Conservative Michigan Attorney General Candidate Tom Leonard Tied With Radical Liberal Dana Nessel In New Poll

Tom Leonard

Conservative Michigan Attorney General candidate Tom Leonard is in a statistical tie with his liberal Democrat opponent, Dana Nessel, a new poll shows.

The survey, conducted from September 30-October 7 by Mitchell Research and Communications, shows Nessel with 34%, and Leonard with 33%.

The Libertarian candidate, Lisa Gioia, receives nearly 10% of support.

With the margin of error, Leonard and Nessel are essentially tied.

Leonard is beating Nessel with Independent voters, and the Gioia is taking voters from Nessel, giving Leonard a strong advantage in the closing weeks of the race.

Nessel has made headlines for poor treatment of employees, verbally abusing them to the point she can’t keep them on.

Nessel has already cycled through 10 campaign managers and spokesmen because of her poor behavior.

She even recently threatened a former fundraiser with a personal protection order just because she was contacted a couple times.