Calley Leads Schuette In Net Favorabilty As Michigan Governor’s Race Tightens

Calley, left, Schuette, right (MLive)

A new poll shows Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley is viewed more favorably than Attorney General Bill Schuette by likely Republican primary  voters in the Michigan Governor’s race. 

Calley beats Schuette in net favorablility rating by a 37% to 32% margin.

Calley has also cut into Schuette’s overall lead.


Likely Republican primary voters were recently asked, “If the Republican Primary election for Governor of Michigan were held today, and the only candidates running were Patrick Colbeck, Brian Calley, Bill Schuette, and Jim Hines, for whom would you vote?”

Schuette received 30% of support while Calley came in at 19%. State Senator Patrick Colbeck was supported by 5% of respondents, and Dr. Jim Hines received 2%.

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The poll is a positive sign for Calley. A recent poll had shown Schuette leading Calley 52% to 13%.

Calley says he is focusing on continuing Michigan’s comeback after the state was devastated by liberal Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm from 2003-2011.

Calley has also spotlighted Schuette’s controversial handling of the Flint Water Crisis.


Many believe Schuette is using the issue for his own political benefit instead of truly fighting for the people of Flint, a contention bolstered by the fact Schuette initially declined to investigate the issue.

Schuette recently come under fire from Conservatives for siding with Chuck Schumer and Doug Jones over President Trump and Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race.

Schuette has also been questioned about the use of state employees in his campaign for Governor.

Strategic National CEO John Yob says Calley’s numbers will continue to improve.

“Lt. Governor Brian Calley’s support is surging following his formal announcement to continue the Michigan comeback as Governor. The numbers should continue to tighten as Senator Colbeck takes support from Attorney General Schuette in the months ahead.”

Strategic National is known for being the only polling firm to correctly predict President Trump’s victory in the Great Lakes State, and as a result, was featured on the top of the number one news site in the world, the Drudge Report.