Cali Billionaire Encourages Democrats to Run on Impeaching Trump

Tom Steyer’s heavy spending on the upcoming 2018 midterm elections is no secret, nor is the fact that he has been organizing a large-scale effort to unseat President Trump with his “Need to Impeach” campaign. And now, he is trying to get Democrats running for Congress in 2018 on board.

According to Fox, Steyer’s group has “sent out guides to more than 5,100 Democratic candidates across the country” and this guide for wannabe-representatives “contends impeachment is good politics and says ‘making this case can boost turnout among the Democratic base‘” [emphasis added].

“‘Nothing is preventing Democrats from promoting an agenda focused on building a fairer economy, improving the health care system and creating a more equal and just society — while also underscoring the need to impeach this president,’ says the guide, which refers to Trump as ‘one of the gravest dangers our country has ever confronted.'”

Yes, folks: it’s surely the democratically elected president of these United States and the members of the GOP who are the ones dividing and disrupting American political life.