Liberal Senator Stabenow STUNNED As Pensler Spends $5 Million To Win Michigan Senate Seat

Sandy Pensler

Michigan businessman Sandy Pensler turned the US Senate race in the Great Lakes State upside down today when Pensler announced he is donating $5 million of his own money to his campaign.

Pensler, who rescues failing businesses from closing, is hoping to beat liberal Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow in November, and this move certainly shows he’s serious.
Pensler for Senate campaign spokesman Tom Shields says Pensler’s money will help hold Stabenow accountable for her far left voting record.

“Republicans now have an impressive candidate with real business experience and the resources to hold Debbie Stabenow accountable for her four decades of double talk as a career politician,” Shields said in a press release.

Stabenow has been in the Senate for nearly 20 years.
The Republican US Senate primary in Michigan is wide open: the frontrunner, former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Young, recently dropped out. Regardless, nearly 80% of voters are undecided in what remains a wide open race.
Young dropped out because he only had $100,000 on hand. Pensler’s opponent, John James, only has $200,000 on hand according to his last FEC filing. Stabenow has a 2018 war chest of around $7 million.
James previously led Pensler 9-5%, however, once Pensler’s media blitz begins and he starts spending his millions, it’s unlikely James will have the resources to keep up. The lack of money in the James warchest is the biggest threat to the future of his campaign, which needs to rasie money quickly.
Pensler is running as a Trump Republican who will put Michigan and America First instead of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.