MI-11: New Poll Shows Huge Momentum For Trump Republican Lena Epstein As Haley Stevens Caught Lying About Resume

Lena Epstein
Conservative Trump Republican Lena Epstein is gaining momentum in her campaign for Congress, a new poll shows.

The survey, conducted by Harper Polling for the NRCC, shows the race to replace retiring Rep. David Trott is a dead heat.

Epstein, a small business owner and Co-Chair of President Trump’s successful 2016 campaign in Michigan, receives the support of 35% of likely voters. Stevens, a former Obama administration staffer, was the choice for 36%.

Stevens had led by 5% in previous polls.

Epstein has increased her support from Republicans by 10%, and she has a small lead over Stevens among Independent voters, 27-26%. Stevens previously had twice as much support with Independent voters as Epstein.

The poll also shows more good news for more Epstein: Republicans are more enthusiastic about voting than Democrats, and voters in the district are more likely to vote for a candidate for Congress who supported Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation.

The news comes as her Democrat opponent Haley Stevens is under fire for inflating her resume regarding work she conducted for former President Obama’s bailout of the auto industry.

Despite initially saying in her first ad last that she was Chief of Staff for the auto bailout, she has backtracked from that claim recently, simply saying she “worked” on the program. Records show she was not the Chief Of Staff, rather, a “special assistant.”

Appearing on the Frank Beckmann radio show Tuesday morning, Epstein called on Stevens to come clean with voters.

“It makes things harder on women when they mischaracterize their roles, especially running for public office.” Epstein said. “I think it’s wrong, and I think she owes the voters an explanation.”

Epstein says it’s important for voters to know the truth about Stevens.

“It’s important for the public to be made aware,” Epstein said. “Her first ad said she was Chief of Staff to President Obama’s auto bailout. In fact, the reality is, Treasury Department records show she was a special assistant.”

Epstein says Stevens will continue to lie to voters if elected to Congress.

“She has changed how she describes her role, seemingly covering her tracks in her new ad,” Epstein said. “If she’s lying to voters already, how could anyone trust her in office?”

Epstein also challenged Stevens to a debate, and she says she will continue to focus on her role as a job creator in the district.