Lamestream Media Blames Nikki Haley for Obama-Era Spending Decision

Nikki Haley

Another day, another baseless attack on the Trump Administration from the mainstream media.

“The New York Times reported this week that $52,701 was spent last year on buying customized and mechanized curtains for the picture windows in [United Nations Ambassador Nikki] Haley’s New York City residence, for which rent is $58,000 a month,” per Fox.

The Times‘ headline still reads, “State Department Spent $52,701 on Curtains for Nikki Haley’s Residence.”

But it takes the reader several paragraphs to get to one noteworthy little factoid: the Obama Administration planned to purchase the curtains for the residence in 2016. Ambassador Haley and her staff had nothing to do with the pricey plan:

“A spokesman for Ms. Haley said plans to buy the curtains were made in 2016, during the Obama administration. Ms. Haley had no say in the purchase, he said.”

The NYT report of course does make sure to highlight that Haley’s “curtains are more expensive than the $31,000 dining room set purchased for the office of Ben Carson, the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. That purchase became so controversial that President Trump considered firing Mr. Carson, though the spending rules covering agency chiefs are different from those for ambassadors.”

So. That should make it fairly clear what sort of reaction the New York Times perhaps hoped to provoke when it published such a (non-)story.