Gunfire and Brimstone: Alabama Bill Would Give Churchgoers Permission to Carry

“State Rep. Lynn Greer, a Republican from Rogersville, filed a bill this month in the Alabama Legislature called the Alabama Church Protection Act. It was previously introduced in the State House of Representatives in 2018,” according to a Wednesday report on The Birmingham News‘ website.

“It would add churches to the 2006 Stand Your Ground law, allowing churchgoers to defend themselves with guns at church.”

“The bill proposes that church members can use deadly force to defend themselves, and would be presumed justified if they believe someone is about to harm people in attendance at a church.”

It’s not the only legislation in the country crated with an eye to protecting churchgoers via self-defense. Earlier this year, a measure passed in the state senate of Virginia repealing a prior prohibition on weapons in places of worship. The bill failed, however, to pass in the Virginia House Rules Committee.