Disgraced Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Begs For Money Online

McCabe, with former AG Loretta Lynch

Andrew McCabe, the former FBI Deputy Director fired for lying to federal investigators, has started a Go Fund Me account to solicit donations from supporters as he faces multiple investigations, and possibly even criminal charges.

McCabe, who is hoping to raise $150,000, received nearly $25,000 in just the first hour.

Online panhandling from a well paid government official with plenty of connections to get work? Pathetic.

Allies of Hillary Clinton gave his wife nearly $1 million for her 2015 State Senate race in Virginia, maybe he can hit them up?

According to Politico:

“Andrew McCabe, who was fired as FBI deputy director by Attorney General Jeff Sessions hours before his retirement, launched a legal defense fund on Thursday to help handle multiple ongoing investigations as well as “any potential lawsuits he might consider.”

McCabe’s termination by the Department of Justice stems from a still-unreleased inspector general’s report that’s expected to find he lacked candor in answering questions about disclosures to the media in the runup to the 2016 election. But McCabe, 50, whose pension is now in jeopardy following his axing, has charged allies of President Donald Trump with a systematic bid to undercut his credibility ahead of his likely cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian electoral interference in 2016.

“The support for Mr. McCabe has been overwhelming, humbling, and deeply appreciated,” the defense fund’swebsite states. “He and his family continue to deal with the very public and extended humiliation that the Administration, and the President personally, have inflicted on them over the past year.”

The House and Senate Judiciary Committees are also conducting their own inquiries into the circumstances behind the inspector general’s report, which could be released as soon as early next month.”