Art Of The Deal: President Trump Says A North Korea Peace Summit May Still Happen If Conditions Met

President Trump said that a historic meeting with North Korea may still happen despite the announcement today that the Singapore summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un is being canceled.

Trump has repeatedly said in speeches quoting his book, “The Art Of The Deal,” that sometimes you have to walk away from a deal to get something better, could that be in play here?

According to The Hill:

President Trump on Thursday left open the possibility his nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will still take place, just hours after cancelling it.

“It’s possible that the existing summit could take place, or a summit at some later date,” Trump said during a bill signing ceremony at the White House.

Trump added that if Kim takes “constructive actions” before the scheduled June 12 meeting in Singapore, “I am waiting,” but also that “we have to get it right.”