Developing: DOJ Reveals Indictment Related To Uranium One

A federal indictment with implications in the Uranium One controversy involving Hillary Clinton was recently announced by the Department of Justice.

The Uranium One controversy is a scandal involving millions of dollars of foreign donations flowing through the Clinton Foundation just as a Russian linked company was buying a large quantity of uranium in a deal that required high level government approval.

According to Newsmax:

“A federal indictment on the former head of a Maryland transit firm has implications in the Uranium One controversy involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said Monday.

The company’s owner, Mark Lambert, 54, is facing charges of money laundering, foreign bribery, and wire fraud, according to an indictments opened last Friday, Reuters reported. His charges involve allegedly bribing a Russian official hopes of winning contracts to ship uranium to the United States.

“The reason they were involved in the uranium industry here in the United States and actually had expanded involvement was because of the Uranium one-related decision-making made by the Obama administration,” Fitton told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

In December, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he encouraged the Department of Justice to reopen the Uranium One probe, but Fitton said it can’t be said for sure that the added scrutiny led to the indictment.