Who will win: America vs. Enviro-Extremists

The era of government-sponsored environmental extremism is over. With President Trump’s recent executive order, the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines may now move forward. Between these projects, billions of dollars are being invested, thousands of jobs are being created, and Americans are the clear winner.

President Trump has even demanded that the pipeline be certified “Made in America” by insisting that U.S. pipe be used in the construction. This is what it means to put America first.

With these victories for common sense, liberals have to find something new to protest, and (spoiler alert!) it’s more of the same. Since Keystone and Dakota Access are moving forward, liberals have set their sights on another energy project with the potential to strengthen the economy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil – the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline promises to bring thousands of construction jobs and three quarters of a BILLION dollars in investment to Louisiana. So naturally, out of state anti-energy groups are busing thousands of protesters – with no direct interests and nothing to lose – into Louisiana. What do they care about strengthening the Louisiana economy?

What the liberals really don’t get – or just choose to ignore – is that these pipelines are safe – safer than transporting oil by truck or rail, which will only expand without pipelines. With 99.999% of energy moving through pipelines for the last 5 years safely reaching its destination, there is virtually no risk of adverse environmental impact. But liberals still want to pretend that they’re protesting to save us all from ourselves – when all they’re protesting is sensible policy.

The big question now is will Louisianans drown out the liberal noise and demand what’s best for their state – and for America. On February 8, there’s a public hearing to determine how to proceed with the Bayou Bridge Pipeline project. In short order we will have an answer: Will Louisiana restore common sense and do what’s best for our country; move forward with energy projects that will expand the economy and safely deliver energy, or will they be overrun by liberal interests dead set on stopping energy infrastructure in the United States.