Lena Epstein Says She Will Kick Kid Rock’s Butt in Michigan U.S. Senate Primary

Lena Epstein

Kid Rock has garnered quite a bit of media attention the past few days for announcing he will run for U.S. Senate in Michigan and launching his website.

Third-generation co-owner of Vesco Oil Corporation and former Donald Trump Michigan State Co-Chair Lena Epstein announced her candidacy for the seat in May. She’s received a good deal of support from the contingent of voters that came out in support of Donald Trump, for defending the president and speaking out in favor of America First policies.

This week, she told the press and her supporters that she welcomes Kid Rock to the race. She just released a video titled, “Lena Epstein Welcomes Kid Rock 2 the Party.”

Epstein introduces herself to Kid Rock, and states she’s going to take the fight directly to Debbie Stabenow. She then makes things pretty clear she’s not fazed by the celebrity status he brings to the race when she says, “I might have to kick your butt in a primary first.”

Epstein also makes a proposal that they team up, travel the state together, and talk with voters about ending sanctuary cities, creating jobs, and rebuilding the American middle class, with pro-growth America First policies.

Only time will tell whether Kid Rock is serious about running for U.S. Senate and actually discussing these important issues. There are still a number of media outlets and voters that believe this is all just a publicity stunt.

It’s good to see the savvy businesswoman and gifted public speaker not only can articulate the issues, but is also capable of lightening the mood and having some fun with the prospect of Kid Rock running for public office.

There’s no doubt both of these political outsiders are committed to taking out career politician Debbie Stabenow. Here’s to hoping they hit the trail together and make life difficult for the Democrats.