Conservative Michigan Attorney General Candidate Tom Leonard Gaining Momentum In Polls

Tom leonard and wife Jenell

Tom Leonard, the conservative Speaker of the Michigan House, is gaining traction in his bid to become the state’s next Attorney General.

Leonard has cut his opponent’s lead in half, now trailing by 6%.

The poll, conducted by WOOD TV and EPIC-MRA shows Leonard with 32%, and Democrat Dana Nessel with 38%. 600 likely voters were polled.

Leonard says his message is hitting home with Michiganders.

“Friends. Two weeks ago, we were down 13% with 24% of the voters undecided,” Leonard said in a Facebook statement. “Thanks to your hard work, we have now cut that lead in more than half, with 19% of the voters undecided. Our message to build a “safer and stronger Michigan” is resonating. Undecided voters are coming our way.”

Nessel, who has been referred to as “Dangerous Dana,” is the subject of multiple controversies that bring her ability to run the AG’s office into question.

When she first declared her candidacy, she touted the fact she doesn’t have a penis as a reason to vote for her in the #MeToo era.

Recently, she came under fire for abusing and berating her own campaign staff, resulting in 10 different campaign managers and communication directors so far, an extremely high turnover.