Are We Going to Defund the UN?

Thursday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham introduced legislation to the Senate that would defund the UN over its recent resolution that declares Israel’s construction of the West Bank and east Jerusalem “illegal”.

This bill prohibits the United States from giving any money to the UN until it can be confirmed that the UN resolution has been repealed, Breitbart reports.

This UN resolution was passed on December 23rd, due to the Obama administration’s unusual decision not to veto it, which is something the United States Ambassador to the UN has traditionally done.

“President Obama betrayed decades of robust bipartisan American support for Israel at the United Nations by permitting the passage of a biased resolution that condemns our close friend and ally,” Sen. Cruz said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday morning. “The Security Council’s resolution is only the latest example of the UN’s long history of obsessive hostility towards Israel.”

Sen. Graham said, “I begged the UN months before, don’t put me in this box. I think most Americans believe the United Nations has become more anti-Semitic, more anti-Israel.” He added, “I’m a big internationalist, but we’re gonna stop the money until we get this fixed.”