sunday op-ed by none other than the New York Times‘ editorial board runs as follows: “Congress, Give Trump His Border Money.”

That’s right.

Our “paper of record,” the old Gray Lady herself, has put the onus on Congress to act on what it admits the president has gotten right:

“President Trump is right: There is a crisis at the southern border. Just not the one he rants about,” the op-ed begins.

Of course, the editors at the Times take issue with the safety concerns of Trump and those who think like him (“There is no pressing national security threat — no invasion of murderers, drug cartels or terrorists,” they say), but the writers make plain that Congress can no longer just sit back and do nothing:

“But as record numbers of Central American families flee violence and poverty in their homelands, they are overwhelming United States border systems, fueling a humanitarian crisis of overcrowding, disease and chaos. The Border Patrol is now averaging 1,200 daily arrests, with many migrants arriving exhausted and sick. Last week, a teenage boy from Guatemala died in government custody, the third death of a minor since December. As resources are strained and the system buckles, the misery grows.”

The paper’s editors urge Congress to approve the White House’s request for $4.5 billion in taxpayer dollars to help stem the tide of those rushing the southern border and provide relief services (“Nearly three-quarters of the funds, $3.3 billion, would be earmarked for humanitarian needs”). (And the White House also allotted a sizeable chunk of change for border security purposes, which the NYT admits is a “nonstarter” for Democrats.)

The message from even the left-leaning media is coming across loud and clear: Democrats in Congress are “resisting” doing their jobs and allowing a humanitarian crisis to balloon — all so they can take cheap shots at a sitting president.