Red WAVE? Hispanic Dems Flee Liberal Florida Senator Bill Nelson For Trump Republican Rick Scott

Rick Scott with President Trump

Republicans are on track to take out liberal Florida Senator Bill Nelson, new polling data shows.

Governor Rick Scott’s popularity with Hispanics is proving to be problematic for the longtime incumbent.

Republicans winning in Florida could be a sign that the “blue wave” Dems are hoping for might not be coming.

According to Politico:

“Sen. Bill Nelson holds a narrow 44-41 percent lead over Gov. Rick Scott among Latino voters in Florida’s Senate race, according to a new poll that’s raising fresh concerns among Democrats that the incumbent is in a dicey position with a core group of voters he needs to carry by bigger margins.

The poll of 400 Florida Hispanics, commissioned by a coalition of Democratic-leaning Latino outreach groups, showed that Scott topped Nelson among Cuban-American voters, who tend to vote Republican, by 24 percentage points. But Nelson’s advantage over Scott among Puerto Ricans, who tend to vote Democrat, was smaller: 7 points.

For Democrats, those numbers are a problem because a Republican who wins as much of the Hispanic vote as Scott is taking usually wins statewide in Florida. Democrats outnumbered Republicans in the survey by 40-33 percent.

Still, Democrats say, there’s time. But it’s running out.”