WATCH: Stadium Cheers for Trump at Army-Navy Game

    051203-N-2653P-482 Philadelphia, Pa. (Dec. 3, 2005) Ð Army and Navy square off during 4th quarter play at the 106th Army vs. Navy Football game, held for the third consecutive year at Lincoln Financial Field. Navy beat Army 42-23 and has won the past three Army-Navy battles. TodayÕs win gives Navy a 50-49-7 lead in the all-time series. The Navy has accepted an invitation to play in the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego on Dec. 22. U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 1st Class James G. Pinsky (RELEASED)

    Over the weekend, president-elect Donald Trump attended the 117th Army vs Navy football game. The crowd showed their support with cheers and chants!


    “At the end of halftime, Trump went up to the booth to conduct an interview with CBS’s Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson with chants of “USA!” from the crowd before the interview began.

    When the president-elect showed up on the stadium jumbotron, the stadium erupted with cheers.

    “That is some scene. The cadets and the midshipmen are both reacting on the scoreboard,” Lundquist said.

    “I love the armed forces, love the folks. The spirit is so incredible,” Trump told Lundquist and Danielson at the beginning of the interview.

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    When Danielson asked the president-elect if it was “humbling” to be surrounded by so many military members knowing he will be serving as president soon, Trump responded, “It is humbling, it’s a great honor, but it’s a great responsibility, and when you see these incredible people, we just want to be strong — and they want to be strong. It’s beautiful to see, and the spirit — you don’t see this at any game. I go to many games, you don’t see this kind of spirit anywhere. These are just amazing people.”