President Trump Announces He’s Running For Re-Election In 2020

President Trump made it official today: he is running for a second term in 2020.

Trump’s announcement quells rumors he would be the first President in over 150 years to only seek one term.

Leading Trump’s 2020 campaign will be tech guru Brad Parscale, who was instrumental in the President’s 2016 campaign, heading up digital operations.

According to Fox News:

“President Trump has tapped Brad Parscale — the towering, bearded political consultant described as a “genius” by The Washington Post — as the man to lead his 2020 re-election bid as campaign manager.

Parscale, who had previously worked for the Trump Organization, worked as Trump’s top digital operations guru for the 2016 campaign and was credited with possibly tipping the election.

Parscale announced Tuesday the appointments of other senior campaign aides, including Michael Glassner as chief operating officer and Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law and son to Eric Trump, as senior adviser.

The Trump campaign said in a news release that it plans on being involved in the 2018 midterm elections, including endorsing House and Senate candidates.

Born in Topeka, Kansas, Parscale says he spent 15 years building his company he started with just $500 before moving to the Trump Organization in 2010. But as he moved up the ranks to eventually take control of the Trump campaign’s digital arm, he wielded significant influence and pushed the campaign to invest in social media advertising, particularly Facebook.”