Lena Epstein Leads John James and Bob Young in U.S. Senate Primary

In a poll just released by the Trafalgar Group, Lena Epstein is out in front of the other announced Michigan U.S. Senate Republican candidates. The poll of Republican Primary voters has Lena Epstein: 9.4%, John James: 7.1%, Bob Young: 5.8%.

Epstein released the following statement:

“The voters of Michigan are looking for a political outsider – a business leader and job creator. I am taking the fight directly to Debbie Stabenow.

As a future United States Senator serving on behalf of all Michigan residents, I will repeal Obamacare, defend President Trump’s America First policies, and support proposals that will rebuild the American middle class.

I am pleased to be leading the polls amongst the announced candidates in the first public primary poll of this election cycle. And I will continue to push my opponents to clarify where they stand when it comes to supporting the President. The public needs to know where all candidates stand on critical issues facing out state and nation – including the defunding of sanctuary cities.”

Her lead is likely due in large part because of her massive appeal to the coalition of voters that elected President Donald Trump last November.

Epstein, the former Michigan Trump State Co-Chair, calls herself an unapologetic defender of the President. “Michigan Trump Republicans”, a group started by the 2016 Trump campaigns top grassroots activists, have regularly had Epstein speak at their events across the state. The other Senate candidates have yet to attend one.

This momentum, and the army of grassroots activists behind her, could very well propel her to victory next year.

The one big question mark for Epstein was whether she would be able to raise money. Here 2nd quarter reports put these concerns to rest, as she was able to raise $460,000, in just over one month.

Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bob Young is off to a very rocky start. His announcement was an embarrassment, and showed Republicans he’s not the guy to take on Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow in November. Not to mention, he’s spent decades in Lansing, and viewed by most as the ultimate political insider.

Kid Rock received 49.6% in the Trafalgar Group poll, but this is no real surprise at this stage in the race, considering his virtually 100% name I.D., and the huge waves he’s made in the media with his new website and provocative statements.

Most people believe he will not actually enter the race.

If and when Kid Rock decides not to run, it’s very likely Epstein will receive the majority of votes that would have been cast for him. Like Kid Rock, she has massive appeal to conservative voters that prefer a political outsider.

Epstein even released a video earlier this month welcoming him to the race, and proposing that they travel the state and campaign together to defeat Debbie Stabenow.

If the other Senate candidates hope to catch up, they’ll need to take a cue from Kid Rock and Epstein, and not be afraid to take Stabenow head on. The GOP is tired of getting destroyed in Michigan U.S. Senate races, and need to have confidence the nominee won’t back down.