Lena Epstein Defends President Trump

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Lena Epstein describes herself as an “unapologetic defender” of President Trump. In the wake news breaking that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, it’s been reported that several top Republicans have distanced themselves from the situation.

But not Epstein, who supported Trump’s candidacy early on, and became a vocal surrogate for him during the campaign serving as state co-chair in Michigan.

She went on “Happening Now” to once again defend the President.

When asked whether Donald Trump Jr.’s emails confirm any election involvement with Russia, she replied it’s “speculative” to say there was any involvement.

Epstein also took a shot at the media for arguing about the source of the information, rather than covering the real story, what the Clinton Foundation was doing with the Russians, especially pertaining to Uranium One.

During the segment, Former DNC Official Pablo Manriquez accused the White House of lying to the American people, to which Epstein responded,

“We’re talking about something that happened during the campaign. I think it’s very important to keep our facts in order, and to not accuse people of being involved in lies. I think that’s very, very inappropriate and dangerous, and unfair to the American people.

In the end, this Russian lawyer had no affiliation with the Kremlin. The Kremlin confirmed that they had no affiliation with her. The information that she was wanting to bring forward, was very, very important ultimately for the American people.

The most important conversation for the American viewer, and the American citizen today is what was behind those discussions? We need to know the truth of the Clinton Foundation, of their role in Uranium One, that is at the heart of this discussion, not the source of the information.”

In closing, Epstein was again asked about any involvement with the Russians and if they influenced the election. She denied any wrongdoing with the Russians and vowed to stand behind her statement.