Nevada Conservative Senate Candidate Danny Tarkanian Destroys DC Dean Heller In New Digital Ad

Tarkanian, left, Heller, right

Nevada Senator Dean Heller, a strong ally of Mitch McConnell known for throwing President Trump under the bus during the 2016 campaign, is the focus of a new ad from his conservative challenger Danny Tarkanian.

The 90 second ad blasts Heller for supporting amnesty, and also features three of Heller’s establishment friends, Senator Luther Strange, Senator Bob Corker, and Senator Jeff Flake.

All three are on the way out, and if Tarkanian has his way, Heller will be joining them

“Conservatives are fighting back against the Washington establishment and career politicians are folding…Senator Dean Heller is next,” the ad proclaims.

Tarkanian says “DC Dean” has failed Nevada.

“By allowing Mitch McConnell and the establishment to control his Senate career, DC Dean Heller has established a record of repeatedly putting D.C. politics ahead of what’s best for Nevada,” Tarkanian said in a press release. “In the primary, I’m confident that Nevadans will vote to repeal and replace Heller. Nevadans are done with DC Dean — he’s failed us. We don’t want lies, broken promises, and establishment politicians.”

Heller has good reason to worry: multiple polls have showed Tarkanian beating Heller in the primary next year.

Tarkanian says he will vote against Mitch McConnell for Senate Majority leader if elected.

Watch The Ad Below: