Conservatives Traveling the State to Back Trump

Donald Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate Michigan has voted for since 1988. A big part of his success came from a movement of grassroots activists that organized one of the most well-coordinated voter contact efforts in Michigan’s history, giving Trump incredible momentum leading up to the general election.

A new group called Michigan Trump Republicans has announced dates, times, and locations for a statewide tour.

Michigan Trump Republicans are trying to bring together conservatives and grassroots activists to stand up for the President, and combat the leftists that are trying to defeat his agenda.

 An email that went out that listed Meshawn Maddock and Diane Schindlbeck as contacts for the group. Both served as county co-chairs for the Trump campaign, and were two of the most active grassroots supporters and organizers in Michigan.

They made national news during the campaign after organizing “Trump Flash Mobs”, public sign waving events in almost every major Michigan city that attracted thousands of supporters. The Trump Flash Mobs caught on and spread to other states as well.

If the Michigan Trump Republicans are able to keep the same coalition that helped Trump in 2016 engaged, Trump and Republican candidates statewide will have a lot of momentum in upcoming elections.

Sources say they could be part of a larger national grassroots movement to drum up support for Trump, and propel him to victory again in 2020.

It looks as though they’re also being backed by the business community that supported Trump prior to the election. Fricano’s Muskegon Lake, a well-known Muskegon restaurant owned by Ted Fricano, is listed as one of the stopping points. Fricano provided Trump with in-kind office space during the campaign, and he and his brother Doug, also a West Michigan restaurant owner, came out publicly in support of Trump.

Free food and drinks will be provided at each tour stop. Here are the stops that have been announced so far:

June 26, 6-7pm
Troy/Rochester Hills
Avery’s Tavern
2086 Crooks Road

July 10. 6-7pm
43317 Grand River

July 24, 6-7pm
Royal Oak
Duggan’s Irish Pub
31501 Woodward Ave

August 7, 6-7pm
Fricano’s Muskegon Lake
1050 W. Western Ave

August 8, 6-7pm
White Lake
Dave & Amy’s
9595 Highland Road