Bill Schuette’s Attack On Lansing Lawmakers Puts Michigan House Republican Majority At Risk

Photo: Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press

Attorney General Bill Schuette brags that he has been endorsed by dozens of Michigan legislators in his campaign for Governor.

That’s why the new ad released by his campaign today surprised some: he is blaming the same people who support him for Michigan’s high auto insurance rates.

Schuette’s rhetoric undoubtedly helps fuel Democrat talking points as the liberals try to take back the House from Republicans in November.

In the ad, Schuette, while driving, blasts Lansing lawmakers.

“Because of Lansing’s failure, Michigan families are paying the highest auto insurance rates in America… I’m Bill Schuette, and I’m gonna stop it.”

So, how will that work? 

Schuette did not seem upset with the legislators he is now attacking when so many endorsed his campaign.

Schuette, currently under FBI investigation for using state employees to help him with private luxury real estate deals while on state time in his state office, continues to struggle as election day draws near.