President Trump Won’t Fire Sessions Until After Mueller Investigation, Giuliani Says

Sessions, left, with President Trump

One of President Trump’s top legal advisers, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, says Trump will wait until Robert Mueller wraps up his investigation before firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

President Trump took to Twitter this week to express disappointment for picking Sessions in the first place.

Much of the hostility seems to be rooted in Sessions’ controversial decision to recuse himself from the Russia collusion inquiry now headed by Mueller.

According to CNN:

“Rudy Giuliani said he doesn’t think President Donald Trump will fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions before special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation concludes.

“There’s no doubt he’s complained about him,” Giuliani, who is currently serving as Trump’s lawyer, told reporters on Wednesday. “There’s no doubt he has some, some grievances. I don’t know if they’ve aired them out yet, but he’s not going to fire him before this is over, nor do I think he should.”
Sessions recused himself from any investigation relating to Trump’s presidential bid in March 2017 after being tapped for US attorney general, which in turn put Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in charge of overseeing the Russia probe, led by Mueller.”