Republicans Prepare To Repeal Obamacare

Republicans are aggressively working to take the steps needed to repeal Obamacare. House Speaker Ryan Paul and incoming Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price are two of many Republicans that want to undo this law.

The Washington Examiner quotes Ryan, “This law is hurting families in America,” Ryan said before Congress left Washington for the holidays.

“This law is canceling insurance plans people wanted, this law is giving people repeated double-digit premium increases, this law is raising deductibles so high it doesn’t even feel like you have insurance,” he said. “So you have to bring Obamacare relief as fast as we possibly can in 2017, and that is our plan.”

Mr. Price also chimed in“Health insurance is only as valuable as a patient’s ability to receive actual healthcare,” his statement said. “And on that front, Obamacare is failing — actually reducing access to healthcare.” 

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