Michigan Attorney General Candidate Tonya Schuitmaker $200,000 In Debt As Leonard Reports Nearly $1 Million On Hand


State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker’s campaign for Michigan Attorney General is $200,000 in debt, campaign finance records show.

Her opponent, conservative Speaker of the House Tom Leonard, has nearly $1 million on hand.

Schuitmaker rasied around $50,000 this quarter, while Leonard raised nearly $600,000.

The Democrat candidate, Dana Nessel, has raised nearly $750,000 this quarter and has over $300,000 on hand.

Leonard touted his numbers in a statement Tuesday, saying he is the strongest candidate for Republicans in the fall.

“After we leave state convention next week, it will be critical for our statewide GOP candidates to have the resources necessary to compete in November. Yesterday, Republican statewide candidates filed their most recent contribution reports. It is now clearer than ever that our team not only has the organization to win in November, but also the resources.”

Tom Leonard

Leonard has tripled Schuitmaker’s fundraising without accumulating any debt.

“Our campaign has raised nearly $1.2 million, none of which has been used to tear down another Republican,” Leonard said. “Instead, these dollars are being utilized to beat the Democrats this fall. We now have over $900,000 cash on hand, which is three times our opponent. Most importantly, our campaign has not gone into debt. These are real dollars, ready to be spent this fall.”

Schuitmaker’s campaign doesn’t seem to be ready for the convention August 25th, let alone an intense fall campaign.

Here Is How The Numbers Break Down: