Top Trump Advisor: UK Trade Deal Within First Six Months

According to Anthony Scaramucci, who will serve as President-elect Trump’s Director of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs, Trump expects to be in a position to offer the United Kingdom a free trade deal within “six months or first year” of his administration, Breitbart reports.

Speaking to ITV News, the SkyBridge Capital founder confirmed that the current plan is to “get in the White House and get the president inaugurated and then take the steps necessary to make sure the UK is at the front of the line, as opposed to at the back the line, on trade deals”.

The “back of the line” reference was a call back to President Obama’s promise that the British would be at the bottom of the list for trade deals if they voted to leave the EU, which they did in in June.

Scaramucci’s comments followed those of Trump himself, who pledged to gate a trade deal done “quickly and properly”.

“We see the unique, special relationship bond and love that these countries and people have for each other,” Scaramucci told ITN, echoing sentiments expressed by Trump.