Sandy Pensler Leads John James In Latest Michigan Republican Senate Poll

Sandy Pensler

Businessman Sandy Pensler is leading the Republican race for US Senate by double digits, a new poll shows.

The survey of likely Republican primary voters, conducted by MRG, shows Pensler up by 10%.

36% of voters are backing Pensler, while 26% are supporting Iraq War Vet John James. Nearly 40% were undecided.

627 likely voters were included in the poll, which was conducted May 28-29.

Tom Shields, President of MRG, said in a press release that Pensler has clear momentum.

“Now that both candidates have been on television, Sandy Pensler continues to hold a solid ten percentage point lead over James,” Shields said. “More and more Republican voters are making up their minds on this race and the choice is Sandy Pensler to take on Debbie Stabenow in the fall.”

The poll was conducted on behalf of the Pensler campaign.