Breaking: Flynn May Seek Dismissal Of All Charges In Mueller Prosecution

General Flynn

Gen. Mike Flynn will file to have all charges against him in the Robert Mueller prosecution dismissed, political operative Roger Stone says.

Flynn’s decision came after he learned disgraced retiring FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe reportedly said in a meeting “first we f–k FLynn, then we f–k Trump.”

According to Gateway Pundit:

According to legendary political operative and InfoWars correspondent, Roger Stone, lawyers for Gen. Michael Flynn are preparing legal action to have all charges against him dropped.

STONE: “Lawyers for General Mike Flynn will shortly file a motion to dismiss all the charges filed against him, based on reports now confirmed by The Hill, Circa News and Infowars, that Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe told a teleconference of law enforcement officials, “first we f*ck Flynn, then we f*ck Trump.”

Stone’s report comes amid news that Special counsel Robert Mueller has requested the postponement of Flynn’s sentencing.

“Due to the status of the Special Counsel’s investigation, the parties do not believe that this matter is ready to be scheduled for a sentencing hearing at this time,” the special counsel asked the court last week.”