Trump Seeks $54 Billion Boost For Military

President Trump is planning for a $54 Billion budget increase in what he is calling, “a historic increase in defense spending to rebuild the depleted military.” He is aiming for budget cuts in other areas of government in order to make this increase feasible.

Fox News reports: “White House budget officials announced the proposed military spending boost Monday morning, saying the president will seek a commensurate reduction in spending across other federal agencies. Minutes later, Trump previewed the move while addressing the nation’s governors at the White House.

“This budget will be a public safety and national security budget,” Trump said. He said the plan would include a “historic increase in defense spending to rebuild the depleted military.”

The president reiterated that he wants to better prepare the military to not only deter war but win wars when called to fight.

“We’ve got to win or don’t fight it at all,” Trump said.”

However, cuts will have to be made in other areas. Non-defense agencies, foreign aid programs and the State Department are likely targets. The Pentagon plans to see a large increase, promised to them by Trump during his campaign days. President Trump’s final budget proposal is expected to be released mid-March.

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