MIGov: Colbeck Holds Schuette Accountable For Politicizing Flint Water Crisis And Abandoning Roy Moore

Schuette, left, Colbeck, right

State Senator Patrick Colbeck, a conservative who is running for Governor of Michigan, says one of his opponents, Attorney General Bill Schuette, too often makes important decisions based on politics instead of principles.

In a press release, Colbeck blasted Schuette’s “politically driven decision making,” also reiterating comments Colbeck recently made on a Michigan radio show.

“It’s very rare that I see the Attorney General make any decision that does not have some political calculus involved,” Colbeck said. 

Colbeck was responding about a question related to the Flint Water Crisis, which many believe Schuette has prosecuted to advance his own political career.

Colbeck also hit Schuette for abandoning President Trump and Judge Roy Moore, instead siding with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in the Alabama Senate race.

“I find it chilling, our sitting Attorney General, our chief law enforcement officer for the State of Michigan, says Roy Moore is “guilty before being proven innocent,” Colbeck said. “That’s not the way our legal system works.”

Colbeck, who is popular with grassroots activists in Michigan, is running to promote “principled solutions” to the problems facing Michigan.

Colbeck and Schuette also face Lt. Governor Brian Calley in the August 2018 primary to determine the Republican nominee for Governor.